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2GAG - Time Capsule-Part 2

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If I could send a message back to a younger me I'd tell him everything will turn out alright. NO THANKS TO HIM!

Did you know that the Twogag Facebook Page isn't a time machine?
It's true, and you know it's true because it'd be a hard thing to lie about.

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future wayne was actually talking about a man whose date of birth fell on cancer the crab.
this man injected a horrible disease into Wayne viva needle.
sidenote: future frank rules over his entire domain with an iron fist, nailing down thouse who stand out of line.
should have problem started off with that.
OdysseyWestra's avatar gave me a good laugh.^^
DTJB's avatar
grim-puppet-demon's avatar
yeah i kinda guessed
DeadCobra's avatar
Wanderer619's avatar
SheTheTDE's avatar
I feel like this happened because I said there's no way it could.
nodot17's avatar
hmmm future guy has slightly bigger breast
RealDarkness's avatar
...... Can't help but notice the cancer thing
LegionaireB's avatar
I like future Guy.  Love her outfit.
St1rl4's avatar
ummmm... ok? 
ChaliceTheif's avatar
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jbwarner86's avatar
You're a genius. :D
RoseNakahara's avatar
i wouldnt mind them as a couple
ant-Edd's avatar
law of messing with time trying to stop couple end up make odd thing happen.
Knight-BIshop's avatar
Well...they would make a rather interesting couple.
Phaedrolous's avatar
That goes without saying by now.
TheHandsomeRockLee's avatar
Indeed. I'm Nuts for Your SweetnessHeart - Free Rolling Cancer La

No sweeter romance has ever been known than the love between honey and cancer. :dignity-laugh:

All jokes aside, I'm pretty sure Wayne's gonna end up alone simply to add more to his list of failures.
Rusty136's avatar
Are you sure Marrying Guy wouldn't count??
TheHandsomeRockLee's avatar
Hmmm... Good point. :iconfancyplz:
AlanSteenhouwer's avatar
I want to say this is a surprise... But I can't. Hell they spend every Valentine's day together.
Quikanims's avatar
They don't seem like a couple. More like friends with benefits. 
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