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I realize its been about 5 years since I have posted a journal entry.  I have been meaning to post something here for years.   A few people visit my page every now and again.  So, I thought I would let you guys know what happened to me.

Back in 2007, I married my high school sweetheart after 10 years of being together.   It was a beautiful wedding along side the McKenizie River.  We bought a nice house near a park, then I finally finished up my two degrees and graduated from the University of Oregon.  (Digital Arts and Political Science)  Shortly after graduating, I was laid off from my job as a computer support technician.  I spent the next 2 years unemployed and feeling quite sorry for myself.

Though, in those 2 years I took up watercolors and oil painting.  I always felt that I lacked a good foundation in traditional mediums, so it was really fun to learn.  Coming from a digital-only background, it was months and months before I would stop subconsciously trying to use the 'undo' shortcut while painting.  ☺  Mainly, I like to paint florals and seascapes, but I'm starting to try flesh now too.  I even submitted a watercolor to an art show, and it sold for $250!  

Luckily, I was finally able to find work.  I now work as a merchandise photographer.  And I thought I was good at Photoshop before, but now my skills now are super awesome!  The pay is quite poor, but I get to play with Photoshop all day.  With how bad the job market is where I live, I could have ended up working in a gas station, so I am very happy that I found a quasi-artistic job.

Convention wise, I had an amazing run.  In the 5 years I was going to conventions, I attended over 40!  Everywhere from Vancouver to Miami!  I spent a good chunk of my 20's traveling all over the USA and Canada meeting wonderful amazing people.  Not many people get to say that!  I knew it wouldn't last forever, and boy did I enjoy it while it lasted.   I am truly grateful that I got to do so much off the limited talent I possessed.

Over the years, I have been able to meet and be inspired by people far more talented than myself.  I have a knack for imitating styles, but I have always been awestruck by others' creativity and originality for something new.   It's amazing too see how the talent on Deviantart has grown and evolved since I first signed up.  

Anyone want prints?  I still have quite a few prints left over from my old con days.  I can't bare to throw them out.   (I was going to see if I could give them away at comiccon.  I got a ticket for comiccon, -cause I'd never been- but have no ride or place to stay.  Boo)  Send me a note with your address and what print(s) you would like.  I can pick up postage just to know they are going to a good home…  (US only, though I'll be in Vancouver in August, so Canada too if you don't mind the wait)  Let me know if you want me to sign them.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement over the years!


Edit:  I have a big stack of mail to take to the post office.  Horray!  You guys are awesome!

As of now, I still have:

Inu Yasha Reflection
Winter Calm (Inuyasha and Kikyo)
Dawn awaking (Inuyasha and Kagome)
Lonely Souls (Miruko and Sango)
Sesshoumaru and Tokejin
Kagome finally snaps (Inuyasha and Kagome)
Kotoko and da hammer (From Chobits)
Warm rain (from Ranma ½)
Once Night Falls (Young human Inuyasha)
Sweet Cuddle (Miruko and Sango)
Soft Kisses (Miruko and Sango)
Brothers Elric (Full metal Alchemist)
Poker night in Konoho (From Naruto) ...and I have lots of this one.
Thank you (Inuyasha and Kagome with relection)
Sexy Roy (only in my scraps, but competed)
One Breath Away (a sexy human inuyasha and kagome that deviantart took down a while ago)