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Metal Subgenre Family Tree



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So i put this together after being irritated and annoyed by classmates, family and friends who kept saying "Screamo is metal," "Metal is Screamo" or "I hate all that screamo, metal crap."

So this is what it is; The Heavy Metal and Metal Sub Genre Family Tree." I took the "Definitive Metal Family Tree" as used in Metal: A Headbanger's Journey [link] and elaborated on it, because there was information i felt was left out and wasn't as in-depth as it could have, or should have been. So this is what I came up with, through some digging and research of my own building on what was left out.

This will show where Metal stands and where Screamo actually stands ((notice how it has more punk and hardcore punk influences?))

But then again, it's still a work in progress, a huge project that can be debatable in various ways. For instance, I know a couple friends who are deep into the death metal and black metal scene that would argue that metalcore, deathcore and nu metal are not metal.

The other debate is where some bands stand within these genres, notice how I did not list any? As a musician myself I know many bands can't be labeled or tied down to any specific genre, some albums may dabble in one genre then move to the next or going more schizophrenic and crossing genres on almost every song in one album *cough* Dir en grey's UROBOROS album*cough*

Anyways, this is what I have. I know I left out quite a few genres of music, honestly I could keep going and not only cover metal music but even try covering other genres as well.

Comments and opinions are welcomed
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This thing is pretty much the single most epic piece of information graph I've seen in the recent time