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I wouldn't call myself passionate about art as much as dispassionate about everything else.

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Why do you care if that doesn't make any sense? you're supposed to not care!

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why can't we access
Realm-Of-The-Shadows's avatar
I notice over the years your characters see to be developing more hair flare!  Keep up the good work!
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So just to get this straight, these two are in a dysfunctional modern marriage to each other right?
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Look at the bright side, Wayne, now you aren't dispassionate any more. =P
HoneyGoddess57's avatar
Really nice one, poor him. lol
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great to see you posting :)
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haha.. "Manipulate Monthly"
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Could someone help me understand this one?
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Wayne was saying he isn't passionate about things. Guy says they're probably less passionate about things than Wayne.

This upsets Wayne, who passionately insists/challenges they're less passionate, falling into a catch-22.

Guy shows indifference to this outburst/challenge, thereby demonstrating they have less passion for the situation than Wayne, and wins Wayne's challenge by not participating.

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Ah.  Thanks for that.  Now that it makes sense...
Dignity Laugh 
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Manipulate Monthy, Wont lie; a great read.
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You're back! :la:
Also, great as usual :D
Kurigaru's avatar
oh my god you're back

thank the gods \o/
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glad to see you back
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Ta-dahhh... Cssssss! XD
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