State of the Studio [07/06/19]

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I managed to surprise myself this weekend with a burst of productivity. Mind you, I would've hoped for productivity in terms of actual time sitting down writing, but at least I managed to scratch my more administrative itch by going through and purging and consolidating old files on my back-up drive clearing roughly 1 GB of duplicative docs and graphics in favor of getting things into their proper storage folders (or at least closer to those folders).

In addition, I did a bit of work transcribing some of my hand written notes into actual searchable text what is currently code-named as my Nexus project. Then I tracked down some actor and model references for Rogue Element, including updating the designs of some of the characters and did some research for image inspirations. What's distressing me there is I know for a fact that I had drafted more elements for the backstory on that project and, as usual, I can't locate that information, which leads me to suspect that it's yet another hand written scrap of paper in a Moleskin notebook lying around in my office somewhere waiting for me to scan it.

I stumbled over some more prior game development projects I'd toyed with in the past including a CCG system that I showed to one of my friends. While I doubt anything substantive will come of it, I did, at least, relocate those documents to a game dev project folder so it's easier to locate in future on the off chance I need elements from it.

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