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Twogag Patreon

It's true, Twogag's got a Patreon page now!

If you'd like to support Twogag's future in a very real way be sure to become a Patreon, it'd help the comic greatly!
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NoriChama's avatar
the best Pateron promotion ever
gameguy199's avatar
............i'm not gunna lie........that would be cool.
Laitharex's avatar
I like the way Ivan thinks. How is he homeless?
JoeoftheMasks's avatar
Can I take Ivan home with me?
Blackfire2Q's avatar
He'll be your responsibility.

You'll have to feed him and walk him, clean after the mess.
MrsFredWeasley7's avatar
What if he finds her diary and it's filled with plot to murder him? That seems much more likely!
TheHandsomeRockLee's avatar
I'd donate to see that plot happen. Especially if it bugs shippers.
MrsFredWeasley7's avatar
Yup, I totally agree with you Lee.
Laitharex's avatar
SO it is true... I figured that Guy'd be that kind of person.
Qwakerbird's avatar
Wait Drunken-Novice is a dude!? my life just got better
Cute-Heart's avatar
haha .. omg Ivan why? xD
djshade94's avatar
Ii....kinda liked that last panals idea ..JS.
TheYellingMute's avatar
CheckerDuck's avatar
(I don't think I've clicked a link so fast before) Loving the patronage reward, btw xD
nequ's avatar
Wait, that isn't canon?
Zapper0113's avatar
That's a great idea, Ivan!
Sadaria's avatar
Look, you're the future me :'''D
KoreanDrawingFreak's avatar
Real creative, Ivan. 
Johnny-Snow's avatar
yah!  screw you, ivan
petrichild's avatar
Well she obviously is.
Touchshriek's avatar
I don't see Guy going for Wayne, but that is just me.
AngelHero4's avatar
Oh.  So that's what you look like.  I thought you had brown hair, lol.
Quikanims's avatar
Guy loving Wayne? No. Guy having a one night stand with Wayne and Wayne never leaving her alone after? Much more likely. 
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