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Once Night Falls



I want to dedicate this to devikuro KUROHIME! I adore this girl so much, she has been feeding my human inu yasha obsession for the last few weeks. And she is a wonderful prolific artsit as well. Go look at her stuff if you haven't already.

About the drawing, it has been mostly finished for a long time, today I finally put the background and foreground together. I had a hard time with the colors, because it is supposed to be so dark on a moonless night. But I think it turned out ok.

I absolutely adore human Inu Yasha. I believe it brings out some of his best traits. He seems smarter and more sensitive, and dispite being so incredibly vulnerible compared to his normal form, he still tries so hard. *sigh* I always wondered what happened on the moonless nights when he was young.

Lastly, I want to thank bishoujosteph for the title. I always like other people titles better than my own.
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He really doesn't deserve to treated so cruelly. It's a wonder he lived to be roughly 200 years old at all until Kagome came around. He's lucky enough she loves him in any form. I bet that's more tan any other half-demon would ever get! I wish I could hug him.