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DotW | Adela | High Council (DECEASED)


"I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage"

Name: Adela (A-day-lah)
Age: Aged Adult 
Gender: Female
Height: 34"
Weight: 98 lb
Build: Slender and slim, Adela has curved features from the neck down, but her face is sharp, broken up by her long, flowing cheek fur. Only visible signs of ageing are in the wrinkles under her eyes and the wrinkles she often forms on her lips. She also has bad arthritis, though its not often you'll see her visibly limping- due to her pride, mainly. Her arthritis pains her but she refuses to look weak in front of anyone. Her eyes are icy, but her smile is warm and inviting when seen. She takes pride in her looks and always shows herself to be a wolf that knows how to groom and wash.

Territory: Highvalley
- Raelic | Father | Deceased (Previous Highking)
- Silvia | Mother | Deceased (Previous Highqueen)
Eadric | Brother | Deceased (Previous Highking)
Rune | Half brother | High Council Member

Rodwen | Nephew | Highvalley Highking

Klaus | Grand-nephew | Vektreni Enforcer
Vladimir | Grand-nephew| Highvalley Prince
Ava | Grand-niece | Highvalley Princess
Sveta | Grand-niece |
Nike | Grand-nephew |
Lapis | Grand-Niece |
- Cedar | Past Mate | Deceased (Previous Seeker)

- August | Son (first litter) | Keeper
- Mikhail| Son (first litter) | Rank pending
- Ophelia | Daughter (first litter) | Deceased
- Grenwal | Son (first litter) | Deceased
- Erma | Daughter (first litter) | Deceased

- Edgar | Son (second litter) | Keeper
- Elerinna | Daughter (second litter) | Teacher (Being made)
- Renee | Daughter (second litter) | Deceased
Renesmee | (second litter) Seeker
- Abernathy | Son (Second litter) | Missing 

Tully | Daughter (third litter) | Rank Pending
- Niklaus| Son (third litter) | Rank Pending
- Winnie | Daughter (third litter) | Scholar (Being made)
- Reginald | Son (third litter) | Deceased

- Nelja | Daughter (fourth litter) | Missing (Being made)
Kesta | Son (fourth litter) | Missing

Mate: None, partially looking. (If the right one comes along, she won't be opposed to pairing with them).

Offspring: Look above, they're all listed! and all open to be made (unless deceased, obviously)

Rank: High Council

| Regal | Tactical + Efficient | Wise + Guiding | Truthful | Intimidating + Stern | Humorous | Motherly | Proud | Quick-Witted |

Adela carries a certain energy about her, one that tells others she knows where she belongs, and she knows how to do her job. She always stands with a stiff upper lip and an authority surrounding her, head held high and feet well grounded. This carries through to how she speaks as well, using language only an experienced elder could. Her movements are always swift and smooth, and thus far she doesn't show any illnesses that come with age, which helps her to retain her regal posture/aura. 

Tactical + Efficient-
Whether in war, pack planning, or simple social situations, Adela is very smart when it comes to taking the best course of action. She actually thoroughly enjoys weighing different plans and seeing which would work the best, figuring out her odds and the other elements that need to be considered in order to decide how she should react/behave at any given moment. She's also skilled at thinking of others in this way, making sure she is choosing whats best for the pack in every way. She will also attempt to use her tactical abilities in a quick fashion, as to not waste time or resources. Getting things done as easily and quickly as possible, all while staying genuine and thorough is her favorite and most preferred way to work. 

Wise + Guiding-
Yes, traits that seem to have come naturally with age, Adela has adopted a deep understanding for most creatures, and has an incredible amount of knowledge stored in her mind. She is generous when it comes to advice, and is always willing to give it, feeling that may be one of her best qualities- something to level out the bad. She prefers not to live foolishly, and tends to spend a lot of time avoiding such things, instead only trying to better her understanding of how the world works and how the people inside it work too. She has seen a lot, done a lot, and that has sculpted who she has become.

Working hand in hand with her guiding side, whenever Adela gives advice, its always the utter most truth. Sometimes a little blunt, she tells it how it is, and will only tell others what she feels they need to hear. She isn't rude, per say, though it may definitely seem like it to those who aren't used to hearing the truth. She also won't assume or jump to conclusions, and won't hesitate to say if she isn't sure of something, or if a certain situation doesn't bode well with her conscience. Though that hardly ever happens, so long as the action is for the benefit of the pack.

Intimidating + Stern-
When only Adela's sharp gaze and daunting expression can be seen, more often than not others assume she's having a bad day and avoid communication with her. Though of an older age, there's no doubt she can hold her own, and she is more than capable of overpowering individuals with a mere look. She is fairly true to her expression, personality wise, just not as 'intense'. She can be stern and her general mode of teaching is with an iron fist, but its never unjustified, she will only ever do it for the good of whoever is receiving her sometimes scary lectures. 

Rarely, but Adela can be good at lightening a situation if need be. Her humor is dark, and you should consider yourself lucky if she cracks a joke around you, because it means she feels comfortable enough to, or she cares enough (if its in the situation where you need some cheering up). 

