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Fading Memories

By druihd
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(EDIT: I am sorry this is coming up again on the dev watches. This background is slighly different than the other)

This is my all time favorite drawing! I spent a really really (did I mention) REALLY long on the background for this. And its so sweet!

hmmm, but what does it mean?

Its a result of listening to Enya while drawing.

Other notes, I originally tried drawing Kagome with her anime proportions, (ya know, with really loooong legs) but in the end, she got more realistic proportions. But I really tried to imitate the anime style.

The effects on this one were really fun too.....
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Why is Inuyasha Fading away D:
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LizallyStudent General Artist
Oh my god, I love it! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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StefyC97Student General Artist
very beautiful^^ but why is inu fading?
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luvbeaglepuppyHobbyist Traditional Artist
NOOOOO!!!!!!! INU!!! Don't leave!!! D:D:
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luvbeaglepuppyHobbyist Traditional Artist
**Edit to above--- D:
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TheInspiredWolfHobbyist Artist
This one too. I tried printing it out when I was little.
Didn't come out too well. :C Bad ink on printer.
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so sweet
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Carrier-Of-HopeHobbyist General Artist
Used in two items, with proper credit:



Thank you!
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Carrier-Of-HopeHobbyist General Artist
You're killing the fangirl in me here.....I love it! XD
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Velvet-ClawssHobbyist General Artist
wow beautiful
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lyokoplantHobbyist Photographer
Just beautiful
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LalakahnHobbyist Writer
I saw this... PIECE OF ART many many many years ago on your website, and I was instantly shocked by it. I saw it before I saw/read the last chapter of this wonderful story and I recall you saying that this piece meant somewhat how was it going to end... It was close! :squee:
Many years later I can finally say I LOVE YOUR ART!!! It was wonderful when I was a kiddo and now It's even better :)
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MissReginaSatomiStudent General Artist
A gorgeous pic, so sweet yet sad.
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Hidden-ImposterHobbyist General Artist
Wow this is beautiful..
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i found this picture on an ipod app i have
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Kylee134 Artist
:clap: this is impressive i love it
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i dont understand this photo im sorry if you get mad but i have problems with learning and i dont understand y inuyasha looks like a ghost in front of kagome and again please dont get mad at me
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Wow, this so beautiful, yet so sad. I almost can't look away from it!
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is it all right if i make a wallpaper out of this, if i credit you?
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Of course Fading Memories your greatest and most iconic work to date.
It says to me that InuYasha has died and Kagome is remembering him.Trying to hold on to her first
love from her past. He's living on in her heart. This work is the very first fan art I ever saw of these two.
Ever my favorite, it has inspired me to write a trilogy fan fic about them.
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Awesome!!!...background is beyond gorgeous.
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tenshiauraHobbyist General Artist
this too i've seen b4 its popular!
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"Its a result of listening to Enya while drawing." lol. Yeah, Enya has that effect on Sailor Moon and Rumiko series for some reason (or is that just me?)

Beautiful art work. I think it's neat how the part holding Kagome is solid, and the rest of him is "ghosting" with the background, really adds a sense of drama to the romantic scene. ^_^
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