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Steam Punk Avengers

Took me a week to finish this piece. The design of the Iron Man steam-suit took forever, but I had fun doing it. Oh who am I kidding, I loved every second I spent on this illustration.

Done in pencils and ink, colored in PS CS3 using a wacom pen tablet.

Hope you like it. :)
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Uh where's Hulk?

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Now we need a Steampunk Masters of Evil and Legion of Doom.

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amazing!!! how do i put a watermark on my art?
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There's an option in the upload art register here. I just used it. :)
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Wow... This is a very, very awesome piece. The detail, colors, and the whole Steampunk look altogether is amazing!

Lovely, lovely work! Heart Love 
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Thanks a bunch. ;)
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huh :) that a pretty cool looking team :)
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It was even before the steam punk version though. Thanks. ;)
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Where's the hulk, ant-man or wasp?

why are Thor and hawk Eye left handed?

why is Hawk-Eye pulling back the arrow but not the string?

why is Captain America wearing glasses?

did you know that men have buttons and clasps on the right side there shirts, jackets and trousers?
The buttons on ladies clothes were originally placed on the left to make it easier for their hand maidens to dress them while men dressed themselves.

other then that the character costume designs are Brilliant.
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-Hulk- I didn't know how to redesign the Hulk, cause he's...the Hulk? - left him out- as for the Ant-Man and the Wasp- could do redesigns if I find the time and the energy.
-Left handed Hawkeye- in this "universe" Hawkeye is left handed, and he's preparing the arrow- what a bunch of comic book BS answers, ha? I ahgree. :)
-Four-Eye Cap- those are not glasses, but white paint-I like to use Adam-Ant-type of facial makeup
-Didn't know these facts, although at the time I was aiming for the overall impression, not historical accuracy. Still valid observations, to say the least.
-Thanks for your comments. :)
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Very interesting piece.
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Glad you liked it. :)
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I like how Thor's clothes seem to be held to him by bands and clasps. I love Hawkeye's shoulder guards! Where can I get some?
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i like it
look at my gallery and add a comment
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iron man look more like steel man.
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Um . . . Steel is about 95% Iron. just saying. :)
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uhm... well a mistake like a shitake.
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