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Guy Paint

Drawn during a stream. To catch future streams follow the Sketchumps Twitch.
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Oh HI!, What A Surprise! :D
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Can You Watch This And Comment There Please? :) (Smile) (it can be anything or just simply one word)
Five Nights At Freddy's Balloon by GumballFan333
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YOU'RE THE BEST!!! :huggle: :hug Hug 
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This is absolutely stunning. I can't stop looking at it. 
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Not liking her attitude.
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Wonderful as usual!! Long time no see!! Hope you are Ok and everything is alright!
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Nice.  Seems like a long time since I saw her last.
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Shes really lovely
I miss the comics
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i was beginning to think you were dead
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Hey, I'm just glad to see you back here!
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I love how this character is so recognizable for me
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Is that a slight smile I see? I mean it's definitely not friendly, but a smile nonetheless. 

Also this is REEEAALY good. Nice angle, nice expression, nice color, it's great.
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Look who's back! I though twogag to be a dead project for a while now.
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where have you been???!!!
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