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The Dinner
It was a misty Friday eve,
Dinner was far too late;
When I walked in that restaurant,
Nervous of this first date.
I was seated at that table,
Surroundings strange and new;
It wasn't 'till the waiter came
That I had spotted you.
I went ahead and ordered, my words
Clumsy and askew,
Your beauty was so distracting
The waiter surely knew!
Well that waiter, he was a saint
Because to my surprise,
He sat you down across from me
Right before my eyes.
Your golden locks, they swirled about,
Framed by your saucy dress;
And as I watched in lust, I found
My love hard to express.
But feelings can be shared with more
Than petty words and signs,
And things became more intimate
When I declared you mine!
Your tart aroma grazed my nose
As you approached my face,
My senses were soon overcome
By your exotic taste.
The flavor of our first exchange
Was blissful as could be,
But I would not be satisfied
'Till you were inside me.
I moaned with carnal pleasure, as it
Went straight to my thighs,
That evening was
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I cannot come to school today
Dear teacher, I apologize.
I'm far too sick, so here I'll stay.
My forehead's hot, my skin looks gray,
I feel some burning in my eyes.
I cannot come to school today.
My body's been trembling all day,
I've got a nosebleed all the time.
I'm far too sick, so here I'll stay.
I'm dizzy, and my heartbeat is strange,
I'm sore from my head to my thighs.
I cannot come to school today.
The doctors couldn't solve my shakes
And poor mother has no idea.
I'm far too sick, so here I'll stay.
I tried to come, got to the gate
But quickly did I realize
I cannot come to school today!
I'm far too sick—so here I'll stay.
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My Dilemma
I want to write of love, but I'm afraid
The poetry I make will be clichéd.
My words will all have already been said,
Emotions live to me strike you as dead!
I want to write of love, but it would bore.
And just because it's all been said before!
Even if I write with love and spirit,
I'm sure it wont be the first time you hear it.
I want to write of love, but I cannot.
I guess instead I'll let these old words rot
And think up something for you fresh and new—
It's too cliché to just say “I love you.”
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Only Four Months to Go
The sunlight seeps between the window's blinds
It fills the room, it rouses me awake
As gentle as a newborn baby's cry.
But the room it fills is not a room I know.
These sheets are white, the walls are bare, and I
Can't help but feel an emptiness below.
A tube, a bag of water on a pole
Inserted in my arm makes me recall
Our baby shower—“only four months to go.”
The sheets feel strangely damp around my thighs,
My stomach's sore, I think my fever's broke.
I see you talking to a nurse outside.
I squint my eyes, the sun is bright this morning—
It's too bright. Not the sun I'd hoped to see.
It stings my eyes—I feel a teardrop rolling.
My stomach aches, as if my body's mourning
This newfound emptiness inside of me...
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There Was a 20 in My Pocket
There was a 20 in my pocket,
I was so happy you see;
It was in my winter coat,
I must have left it there for me.
With this 20 in my pocket
What was I supposed to buy?
Was it for a cup of coffee
Or a tuna melt on rye?
Perhaps I meant to spend it on
The groceries for that day,
Or maybe my electric bill,
I'm often late to pay.
Or maybe I was saving up
For a huge wide-screen TV,
With 5.1 surround sound and
A picture in HD.
Maybe I meant to buy a gift
For somebody I knew,
Maybe I meant to pay a loan—
I guess they forgot, too.
Maybe it was to be spent
On a romantic date
On a dinner, on a movie,
Just as long as it went late.
I don't know where it came from,
And I don't know where it will go.
I'll just keep it in my pocket—
Maybe by next year I'll know.
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Perfect Love
I lose myself in your hypnotic stare
As I gaze deep into your auburn eyes;
As auburn as your flowing, luscious hair
And luscious as your eyebrows, thick and wide.
Each crevice on your face has its own story,
Each wrinkle 'round your lips had its own grin.
Your teeth, so straight, they glisten white and pearly
Framed nicely between your nose and your chin.
Your Adam's apple dances as you're drinking,
As if on the catwalk, flaunting its best—
Your shoulders broad, your biceps large and hulking
As if to frame your sturdy, rock-hard chest.
I really wish that there was more to show;
But this mirror will not go quite that low.
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Dear Teacher, sorry I'm running late
Didn't eat breakfast 'cuz I'm loosing weight
I also got a haircut, this morning I shaved
Although you won't remember you told me to anyway
Just like you won't remember what you wanted me to play
But that's okay
Because today
I already know what you're gonna say
I already know what you're gonna do
After I hand my soul to you
Cock back your head, giving me that look
I've learned to give everything it took
As you suck out my creativity
My musical fertility
So please excuse
My unwarranted hostility
'Cuz it must be disability
That won't let me understand
That all those cracked and bloody knuckles
Are on the back of a helping hand.
So go ahead and teach me all there is to know in life
Like how to juggle seven jobs while cheating on your wife
With your rehearsals late at night
Which you got through your fits and politics
I'd call it quits
If it weren't for
My loyalty to your heretics.
So teach me all your dirty tricks
The way you find and rob
A gi
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Just because you say you shouldn't
Doesn't have to mean you couldn't—
Just because you're scared to say
“why not, I'll try it anyway.”
And even then, back when you didn't,
You didn't know what there was hidden.
Back behind those ears and eyes,
That space you filled with fear and lies.
And now it's time to set it straight
And move on out, walk through that gate.
But here you sit, holding on tight
Onto your pre-established life.
And even still I do implore
To let it go, walk through that door,
To let it go, try something new,
And find out all that chance can do.
But here you stay, content and ill
With your desire to hold still.
Time and change knock at your door
But you don't answer anymore.
So go head, do what you didn't—
Ignore potential, all that was in it.
Take all the “coulds” you said you “couldn't”
And will your life into a “wouldn't”.
:icondrumultima:DrumUltimA 1 1
I'll be the boy across the street,
The one you always found so sweet
Who'd twirl his hair and tap his feet;
If it would make you love me.
I'll be the mayor of the town,
Who loves to drive his car around.
In that mansion, you'd wear a crown;
If it would make you love me.
I'll be a corporate CEO
Worth forty million, head to toe.
I'd buy you your own TV show
If it would make you love me.
I'll run a country, start a war,
Command an army with my sword.
I'll conquer earth, and even more
If it would make you love me.
I'll be the man up on the moon,
Or be the bringer of monsoons.
I'll save the world, or bring it doom
If it would make you love me.
I'll be a human, dog or elf,
A door, a wall, a book, or shelf.
I'll be anyone but myself—
If it would make you love me.
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Doug Perry
United States
Percussionist, improviser, educator. Video game music fan and general nerd.
Hey everybody,

It's been a long time since I used Deviantart for, well, anything, really.  Deviantart represents the wonderful stage of my life where I was in high school and realizing that I was a super artsy-fartsy person, even though I couldn't really draw that well.  Those were fun times that I reflect fondly on, but times have changed.  I'm a big kid now--I've been in higher education for nine years.  Three degrees later, and I'm a full time freelance musician.  I realized that most of the content I had here, while definitely still an accurate reflection of my spirit, does not accurately portray the person I've become.  For that reason, I've removed most of my art from this web site.  Don't worry, it's not gone forever--I'm far to nostalgic to delete it entirely.

I decided to leave the poetry--it doesn't seem too harmful.

Anyway, thanks for being a part of my life, Deviantart.  It was fun!



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Well, you're talking to that very same remixer! :D
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hahah thanks!! Expect more soon! I've got a few things under my belt right now, might be collabing with snappleman which would be pretty cool if everything works out right. We'll see!

Thanks for the watch too :D
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