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Zoo Tycoon Paper Collection - Bengal Tiger by DrWheelieMobile Zoo Tycoon Paper Collection - Bengal Tiger by DrWheelieMobile
December 2016

Holy hell, this was hard to pose. In the end, I had to split the model into three seperate sections - the back legs, the body and the forequarters - and pose them individually, but it was still a struggle to get it so that it looked natural. Blue Fang's rigging system really hated me on this one Stare

Anyway, this is a Christmas present for my mother. She knows all about my paper models, so I showed her the game to see what animals she'd like to see me make. She gave me her list, but when it came to the tiger, she requested that I use the white skin instead of the orange one. Be rest assured, however, there is an orange version included here as well ;) (Wink)
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Poprocks1st Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017
It is a wonderful model, although it would help to have instructions with it!
DrWheelieMobile Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017

Firstly, click the Download button (the one with the green arrow). You should receive a ZIP folder. When you unzip it, click the 'Bengal Tiger' folder, and from there you can choose the white version of the model (as I've made here) or the orange version. They are the same size and same pose.

I've saved each page as a JPG so they should be accessible to anyone. There are three A4 pages in each folder. You might notice little dots on each of the flaps - green dots indicate that the flap is stuck elsewhere on the same piece, while red dots indicate that the flap should be stuck to a separate piece. On particularly complex areas, I've drawn coloured arrows (again, green for the same piece, red for a separate piece). I recommend that, when you print out the pages, you use a pencil and draw tiny symbols (asterisks, hashes, whatever) first on the flap and then on the edge that it is to be glued to.

As for the tiger itself, I built mine tail-first, saving the head for last. When it comes to the cheek and chin hair, cut all those pieces out separately from one another, glue them to the head, and finally glue the pieces together. I've cut out tiny triangles on mine to give a more realistic impression of fur, but that's completely optional.

Hope this helps :)
Poprocks1st Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
Thank you, DrWheelieMobile, your advice was very helpful.
SarienSpiderDroid Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016
It's a beautiful tiger, well done!
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