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Update- Guess who's back in Fellfang! YAY. (Currently working on a new app and design too!)

Name: Enzo
Age: Adult 
Gender: Male
Height: 35"
Weight: 148 lbs
Build: A bulky, muscled male. Enzo is equipped with a thick coat, long legs and big, strong paws. He has a long muzzle with a pointed nose, and small burning eyes. Small rounded ears and slowly growing cheek fur, he almost looks more lion than wolf. He generally looks stern, menacing even, with his facial scars and furrowed brows. To those that care for him and know him however, he looks more like a gentle giant than anything.

Territory: Fellfang
Hexa (Deceased) | Mother 
Spade (Furthest on the right) | Father
Renier | Brother 
Polaris | Half-Sister 
- Reicher (Missing) | Half-Brother 
Rheagan | Half-Brother 
Aleksey | Half-Brother 
Rowan | Uncle 
- Ivan (Missing) | Step-Father 
Shenendoah | Niece 

Mate: Embla (Missing, presumed dead)  

Offspring: Petrah (Missing, presumed dead)

 Brandr of The Hunt

Protective | Dedicated | Determined | Willing | Paranoid | Fatherly | Serious | Moody | Conflicted | Experienced | Intimidating | 

A big change has washed through Enzo. Now that he has a secure home and someone to share it with, he's calmed down a lot. Where there was rage before, there's now a growing sense of belonging, of peace. He will always have demons, which can bring out sides of him he does not like to show, and others don't like to see. He has a short temper, and can get frustrated easily, however he's now learning to not take that out on others.

Pre-Group History: 
Born into the Bane Pack out of Hexa and from Spade, Enzo was bound to have a particular amount of conflict and deviousness carved into his life from the moment he took his first breath. He was a strong pup, and at the time oblivious to the way his mother had seduced his father into mating with her and handing her the role of Alpha. He loved his family dearly from the moment he opened his eyes, but his innocent love was soon over powered by his brother, Renier's thirst for power and strength. At such a young age, Enzo didn't really understand the system and didn't care much for being at the top of the litter and the apple of his mother's eye- he figured she loved them all equally. 

As a few months old, Spade begun to pay more attention to him, considering Hexa was always preoccupied with Renier. He enjoyed learning from his father all the things he needed to know to survive in the wild on his own. Although Enzo never planned on being by his lonesome in any part of his life. He loved this pack.

However, Hexa's evil blood ran thick in Enzo's veins and soon her genes begun to kick in and take over his father's DNA. Enzo begun challenging Renier, even as a young pup. They were harmless fights but Enzo's intentions were real. He knew what his brother planned to do as they grew stronger. But Enzo didn't want that to happen, he loved his mother too dearly to let her just shun him into the shadows and consider Renier superior to him. 

Hexa had other plans though, she didn't approve of Enzo's actions toward her strongest son, and often separated them, dumping Enzo onto his father. Enzo didn't mind being with his father, but preferred his mother's harsher approach toward life. 

As Enzo grew into a strong teen, he begun to resent Renier more and more. He hated being the second option, he hated being chosen second for everything. He hated being weaker than his brother. 

Once morning, very early, Enzo set out to hunt. He was starved and wanted to do something for himself for once. His father had taught him everything he needed to know about hunting, and Enzo was successful when it came to hunting rabbits and other small woodland creatures, but he wanted something bigger. He wandered for quite some time, trying to find a deer to take down. He found many, but wasn't fast enough to take one down. His stealth and stalking technique was very good, but when it came time to pursue the nimble and speedy animals, he just couldn't reach them in time. He refused to return home without one. He needed to impress his mother so she could begin training him along side Renier. 

Despite his will to hunt something large, he just wasn't yet fast enough. So, instead of hunting a fresh one, he decided to find a dead one and fight for the right to take it home with him. It didn't take long for him to find a she-wolf feasting on a freshly killed deer. She was alone. He found it odd and waited for a while to see if anyone else would be joining her, but, she was definitely alone. He moved in, hunger in his eyes. He didn't plan on killing her, he didn't think he could do such a thing. He didn't think he could. The fight for the deer went on for about ten minutes, and in the end, Enzo came out on top. He was much stronger than this female who now lay lifeless on the ground. He had killed her. He did what he didn't think he could possibly bring himself to do. He was different now. Older, stronger and a different wolf. 

He drug the carcass back home, only to find that Ren had left, and Hexa was planning on doing the same. Enzo was confused as to how this happened so quickly. His mother was pleased about the carcass, but had no time to eat it, she was leaving now. Enzo had to make a quick decision: Stay with his father in the Bane pack or leave with his mother into an uncertain world. In the end he decided to go with Hexa, who now saw Enzo's dedication. Enzo knew she regretted favoring Renier all these years. Enzo was finally able to be number one in her eyes. 

He and Hexa were on their own for a while, and Enzo did everything he could to protect his mother. He grew strong very quickly, due to all the exercise he got daily. 

