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Lonely Souls

By druihd
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My first Miroku and Sango! And look, his hands are behaving themselves… for now.

I had a really hard time with the poses for this one, and even the hand and feet angles were really awkward. I friend of my told me I am portraying more depth in this one than in all my others, that’s why its so hard.

Miroku, Sango © Rumiko Takahashi
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SangoMirokuShipperHobbyist Writer
...He's behaving!? Wow...that's a first.
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Galina-KusanagiHobbyist Traditional Artist
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AnimekaiclProfessional Digital Artist
is cute ^_^
XXxxDiligoBarbaxxXX's avatar
there's my favorite couple again.
and she's teasing the monk I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wonder though, as awesome as this pic is, is her kimono held closed by magic?
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000SkyArrow000Hobbyist General Artist
I really like that.....so cute......^^
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Jacob88Hobbyist Photographer
So sexy and romantic!
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SakuraRyuuHobbyist Writer
This piece was stolen:[link]
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mossclawHobbyist General Artist
In this picture, Sango, in my opinion, is truly beautiful. Stunning actually. You can tell by the sweet expressions on their face that they truly care for each other, and they will be together eternally, their hearts intertwined. It's fascinating what you can see if you look deep into a photo.
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PrinceRoy1990Hobbyist General Artist
You did that too?? I also have that saved on my PC for years ^^;
You have amazing skills! >_<
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mossclawHobbyist General Artist
His hands are ALMOST behaving. Its close to the breasts.
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Could I please use this in a video? It's great.
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wonderful and very creative!!
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Beautiful :omg:
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Love it, it's so passonite, love the poses
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Miroku is trying so hard to behave himself! This is amasing!
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Love it!
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that is so very very cute!
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awesome work *__*
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awww Miroku and Sango is one of my fav couples. <3
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That's so cute.
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that is so beautiful, so sweet, i love it!! :aww:
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