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Poker Night in Konoha

By druihd
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An idea that won't mean anything if you have never seen the "dogs playing poker" before. Just me being silly.

My first try at anything Naruto. I think Kakashi's dogs are so cute. Please let me know if you see anything off. I could barely find any pictures of all of kakashi's dogs. So I worked with what I had.
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OF COURSE Kakashi would win at poker; His Masks hide his Tells(unconscious action that could betray an attempted deception.)
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Alpha-SquidHobbyist General Artist
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tabby25Hobbyist Artist
awesome  Clap 
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JessKo2000Hobbyist General Artist
Sooo cute! Is Kakashi's hand under the table so he can read 'the book'? ;-)
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so this is why kakashi is so late all the time
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I love those dogs! They don't get enough screen time. Kakashi must have some bonding with them to order them around on missions, right? Brilliant idea to add in the other dog lover in the series.

The linework is fantastic, the coloring great, and the little things, such as the chips and cards, are easily recognizable.
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MadnessAbeHobbyist Writer
Kakashi has the best poker face.
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XD Kiba Kakashi his dogs i love it!
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Amatera5uHobbyist General Artist
I AGREE. This is great, especially for a first try at anything Naruto!
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SparkMaster37Hobbyist Digital Artist
I literally just got done watching the comentarry for the 2nd Naruto movie, and they mentioned something about how someone should draw the ninja hounds playing poker. XD
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Love this one, D!
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Hah! you could probably do an IY version of this involving Canine characters..lol
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ActuallyNevisHobbyist Digital Artist
So awesome! This is really, really perfect. I wish you'd draw some more Kakashi things!
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dattebayo1013Hobbyist General Artist
this is great
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wikigiuliProfessional General Artist
XD too cool
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SerenEvyHobbyist Digital Artist
lol fun
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EPIC! I love it!
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Great, someone beat me to it. It's good, but I could swear I would be the first to make this.
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have you seen the Inu-Yasha version of this? It's frickin hilarious!
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dark-yokuoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, win!
This just soo had to be done hahahaha
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hahahahaha thats awesome i love how you added kiba to it
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Haha, the idea is great!
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