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2GAG - Time Capsule-Part 1

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I did one of these my senior year of high school, but we just wrote letters to our future selves. I'm sure mine will say something about breaking up with my terrible boyfriend at the time, which I did before I graduated. Now I'm married and my husband is joining the Army. I was so naive in high school that I'll just ignore whatever advice I wrote to myself.
OliverMcCann's avatar
i left my time capsule in the form of a hotmail account, so many hopeful and embarrassing job applications. i applied to blizzard with no skill, no experience,  the only selling point was that i liked a game. they never got back to me, am i bitter and resentful? hah! of course i am! one day they'll ask me to work with them and i shall say nay! nay blizzard you had your chance!
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XD ahahahahahaha
ReaveT93's avatar
I wonder if Wayne's going to have frank transport him 10 years into the future to try to answer the questions as his modern self and still not know how to answer them.
tsurugikage's avatar
I think the joke is that since he doesn't know the answer he hopes that future him will know.
Zoo-mangia's avatar
Because what? BECAUSE WHAT, I NEED TO KNOW! Such a lovely face MEME 
Wolf-fang4's avatar
LockmanCapulet's avatar
So are we getting Part 2 in ten years?
DeadCobra's avatar
This is actually a good idea
SheTheTDE's avatar
He is an idiot.
JohnnyHedgehog1992's avatar
It says part one, so I'm guessing not even future Wade can answer them. :-P
TheyCallMeSage's avatar

This is your best one in a while <3
Mark-Wylde's avatar
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