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So I drew this one a few months back and I never got around to post it up anywhere.
I guess I’m not just after attention after all, can’t wait to get a psychiatrist so I can tell him about this!

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That plant so gonna bite youuuuu!
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She's quite the pretty one.  That plant thing reminds me of the cowplant from the Sims.
doodlebugRP's avatar
She's thinking: "...I am SO glad I didn't wear a red shirt today!"
Ever watched Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind?
Going by this picture I think you will like it.
sseumdo's avatar
She is so pretty!
wieweser's avatar
Oo! Pretty! *Touch*
Scarrillo's avatar
LOve the Space Suit!
Poul-Tisbey's avatar
I don't want a plant like that, I NEED a plant like that!
darklight436's avatar
I've seen enough to know where this is going...
DestinieKirby's avatar
This is awesome! Forever loving your style, and that plant critter thing is very intriguing in a good way. :laughing:
eternalobserver's avatar
Would'nt be the first time I saw some deadly-looking creature use some friendly and/or comforting and/or harmless image as a lure (Grandfisher Hollow from "Bleach" anyone?).
kurokage888's avatar
you just reminded me of how much i miss bleach :/ the manga just isnt the same. tis a nice picture though.
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So is the butterfly being eaten by the plant or is it a lure on the plant?
EpicsofNoche's avatar
at first I thought it was a flower. now I see its just death xD
Ecfor's avatar
don't... poke the flower. no
YourPalIssac's avatar
This is going to end up like Prometheus, isn't it?
HawiianTiger's avatar
Love the expression! :D
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investigando nuevas especies, buen trabajo.
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Scariest plant ever.
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The suit is amazing. That plant - however - is grotesquely amazing. :3
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