Enzo quickly grew into a young, strong adult. He looked much bigger and older for someone his age, which bode well for him when fighting off wolves in order to steal their meal. Hexa soon met a large wolf named Ivan, who would soon father her second litter of pups. Enzo remained distant from Ivan for a while, feeling slightly jealous and replaced. He and Hexa were still very close, but Enzo had the tendency to wander for days at a time before returning home again- he loved exploring.  

The one time he regretted coming home the most was when he had felt the most conflicted that he had ever before in his life. Hexa had given birth, but was on the brink of death. Ivan was by her side and explained to Enzo what had happened. Enzo was outraged. Not at his mother or at Ivan, but at those who dared hurt the one he loved most. He didn't even think about Hexa's intentions to over take Blutwald, all he was thinking of was the hatred that he concentrated toward Stallion and his mate. He grew cold, angry and outside of looking after his new younger siblings, he killed and attacked relentlessly. 

Over time he calmed down and begun to just focus on looking after Hexa, who was badly injured and now paralyzed from the waist down. He looked upon her with sorrow, for such a strong wolf should not be struggling as she was. He hunted along side Ivan for her, and helped look after the pups as Hexa found it hard to do so herself. For a young wolf, he had a lot on his plate and was constantly on his feet. Suddenly his world stopped when he returned to his den, with Hexa gone. Polaris too. He couldn't find her anywhere, but he could guess where she had gone. She was tired of living the way she was, and Enzo understood that. But he really couldn't come to terms with why she had done it. At the scene, he found Polaris, scared and confused at what she had just witnessed. He scooped her up in his large jaws and carried her back to the den, where he cradled all the pups and comforted them in this time of need.

They needed food, badly. He offered to go out while Ivan stayed with the pups. He didn't know if Ivan could even be trusted with them, the loss of his mate had hit him hard. But, the pups needed food and so did he, so he set out on a hunting trip. This trip lasted for about a week, and he brought home a large male buck for the pups to attempt to eat. But, once he arrived, his heart shattered. Ivan was gone. Polaris was gone. Reicher was gone. All that was left was Aleksey and Rhaegan. Enzo wrapped himself around the two small pups, promising to protect them as best he could. 

He stayed with the two pups for a while, hunting for them and protecting them from anything that dared try and harm them. He did well, and was dearly attached to them. After his mothers death they were the only ones holding him on the ground. And then one day, a large male wolf came along. Enzo instantly figured he came to kill the pups, thinking there was a mother about to breed with, so he stood as a barrier between the wolf named Davis and his brothers. But, after a small heated argument, Davis explained his ties with the two pups. The only reason Enzo believed him was that all wolves alive knew 'The Devil's Grin'. His parents knew him, and Ivan had spoken about him before. Plus, Enzo knew he wouldn't be able to look after these pups forever on his own, so some help would have been good.

But after he found out that Davis wanted to take them, take them from Enzo... He was almost shattered to the point of unconsciousness. He would have refused but he knew it was best for Aleksey and Rhaegan to be with their blood family and to grow up somewhere more secure. It may have been fate, or Davis may have read Enzo's mind, but as the three were leaving Enzo's sight, Davis stopped mid step, looked back to Enzo and after a few minutes of silence, motioned for Enzo to follow. Enzo was, at first, hesitant to follow the invite, but he loved his brothers too much to just let them go. He agreed to let Davis take care of the pups- and himself too. 

Turned out to be nice to have someone else around to help look after the boys and aid Enzo when it came to hunting. After a while, Enzo made the sudden decision to join a pack. He didn't plan on leaving the boys or Davis at all, he cared about them too much to simply up and leave them. But, the only pack he had ever been a part of was the Bane pack, and not all of the memories there were pleasant, so, he needed to experience a proper pack life with a proper pack structure. He didn't exactly know why these urges suddenly appeared within him, but they were urges he had to fulfill in order to rest easy. So, he sought out Chandor, the only pack he was aware of that would accept him- a loner- into their family. 

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Other Relations:
- Cody + Loki | Travelling companions back in the day when he first became a Loner.
- Keeva |
Mentor in the past.
Alar | Vale | Arch enemy.
- Nach | Fellfang | Friend from Fellfang.
- Calida | Fellfang | Probably his closest friend.
- Temperence | Fellfang | Another Fellfang friend.
- Misha | Fellfang | Helped him while his mother was missing, considers a friend. Taught him to hunt.
- Fable | Fellfang | His old Jarl, trusted and respected.

- Physically strong
- Great hearing
- Easily adapts to changing weather
- Good stamina
- Able to stay silent/still for a long time
- Great hunter

- His sight isn't as good during the day
- Dehydrates easily
- Always hungry
- Isn't a great swimmer

- Hates rain
- LOVES the kidneys in his prey
- Smells of earth after rain, though a little mustier. Mixed with dirt.
- He rubs his cheek fur on sharp rock edges to keep it short.

Items: N/A
Scars: Various scars due to fighting. 
Voice actor: Liam Neeson with an American accent. 

Art (c) Me
Design (c) Tazihound

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