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About Us

This new Whovian groups is for all lovers of the Time Lords and their Chronicals.
Please feel free to submit your art, we are looking for art to feature for our new
Doctor Who Network, and would love to feature yours.

It isn't necessary to join our exterior website to be featured there, but we would
sure be happy as Whoot Owls if you did. Your contributions there would make you a
Certified Doctor Who Tardis Chasing Whovian!

So come join this brand new DA group! We can't wait to meet you!


If your a Whovian, or simply just Love
Doctor Who and his Companions, come Join
the Doctor Who Tardis Chasers Network

If you do come by and join, give me a hollar,
my user name is DOCTORSWIFE <3



About Us

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If you have tons of points and would consider donating some so this group can become Premium, it would be greatly appreciated, and you would be honored as a Special Contributor!
Here is where to donate;
Donate to DrWhoTardisChasers Founder