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2GAG - Ego-Maniac

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I often get complimented for my lack of an ego. But I don't get why they do it, it's not like I feel proud about it.

If the Twogag Facebook Page felt pride it would've killed itself a long time ago.
Or well, if it felt pride and was also a person. But those are the only ifs!

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I have pride.  I locked it in my closet 13 years ago, and haven't seen it since.  I suspect that, by this time, it's died of starvation.
MajorXenosCooper's avatar
People are satisfied in strange ways.....I'm living proof.
Scr1b3's avatar
Anyone else here think Guy's the human embodiment of grumpy cat??
RealmOfAnnacat's avatar
I was thinking the same thing XD
goldenba11s's avatar
sorry but I have to point out the spelling mistake unless it's intentional "ego manic" , "ego maniac". It changes from panel to panel
DynastisGoopis's avatar
I want to see Guy's response when she's actually wrong.
Jonot's avatar
Well at least he recognized his fault.
Makiyura's avatar
LOL! I wouldn't have apologized though :P
GrumpyGrump's avatar
damn, she is mean hahaaa.
DeadCobra's avatar
She is not really the biggest
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