To most younger than her, Adela will feel a certain maternal pull, causing her to dote or worry over them even if it isn't necessary. Possibly the most cliche elderly woman trait of hers would be her tendency to ensure everyone has eaten enough and feels healthy and capable of work. She's very good at being a mother, especially to small pups. It seems she just knows what to say and how to act around them. She particularly feels this over those directly related to her, because blood is important, and they hold priority over some others. 

Adela has always been extremely prideful over her pack and those in it. She is especially proud of those closest to her, or those who have earned it. She doesn't state it very often, but almost always she's brimming inside with optimism over someone's abilities and capabilities. This obviously ties in with her maternal instincts. 

A fast thinker, Adela has the ability to adopt a silver tongue in certain situations. When needed she can flick her brain on to overdrive, and roll out information on things others may never guess she'd know. She is full of facts and dare I say; comebacks. She may be older, but she has not lost her touch mentally.

Pre-Group History: 
Adela was born to the Highking, Raelic, and his Queen, Silvia, who passed away before Adela had even turned a year old. Adela had been close with her mother, despite her competing with Silvia's many duties in the pack. She had found it hard to be away from her, and didn't take well to her nursing mother. A lot of the time, when she was still nursing, she would refuse milk from anyone but Silvia, which made things difficult since Silvia was tending to her duties a lot of the time. It got to the point where Raelic would not stand for weak offspring, and would get her force fed. When Silvia passed away, Adela was confused, and sad- to the extent that she could be for a pup of her age. She was even more so when Raelic took a new wife, and just like that she took Silvia's place. 

Adela steered clear of her step mother, and grew closer with Eadric, who was one of the last remaining to be her age and related wholly to her. From day dot she found blood to be incredibly important, and so even though he father was clearly more concerned with raising Eadric to be a good King, Adela tried to be by his side as much as possible- when he was around. It was tough, but Adela couldn't complain, she still had a good childhood, playing with the other pups from litters bred by her aunts and older cousins. She enjoyed being the little princess, getting her way and dreaming of one day being able to provide her pack with pups and loyalty. 

As she grew, her beauty and grace began to show through. She was desired by many, though she did not know it. Raelic had already arranged her marriage, a Highblood- who she knew to be related to, but she never found out how. However she did not question it, for it was fairly common for marriages to be arranged within relations. It was to keep the blood pure, after all, for the good of the pack and the Highbloods. By this age she was also beginning to train to be a healer, for it was something she was interested in. She didn't have to usually do much during the day, being the daughter of the King you get away with a lot, and she got away with teenage habits quite a bit. She was often found wandering through forests and places she didn't know well, getting lost on purpose because she enjoyed the feeling of being somewhere completely different. Not that she didn't love home, she did, a lot, but she also loved making her own stories and playing the lead role in them, somewhere no one would find her. 

Eventually, she somewhat grew out of these habits, and focused more on trying to help her pack. A sense of pride for her family was settling, and so she was determined to do all she could to help where it was needed. She kept an eye on Eadric, who was already showing authority as King, even though he had ways to go before he became one. She could tell he was restless, and eager to be in power. That worried her somewhat, since he was radical, and easily irate. The two got along well, but she found that most of the time when they were together, they were bonding over the pack, and that was it. They were close, but they still did not know that much about one another. By this age Eadric was more focused on his future than those surrounding him, so Adela was left again to find company in others. 

Barely on the edge of an adult, Adela was married to the one she'd been betrothed to as a young girl, his name was Cedar. She hadn't seen much of him, or spoken to him besides a few words of greeting throughout her life. All she knew was he was freshly recruited as a seeker, and he was a brute. She did not know how much of a brute he was until their marriage was official. He was rough, and cold, but he showed enough love to Adela to make her believe they were happy. She hadn't known love before, but he was handsome and provided for her, so she felt she should do the same. Be a good wife. Her first litter was born, 5 pups, 3 of which passed due to complications. Adela was saddened, but Cedar reminded her that it was common, and there was plenty of opportunity to try again. She tried to mourn, but Cedar would not let her, and so she had no choice but to focus on the two remaining pups, loving them with every fiber of her being. 

Adela had also become a full fledged healer, and dedicated a lot of her time to bettering herself as one. Cedar was not home often, for he was also pushing himself as a Keeper, coming home with wounds and bruises often. She grew used to this, but still hated seeing him this way. It turns out she had a lot of love to give, and Cedar often grew irritated at her for this. He was not the loving kind, and would only lay with her when they were to create children- which they did. Adela produced another litter soon after her first, this time with three pups, two of which survived. Losing pups was not something Adela ever wanted to happen again, and it upset her greatly that Cedar felt no remorse for their fallen babies. Gradually, Cedar grew violent with Adela. First verbally, and then eventually, physically. Not too dramatic, but he would shove and nip her when she was doing something that angered or irritated him. Adela never thought much of this, because it did not leave a mark, and he did not scare her, she was a strong woman who never let herself lay down in submission. 

It got worse however, the more she lost her children, the sadder she grew, and the madder Cedar got. It was an unhealthy cycle, and Adela did not have anyone to turn to. She had friends, but she dared not tell them that her life was other than perfect. 

