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2GAG - False Advertising

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- "I'm rebelling against your opinion about what I should be rebelling against!"
- "Dammit, that's what I should've said."

After months of deliberation the jury has finally reached a unanimous verdict; The Twogag Facebook page is indeed something a jurors time shouldn't be wasted on.

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Hisansa's avatar
The correct thing to say is, "Hey, it might be rebellious to ignore the sign, but it's stupid to risk your life."
SheTheTDE's avatar

that's what Guy would say

Selewin's avatar
but if you do it you are still letting some sign decide your actions. Then your being controlled just as much. there is no right awnser
justcallmesly's avatar
...if the trains are powered electric third rail, he would be dead :D
Jackskelowine's avatar
as a rebel hes supposed to rebel...but he has rebeled against rebeling XD
Jackthemonster's avatar
Dudette. This is great!
Headsquasher's avatar
There's a story behind every warning and safety sign
mouseanderson's avatar
too true to life.
olivierBR1's avatar
i know this may sound dumb... but i dont get it...
MrNukedDuck's avatar
The "A" on the back of his jacket stands for "Anarchy", which refers to a society without laws or government, meaning that those who advertise themselves with the mark shouldn't be afraid to break any rules, yet the "rebel guy" clearly doesn't want to traverse the tracks...!
leanzaofearth's avatar
I just understood it after reading this and it's hilarious XD Thanks! LOL.
SixGunShauna's avatar
A true rebel doesn't do what he doesn't want to do.
RPG-Geek01's avatar
This is freaking hillarious
Vinyl-5cratch's avatar
lol, you're hillarious :P
shadowring123's avatar
I am so gonna do this next time my friend wears that rebel coat of his
Chicha-tan24's avatar
Skeptical stare in the last panel made me laugh so hard.
BellaVega's avatar
Pfff a rebel... :P
IAmTheUnison's avatar
Ha! And he calls himself a rebel. =D
Johnny-Snow's avatar
"traversing the tracks is forbidden! ye shalt not pass yon locomotives!!"
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