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I just wanted to fix the pipes

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This piece have been lying unfinished on my drive forever. so decided to finish it up.
been a while since I did some personal stuff =)

Don't ya'll worry, I'll get to the sketch commissions.

Peach, Luigi and Mario © Nintendo

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This is fantastic! I love how original each character's face looks. I also really like how this isn't a scene, but a straight up composition. It's a good composition at that. Your line work is super clean on this and your shading looks great. The crumbling blocks slowly desaturating in color to match the background, was a great design choice! Even Peach's dress does the same thing at the bottom. It just blends everything together really well. The reflective light in Peach's hair and on her crown, looks awesome. I would love to see a game done in your style of art! That would be incredible. You are very talented! Awesome work!

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Love the art style!
Nice work! Sigh, Super Mario...a childhood dream that refuses to die. Great memories...thanks!
Oh mario, you lovable little midget! :D
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its so f*cking brutiful
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I absolutely love the colors of this. And Luigi. Love how you drew him.
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I just can't get over how Luigi's positioning compromises his stability. There's no way that next step wouldn't make him slip off that brick and fall into the deep dark void of Mario Realm. 8D It seems like you did that so you could fit Peach. Otherwise, it's a very fun piece ^^
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Hmmm, I've read some of the other posts about how much they like your anatomy, but I simply cannot agree with them. I can imagine how Peach's 3-part spine is your style, but Luigi isn't twice as tall as Mario. He is the taller of the Bros, sure, but he's not skeletally thin. Quite frankly, if you flipped the L on his hat , and gave him a hook-shaped moustache, he'd be a dead ringer for Waluigi.

On a more positive note, I do like the color. The action up front is nice and bright, while it has a soft, serene quality to the background and Peach. How did you do that? Was it hard to get the coloring right?
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Cool style, posing, colors, and it's FRICKIN' MARIO!
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Beautiful Job! Amazing.
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I adore the style
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love the style! So different for these characters, but great!
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Brilliant lineart and cell-shading... I love the relative positioning of the characters as well! Well done :D
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When WAS the last time they actually did any plumbing?
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Thanks, I'm very proud of my body mysel... OH YOU MEAN MY DRAWINGS!
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I love the style on this.
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