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TGAG 405 Tough Lesson

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I put drain cleaner in my late sisters juice box to teach her the very important lesson about labeling. Incidentally I learned to leave the lessons to the grownups.

The Twogag Facebook Page is pretty cool.
I'm practicing lying.

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Werewolf-power's avatar
Wayne Growth Spert!
GHENGIZZ's avatar
Great to see you doing these again man:)
DaemonWhite's avatar
Still alive? Awesome!
Schottler1's avatar
Haven't seen this comic in a while
JohnnyHedgehog1992's avatar
Been a while since I saw these comics. Kinda missed them.
UnlimitedArtistics's avatar
You could just go on the website. The next comic strip and a bunch of old ones are there.
DeadCobra's avatar
She is honest with herself good
BalloonPrincess's avatar
"If you want something done right, you do it yourself."  :)
RetsuraiAlpha's avatar
u probably hear this a lot but why u have changed the characters look? she looks like an ugly tranny. (the comics are great tho)
Xaldel's avatar
I haven't really noticed a difference. If you're talking about in comparison to his older comics, that's just the evolution of his art style.
RetsuraiAlpha's avatar
lol, back then was really pretty and more charismatic style…
MissingNoGhost's avatar
I guess his drawing style has changed a bit. But what's wrong with being a tranny?
RetsuraiAlpha's avatar
nothing wrong on being a pretty tranny but shes ugly. xD
look how they were:…
MissingNoGhost's avatar
I know what they used to look like, and I'm saying that the explanation for her change in appearance is because of the artists style evolving.
I personally like her this way.
RetsuraiAlpha's avatar
his*. its a dude now xD
DarkZeWulf's avatar
Guy is a girl...

and i prefer the new look myself. seems more professional.
LeDaverix's avatar
they have changed? .. i dont see a difference :O
LeDaverix's avatar
Ah, yea. I am acutally used to the actual style. Just saw these old ones once i switched through her gallery :) .. They looked kinda funny^^
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