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Commissioned work.
Aya from Green Lantern TAS.

:bulletgreen: My Webcomic
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Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Same shame the series ended. I’d have loved to see how you’d depict Black Hand.
gordhanx's avatar
Really nice job. The colouring's very beautiful and excellently done, the lighting's superb and the details are really nice.
herebewonder's avatar
Just watched the show for the first time.

Love this piece!

Estonius's avatar
Way pretty Aya! Great styley and colours!
Zeartist's avatar
I have NO idea who this is...but this is an awesome piece of work.
dragoeniex's avatar
Aya, from Green Lantern: the Animated Series. If you still haven't seen it, I would recommend. ^_^
A pity they aren't continuing the series.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Yet, the garbage they DID replace it with continues to torment me when I’m looking after my sister’s kids.
They don’t care about us and the art we like, only selling merchandise, toys.
Sassycat2's avatar
She's so pretty :D
AnimatedBeauty's avatar
I LOVE this picture <3
xxghostkingxx's avatar
I really hope they find a way to resurrect her
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dramaelfie's avatar
This is so adorable!!! :3
kudoze's avatar
Great colors!
ImJustLookingthere's avatar
Love this drawing! This is how they should do the show, not that computer stuff!
dramaelfie's avatar
The universe the show takes place in is massive, there is absolutely no way in hell it could be done in 2D. 3D animation is an art unto itself, and I wish more people would just accept and embrace it because the character animation work in this show is absolutely amazing and detailed. :/
ImJustLookingthere's avatar
You're right. Sorry about my comment. Over the past year I have seen so many things to show how beautiful  3D art can truly be. I'm just sad that 2D is now considered "unprofitable" by Hollywood. In gernal I wish animation had more respect here in the U.S.
OmarArRTs's avatar
I agree with you. I love the art that is used in the show.
yohunny's avatar
Really nice! I don't watch this show but I really like the way you did the light in it.
MrMayhemm's avatar
Great work, very cool design and colours
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