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Every day there's a tough decision that has to be made about which files are important enough to stay in the Dropbox folder and which aren't. Eventually I'll have to take the gut punch and upgrade to a 500GB account if I want to keep feeling secure about all my work files.
HOWEVER you guys can help me delay that expense by registering (and install) your own (free) Dropbox account using this link: db.tt/07E4F0Dy
By registering using that link both you and me will get some extra free space.

So if you don't already rock a Dropbox account this would be very appreciated.

(If you don't know what Dropbox is, it's a service that automatically back up your local files to the cloud so you'll always have access to them wherever you are and no matter what happens to your local hard-drives.)
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TritonBD's avatar
Done ! Hope it helps !
ManeatingCouch's avatar
I needed one anyway.
Volnov's avatar
so it's just like Google Drive but more expensive? For the Dropbox's price for 500GB of space, Google sells you a TB...
haleywah44's avatar
Hopefully that helped...
Deltigar's avatar
Google Drive gives you 25GB free. Expansion through diversity?
jbugx's avatar
done and done hope it worked and helps
Chrysoskies's avatar
I've been meaning to get one anyhow, might as well do it today! :)
moonlitmontage's avatar
Ahhh I already have a dropbox account otherwise I would totally have done this. :c
SoaringAven's avatar
So sorry, I already have a dropbox ;A; I really wish I could help . . . 
Razor13's avatar
Dropbox is amazing. I LOVE using it, especially when I have a giant writing project. I can keep all my notes in it and transfer my notes among all my devices so I never have to worry about losing anything!
MindHierarch's avatar
I have a dropbox, a google drive and a skydrive, lol I'm a freeloader XD
Funncubes's avatar
why don't you use an external hard drive? i keep my already 663 pages long book at it and it survived 2 Computer crashes... in case my external hard drive crashes i copy it on my computer as well... i could aalso do it with 2 external hard drives... well you can get those for not too much and many of them have a great capacity... if you use them only for storage you minimize the probability that they crash, because they sorta have this total running time... but well if you prefere Dropbox... well ok, i just don't see the point really...
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Just use Google Drive, it gives you 15 Gb for free.
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MafiaVamp's avatar
I would, but I'm already registered. :grump:
Meechartz's avatar
Might I suggest Copy? It's the same service as Dropbox, but you start out with 15 GB free instead what you get with the latter. If you'd like, I could refer you and get you an extra 5GB, netting you 20GB. Send me a note with your email if interested. 
Scyoni's avatar
Already have it ^^;
CalumTraveler's avatar
already registered, .n.

Chronorin's avatar
I might look into that when i have the time... i've had bad experiences with online backup companies before. 

Is Dropbox the best of the lot?
fake-magical-girl's avatar
Depends on what you want. If you intend to publicly share links, prolly. If it's solely for your own synchronization, there are far better options.
Chronorin's avatar
Really?  Thanks.  The only other service i tried was MyPCBackupOnline, and it was a nightmare.  It would spend hours syncing my folders, but everything i uploaded tended to disappear.  I need a service where i can SEE my files and update them individually.

Shoot, i need to get back to st.ash-ing on DA, really.
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