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March 17, 2008
Incredibly realistic modeling, nice color theme, and a simple, cleanly executed concept come together to make white.hand_type by =DryBones90 an impressive work of typography.
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Suggested by Negated
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Credit for pose/original image goes to ~box-o-fox-stock and her submission found here: [link]
Respect all stock providers: projects like these are not possible without a good reference.

update: due to many requests to make this a print, I'm going to do just that. Updating the size of the img for print quality. Original full size image not available for download.
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2550x3300px 2.56 MB
© 2008 - 2021 DryBones90
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Hello, we are a non-profit cultural organization based in Mexico.


Could you give us permission to use this image for the composition of one of our posters?

In advance, thank you and congratulations for your art.

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wow... creative and generous..... will acknowledge and send link..
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Please accept submission of this piece to :iconhandsclub: You will find it in your messages (might be older ones).
It will make a great addition to our group gallery.
Make sure You visit us, best regards!
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I have tryed one of these, but with "depression" related words, in attempt to create a message to the people who view it, but It took SO long that I actually gave up. I could have finished it , but I had other things to do.

Anyways, I actually love yours , couldn't ask for better to be honest. Keep it up!
wow, this is AWESOME. must have taken forever but it was worth it :)
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This has been featured here: [link]

Please :+fav: the news article so more people will see it!
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i can not believe! this is absolutely what i imagined! also words in this hand are the same :)
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Very creative, awesome piece of work :) Faved of course ;)
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Amazing simple yet its come out looking really cool!
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tell me how can get this effect....
WOW! love it
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You should make your own prints so you make more of a profit. Just buy some photo paper and "borrow" the school's printer. :)
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why not both? I can get photo paper locally and sell locally while giving myself exposure globally. win/win :)
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Hmm... Very true. :)
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So when are you finally going to do another, Mr. Amazing Graphic Design Student?
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soon, m'dear. soon. :)

after I make you an avatar. the default is horrendous :bleh:
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You know. Back when I quit dA, I randomly signed in to check for new deviations and saw this on the front page. Soon after, when I saw this hanging on the wall at Hinds (before I'd really met you), I went, "Oh crap, one of the graphic design fags stole something from deviantART and got a grade... geez..."
But yeah. Nice work. Before I met you, I thought every single graphic design student at Hinds was retarded. Guess it was just the majority.
DryBones90's avatar
uhmm... thanks? :o
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