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Choly ref sheet {sona}

By drvkos
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so basically
choly represents the mental version of me (if that makes sense)
but is an exaggerated version of it
so she's way more sensitive and loves a ton of things uvu

name : Choly (ko lee)
gender : fem
height : 4,2 ft
sexuality(ies) : pan, taken
species : an anthropomorphic demon, goat, dog, sloth thing with dark grey fur, pastel and close to neon colours and is also australian (no accent)
headcanon voice : young Bambi (from disney)
family : two brothers, one mother and one father

personality : very kind, very sweet, really gullible, cries a lot, smiles most of the time, loves to hug people, only four best friends , fragile and sensitive (will cry if anyone says anything nice about her, mean about her or hurt her in anyway), crybaby, loves everyone even if they’re mean to her (unless they hurt and or are mean to someone else), loves to help people, she doesn’t care if she gets hurt, she tries to stand up to people but fails miserably, playful, super childish

extras : always has bruises and cuts (unless she’s hiding them)(her blood is honey), bullied (is a way), can get hurt really easily (if you just squeeze her arm, she’ll get a bruise or a cut and she’ll start crying), she heals completely pretty quickly but keeps getting hurt, clumsy, she’s really scared of the dark (fairy lights), always cold (she always has to wear something), does little dances when bored and or is listening to music

likes : sleeping, her friends, being loved, being protected, hugs, kisses, girls and boys, being alone, the heat, anything to make her warm, flowers, stars and astronomy, sweets, the light, scary stories (sometimes), being quiet, being nice to everyone, soft things, getting compliments, to compliment, music

dislikes : getting hurt (she dislikes it but is too scared to do anything about it), anything loud, teasing people in anyway, sour (as well as bitter and spicy) food, newer popular songs (she listens to them for guilty pleasure unless it’s khalid or billie), being loud, the dark, overreacting, making people sad or angry and wasting anything
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