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The Tithe - Hanna

Some digital painting practice, I needed something to paint so I ended up doing fanart of Hanna from The Tithe.
Would be cool if I had the time to do short stories like that. Oh well, maybe next decade.

Character belongs to Penny Arcade.

Hey, I totes got a Tumblr you guys!
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I really like this style
PurpleGoatFactory's avatar
God, you're a fantastic artist. <3
zixmix's avatar
That is a really cite art style. What kind of paint program do you use?
Estonius's avatar
Super cute and pretty!
HyperPandaMariee's avatar
this is just O: beautiful
nametag47's avatar
Finding out that the worlds of 2gag and PennyArcade are somehow interwoven made me feel wonderfully surprised and content.

Also, stunning artwork, I think Mike would approve! Thank you for making this.
cayiika's avatar
Oh gosh, the colours are just beautiful.
Leonidas666's avatar
SteampunkedKAT's avatar
CUTE la in love X) nice work Clap 
amandachu's avatar
I saw this on twitter via someone else (mu) and about died, but didn't realize it was you until i saw it here for some reason. regardless, this is absolutely fantastic, 11/10 would swoon again
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The Style of this characters face is really great! The colour choice with the blue flowers is a really nice touch against the background as well. Very Inspiring! :happybounce: 
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Oh my god, This is so amazing!
You need to make more stuff like that more often :D
FJolliff's avatar
Your style is envy-able! Yes, that's right, a big word like 'envy-able'... As in; I am envious of your envy-able work. Spell check keeps wanting me to say 'enviable'... 
ManeatingCouch's avatar
I am in love with her.
Struggle-Bus's avatar
It looks so mystical and beautiful, I love the style! Great work!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Awesome! :D

Its cool seeing you draw non 2gag stuff :)
Fangofsilver's avatar
So pretty and vivid

ChristiVivar's avatar
It is very cute.  I love cartoony paintings. :D
I like it! Different than the norm.
Ginzoo's avatar
Nicely done, good to see someone else who reads PA
EmpatheticFrog's avatar
Wow I love your work!
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