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If you guys like my sketchy stuff you should probably follow my tumblr, it's where I upload most my doodles and warmup sketches.
My twitter is also a good way to keep track of them.
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<font><font>I love your rendition of her: mischievous, feisty, but not as sexualized as some of the versions out there. Well done!</font></font>
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Dude I think this is The artist's design not DC's Harley Quinn
GoneCrazy-BackIn5's avatar
No, it is the DC Harley Quinn. The hammer is sort of a give away.
Imortal-Night's avatar
Clowns can hold hammers, without being the one clown who happened to have one.
GoneCrazy-BackIn5's avatar
Ah, true. I just thought it might be her cause it does sort of look like her, but then again that is how most harlequins look. Eh, I guess all we can do is appreciate the art.
Imortal-Night's avatar
Indeed. Oh and by the way I'm glad my words did not offend.
GoneCrazy-BackIn5's avatar
:D Glad mine didn't either
Zetsumeimaru's avatar
SO! You're the one behind 2gag! I can't believe i accidentally found you.
kozispoon's avatar
Nice fiedsty lookin' Harley. Lovely redesign~
FrancisViveiros's avatar
I love this character o.O
ChristiVivar's avatar
This is the best Harley I've seen since Bruce Timm's original. :)
Rat-Phomet's avatar
OH WOW~~ Such a cute style~!!
llamauniversal's avatar
reminds me of Kimpossible... lol
kittycatlover724's avatar
peirrin's avatar
I like this Harley.
CalumTraveler's avatar
Such a mischievous smile! :D
Wanton-G's avatar
Adorable! your style reflects really well here!
DjLocoAMP's avatar
Awesome!! LOVE IT!! :]
MrTenso's avatar
Cool new look!
MrZeta-Z's avatar
Nice interpretation of an outstanding character.  Most reenvisionings I've seen aren't half as good.
Seems like they lose the spirit of the character, which you've retained here. +fav 
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God I love Harley Quinn

Batman over all is just AWESOME XD
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