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For the longest time I thought the thing with valentines was for everyone to receive cards reminding us of what disgusting human beings we are.

If you don't got a date don't worry, the Twogag Facebook Pages will be your valentine.
Although it's probably less sad to just stay at home.

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sarahsmiles916's avatar
Hahaha! Oh the vicious cycle! :heart:
Z706's avatar
I miss Guy's old hair cut. :(
Best date eveeerrrr
Beats going to the movies fo sho
ziginz's avatar
One of them there "vicious cycles".
TheHandsomeRockLee's avatar
So they're finally gonna do it... within a year... if he's that lucky.
Phaedrolous's avatar
OR they continue the routine until they finally lose focus entirely and get hitched.
Talidaga-Montrega's avatar
Now would they get hitched with each other or to other people? :D
TheHandsomeRockLee's avatar
That seems a unlikely but is hopefully within the realm of possibility.
TigerLove566's avatar
Omg I totally love this XD :iconoldschoolownedplz:
millgiass's avatar
Question is, did they score?
dogman0's avatar
On one hand, they don't really do anything, on the other hand, now they are going to go out again...No hope for these two.
Wanderer619's avatar
I can only wonder how next year will go down x3
HellionScythe's avatar
I wonder what Frank does on Valentine Day...
Janamatari's avatar
A vicious cycle
dylancaprotti's avatar
What happened? These comics are few and far in between these days?
Atomika66's avatar
Website updates more frequently (:
ant-Edd's avatar
sooner or later they may end up married doing this
heartsdale2's avatar
How many years have they been doing this?
ArtandCookies's avatar
This is really really really really late.
Scr1b3's avatar
I've missed your comics!! We're've you been?
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