Her father passed, and Eadric took the throne. An occassion that Adela knew would come, but apart of her dreaded. Eadric was to be a selfish and somewhat unkind King, and all she could do was stand by and watch as their pack slowly unraveled. She had her children, and at this stage that was about it. Cedar took a liking to Eadric- they were similar in nature, and shared the same goals, and so he began spending more time serving his king than he did at home with his mate and children. Adela eventually diminished her love for him, and so it did not effect her as drastically as it would have when he died in action. The pack was thrown into war with numerous other enemies, thanks to Eadric's harsh and foolish nature. Cedar died fighting for Highvalley, and her first born son's fate was nearly the same. Instead he lost a leg and an eye, barely making it out alive. Adela was in distress over her sons injuries, but felt a slight sense of freedom now that her abusive and hard-to-love husband was gone.

Soon after, Eadric fell too, and in the end she had lost many that were close to her. She didn't know how much more loss she could take, and depended wholly on her children to help her get through the tough times. This was her weakest point, where she felt the least capable, where she felt she could do nothing to alter the future of the pack. She had always prided herself in being independent and able, but now she was having trouble seeing it. 

Eadrics son, Rodwen took the throne, and with this, gave Adela a new sense of purpose. She had always been protective over Rodwen, more so than any of her other nieces of nephews. Not because he was to be king, but because she saw herself in his eyes. She stepped up to help where she needed. The pack was slowly healing, being glued back together, and Adela was focusing now on the future. 

Around this time, her two youngest children, Nelja and Kesta, went missing. No explanation, no one had seen them leave. They had been acting strange, and the wars thrust upon Highvalley seemed to take a bad toll on the two more than anyone she knew. She'd worried at that time, and had tried everything in her power to help their emotional wounds. She thought she'd done well, they had begun to smile, to laugh again. Thus, their sudden disappearance had shocked her to her core. She was distraught, looking tirelessly where she could. She wasn't as fit or able as she had been before, so she herself couldn't conduct great explorations to try and find them. Instead, she sent out handfuls of her children, each returned with no news. 

During the war times, Adela had been stressing her efforts as a healer greatly, and she did this well into her aged years. However, she found that this was not fulfilling her need to help and guide Rodwen, who- even though very capable- she was very protective and somewhat maternal over. So, she left her duties as healer behind and was accepted into the High council, where her opinion and aid was much more appreciated. She still offered her help as a healer, because she was incredibly good at it, however she usually chose to do that as a hobby during her free time. She'd much rather be in higher office. She grew more confident, and her duties eventually brought her to be the strong willed, resilient woman she had been as a young adult. Though, even more so now that she has endured war, seen death and given life. 

As she ages, her arthritis and eyesight grows worse, though she will not confide this in anyone. She wants to always remain strong for those who potentially look up to her, and if one does see her limping, they immediately know her arthritis is worse than it has ever been, because she will do everything in her power to prevent others seeing her weak. Her children know this, though even still, she will only accept the help from one of her daughters, who often tends to her when she's in her den, sometimes unable to move due to the pain. This is one of her only worries, is that it will only get worse and she will eventually not be able to walk. Her biggest fear is being useless. 

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Other Relations:
- Hetty / Wysteria / Magnolia / April / Scarlette - All of Adela's best friends when she was growing up. They were like her support. Only Hetty and Wysteria are still alive, the rest taken by old age.
- Edythe: The young meister, who confides in Adela when something troubles her. Adela feels very maternal about Edythe.
- Sarin: A mysterious stranger. Adela doesn't know much, however he saved her life and so she believes that to be enough to consider him respected on her part.
- Vera: Vera briefly learnt how to perform, for the Highvalley festival. Adela got along well with her.

- Stong willed
- Resilient
- Thrives in summer
- For her age, her sense of smell is good
- Her knowledge and experience

- Winter, everything physically just goes downhill
- Shortsighted
- Hearing is declining
- Her stomach isn't very strong, a lot of foods cause her to fall ill

- Snorts when she hears something absurd
- Has a very high pitched baby voice she uses when talking to pups
- Hums when content
- She hates loud chewers, snorers, coughers, etc
- Smells like blackberries and wildflowers
- She rolls in the wildflowers to keep that scent lingering, and often has them placed in her den

Items: A stick she wears upon her head, between her ears. It's not a crown, but a symbol of her status and a reminder that she is of Highblood. The twigs at the back are held to her neck with her fur. 
Scars: None visible, but there are a few on her back and ribs she got when she was much younger. 
Voice actor: Diana Rigg. 

RP Availability: 
:bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen:

Preffered Method of RP: 

:bulletgreen: -Skype- :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: -Google docs- :bulletgreen:
:bulletorange: -Notes- :bulletorange:
:bulletred: -Comments- :bulletred:

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Good evening, I just wanted to know if i could rp using Adela in a french wolf community? I will credit you on the character and the drawings of her! It would have been a steal and I’m not that type of person, answer me once you can. :)

Since she’s dead, may i "revive" her in another community? :3