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A View from the Beginning

This one took me a little over 30 mins; and was made for a Paint.Net competition.
Nothing special in my opinion, but a lot of people seemingly liked it. Let me know what you think!

The silhouettes from:

Everything else is 100% Paint.Net.


Download here for full quality.
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Awesome! Just awesome!
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Thanks! :D I randomly got about 6 messages and wondered where the hell they same from :P How have you been?
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Ugh... Its been, what like 4 weeks? Just plain horrible. Research essays, midterms, final projects (which I refuse to work on over thanksgiving break), and life. I havent done a single personal artwork in a long time. Well, about ten minutes ago, but before that it was a long time. :)

So, how has life treated you?
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Not bad.. So much coursework and the University application process ._. I haven't done any art in about 3 weeks :p So I am due another soon.
Getting the motivation and inspiration is always the hardest part
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Yea, I hear ya. But hey, its almost thanksgiving! :D
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Time to relax and (try to..) do nothing :D
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Hm, what do I think about that...
Maybe that you've outdone yourself.

No really, it`s great. The colours are wonderfull, the atmosphere is cute and the enlargement of the tree through the sky makes it special.
ah, yeah... and you say it`s nothing special^^
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Oh wow o.o
Thank you :D So much ^^
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Just reminded of something...
"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all..."
Many Thanks.
Drydareelin's avatar very true actually o.O
Hmm, thanks for that :)
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eerie cool.
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Very surreal. ^^
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