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KumoriCon II by druihd KumoriCon II by druihd
This is the background image to my con's flyer/poster. I had never drawn buildings before. So yeah,.... no presure. This image is only going to be distrubed all over the NW and see by thousands of people. And I have never ever drawn a building before. *whines*

The building on the far right will be covered with text, that is why I left it so janky.

Everyone in the Northwest US, COME TO MY CON!

The full flyer can be seen at [link]
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ski-kory Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hah, I first found this when I was just a bratling... and now I go to K-Con every year, without fail. Odd how life circles round like that. I remember stumbling over one of your peices in the auction room a couple years ago and freaking out when I recognized your style. XD I've been a fan for years, as has my sister.
Kimiski Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
The first Kumori girl I remember!
SmokingCowComics Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008
Yeah, I live there. ^_^
mageofthebooksolivia Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
A OREGONIAN! I did come! And loved your work! I couldn't afford anything but I came. Thanks so much for your hard work! *kisses* :hug:
NightRainArtists Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
Ahhh Kumoricon.... *thinks back* How i LOVED it soo...
*jumps up and donw tell Kcon 06*
sangosiena Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
i wish i could go to the con but i live in san francisco. and i'm already going to sakura con. too many cons not enough money. and about the buildings, that's a whole lot better buildings than i could draw!
Guergolet Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2004   Photographer
nice pic
Bonnie-Furry Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2004
KUMORICON!!!!!!!!!! *does happy dance* so your the one who drew that awesome picture, i'm going there this year as well, i will have to look your art up again :D good job
snakeling Featured By Owner May 11, 2004
Itís not like anyone cares the real Benjamin Franklin building (far right) in the first place. The Con 's at the Marriott.

AkaneKinomoto Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2004
I have a problem in drawing buildings too... ^^; actually my problem is drawing backgrounds! xD but oh well! Like My Boyfriend says: all you have to do is practice! and he's right!
ANd I like the buildings u did. ;)
shadriqua-cham Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2004   Traditional Artist
whoa!! AWESOME!!
SkedekS Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2004
I se a misstake, I se a misstake!


It's nice, but the grass and road textures have some left to be disared, but i'm not sure I could do it better. Might just be me being to picky ^^
sunkissedone Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2004
wow!!! That is exactly like the paper picture one!! Amazing work!! i love it!
OnlineAgent Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2004
very nice, i like the colouring, shading, the background. FAVE!!
tic-tac-lover Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2004   Interface Designer
Must have taken you a long time to do that background.
aiko19th Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
gosh!! Your bg rocks!! *___*
deviousindiestar Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Where is the con going to be (state-wise). I'm in the north west, but if it's too far I won't be able to go ;_;

Those buildings are great for your first time! Good job!
Kinala--Shaggy Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2004   Writer
EEeee! ^_^ awesomeness! me like
ShampooNeko Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well done!! ^^
Jennycah Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Why do you bug out like that on this picture you picture is nice you did a great job on the buildings. I can't even draw people right and you manage to draw beautiful figures and beautiful backgrounds. So you shouldn't worry about the buildings your buildings are nice.
DragonDude13 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
WOW!!! perspective, proportion, color, detail, pose,... godlyness
umiparadise Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
I can't draw buildings like that.... That's pretty awesome!!
Kimbledimble Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
ONEESAN!! This came out so AWESOME!! I love it! GREAT JOB!!
Moonshayde Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
The buildings are rather good and I like the fact that your picture has such a detailed background. It adds a lot of charater to it.
ToraSetsuna Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
looks good. nice work.
tachu Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
the buildings are perfectly gorgeous, honest, don't you worry about a thing. ^^ i love it, and i'm sure everyone who sees the posters will love it too. if you weren't so far away i'd come, but.. ^^; i'm stuck in florida. great job, again! :hug: :heart:
desertmoondragon Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004  Professional Filmographer
this is very nice
aki-hoshi Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
Ah, too bad I won't be in the area yet! I won't be moving down to the Seattle area until October! I have some family in Portland though, so I'll probably go there eventually. Especially in 2005 for the next con! Maybe I'll see you there! ;)
LadyDeathwing Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
the buildings are soo much better than I could draw! This looks great! I would like to come... I dunno fi there is a way though. -___-;;
hikatu-chan Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
IS SOOO PURDY!!!!!! i knewew i worshiped you for a reason
hiro-nekojin Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
WOW! I seen the Flyer and it looks great! I wish i could go.. but *sniffles* I live way down in Louisiana.. Mew good Look druid!
SilverFoxglove Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
The buildings look amazing! You did a great job on them, as well as the rest of the picture. I would suggest a little more shading on the buildings but other then
Majenta487 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004   Filmographer
LOVE IT~!! ^.^ She's so cute! I love the flowers! You did a great job on those buildings!! :3
saiyajinlover143 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
wow!! thats awesome!! yer buildings look really good so no worries. :D :heart:
Tasuki-no-Miko Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Portland? That's somewhat close to where I live... but September's when my school starts... hmm... *ponders*
Great flyer, though! :D :D :D
pinkneko Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
I wish I could go :( Nice poster, I think the buildings look really good for your first time! The poster girl is really pretty and nicely drawn, too. Love the colours and how spring-like it looks :D
chaoscauser Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
I'm going! I'm going! Yay! I also get to go to Sakura Con next year. I think the buildings look fine. :)
ravencael Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
Damn, those are pretty good buildings for someone who's never drawn buildings before!!! *shakes fist* I envy your talent... I looked at the full flyer, too. >_< I want to go so bad, but my parents don't let me go to portland... *tear* Hopefully I'll have a car by then.
bri222 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
the buildings look nice i dont think ill ever be able to draw buildings -.-; her pose looks great and everythings truly are a great artist..
StrawberryNeko Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
WOW! this iz awesome!!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
silversilence0 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
wow you did a great job on the building and the background is really well done it fits the character a lot.
badka Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
very proficional :clap:
jessieyasha Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004   Photographer
Ultra spiffi! The building look amazing! Better then anything I can draw ^^;

I'd love to come to your con, but I also live in the Midwest, so I can't... ;;..;;
puichan-da-great Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
This looks like the PERFECT image for a con!!!!! :clap: I love the simple's super. Buildings look super, don't worry :o
*loves the roses and the hair, wind effect, and everything* ^^ You have your own convention? :eyepopping: wow, I hope lotsa people come.
*hides* I live in Illinois ._. *sadness*
whtmagick Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
wow, its amazing... :+fav:
Chouzan- Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
Don't worry about the buildings! They look almost perfect, anyway, and are better than I could ever do!
I love the flyer, and I'd love to come to that convention; slight problem is, I live practically all the way across the country! ;-;
fala1385 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
wow, thats awsome :D i would love to go, but unfourtunately i live waaay over in NY :(

i even asked my parents if we could fly to portland for a vacation or something :D XD
Stoofypoofy Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
Wow, that's awesome....The background is amazing...the buildings = much better than what I could ever do. ^_^
Captin-studman Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004   Traditional Artist
that is an absoulte beauti pic...i must applaude you on the excelence of this pic.........the buildings look great......all i see that is kinda weird is the roses...and the leaves on hte trees......o is a great pic..^_^
deathbyalice Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
is absolutely amazing as usual!
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