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[SFM] [GMOD] [DL] Cyberlight Sparkle - V5.2



Read the description, see changelog for updates.
BIG UPDATE: Now available for Garry's Mod! Rejoice! You can find it on the Gmod Workshop here, courtesy of :iconfiresparkle1997:[Steam Workshop Link] (Please note, there are no wings on the Gmod version. Sorry for that.)

HOTFIX: materials folder was incorrectly named, thanks :iconthespahthatspies: for informing me.

HOTFIX 2: A lot of VMts had incorrect texture paths, huge thanks to :icondreadmaster231:, :iconjoaobr11: and :iconfiresparkle1997: for noticing it. Such a stupid mistake on my end.

Minor update: Wings and horn now have bodygroups, after a request from :icondreadmaster231:

Don't forget to credit me if you use her in your art, it makes it easier for me to find it and fave it.

First of all: an explanation as to why I released this separately.

When I updated it to V4, which as you may have noticed was never released, I somehow managed to completely break the Gmod version of the model. I don't know how I did it or how to fix it, but it just refuse to spawn properly, if it spawns at all. At that point I decided to put the Gmod version on an indefinite hiatus and instead dedicate my time to updating the SFM version. I might continue the Gmod version if someone with the knowledge can help me troubleshoot the model.

  • Custom skeleton
  • Custom horn
  • Custom leg
  • Custom eye
  • Custom eyelashes
  • Custom wings (SFM only, they kept breaking in Gmod.)

Everything is fully rigged, even the aperture for the eye which can be modified with a flex controller. 

Download includes the SFM and Gmod model and all the textures you'll need, it also contains every single UV map to make retexturing easier.

Huge thanks to :iconthespahthatspies: and :icondreadmaster231: for testing this thing in SFM and giving me feedback, it means a lot to me. Oh, and both of your quotes are legit.

Their connection to the model itself may vary though. :iconmolestiaplz:

Enormous credits to :iconfiresparkle1997: for porting this mess over to Garry's Mod. I don't know how you did it, but it works!

Credits to :iconponinnahka: for making the original Female Overhaul models, this wouldn't have been possible without them.

Credits to :iconintbrony: for Twilight's cutie mark.

Honourable mentions to :iconoptimus97:, your CODA was actually one of the main inspirations behind this.
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why aren't the wings on her in gmod T-T can you fix that sometime?