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My anime alter ego... Updated to include my happy new status as an art major!
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SangoMirokuShipperHobbyist Writer
I live in Canada!
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I was birthed in Eugene, California.
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Congrats. Come to Indonesia and work for us.
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This is such a cute ID.
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just look at my character Ixbran:

Long hair is fun to play with and styalise.

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KazaliHobbyist Digital Artist
May I ask why you dislike air conditioners? I couldn't live without A/C, myself. ;P
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nitedewfairyHobbyist General Artist
I always am asking myself, "how do you do it?" But it's okay if I still don't know, I should take some art classes before I get some tips! :#1
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Wow- I'm surprised. I know where you live- I've even been to where you live! Don't worry though, I promise I'm not stalking you. When I first began to watch Inuyasha and made my way into the Anime World, I went online to search for pictures to show my friend that anime did exist, and was, in fact, not stupid. Your work, Fading Memories, was one of the factors that helped to reinforce my opinion. Now she's an anime-obsessed fangirl, just like me, and I've always remembered the name at the bottom of that Fateful Work of Art: Druihd. Now that I've found your DA site, I jump for joy. Your art is so lovely, and I enjoy just looking at them for hours.

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You don't like belly buttons either?! I thought I was the only one!
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Cool, you like DDR!


But why don't you like belly buttons?
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KiTSUNEMAGiC1Hobbyist General Artist
So that's you huh? Very good! I don't like egos either...some of them are too big! lol
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sepia-tenshiStudent Traditional Artist
omg! hello! ^^ ve seen you art all over the net because itss ssooo awsome...O.O but then when i read that your real name is tamara...I was kinda shocked...^^cause my name is Tamara too^^ your my fav fan artist! I love your picccyyyyyssssss!!!>< sorry to bother you like this though...now im embaressed
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Nice legs, cute pose. Totally beautiful.
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:flagcanada: Ha-HAH!

... Pardon me while I shriek loudly with joy :D
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I love this ID. It's gotta be one of the coolest ID's I've seen!
I like long long hair too...and I even have it.
Hey, you're the same blood type as me!
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I like the eyes you did on her. she's beautiful
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I love long hair as well. I myself have long hair,my hair used to be alittle longer than it is now though I just recently got a hair cut. My names also Tamara (Ta-mar-a) and my nick online is Tara.. :shocked:

I love this ID,it's very nicely done,I especially like the way the hair curls around the toe... Very nice..I have sorta the same hair color,my eyes are blue and I love anything blue...:rofl:
Wow too many similarites for me here. :wtf:..
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Call me silly (I'm used to it) but this reminds me of a character from one of the Tenchi Muyo movies.. I think it was Tenchi Forever... chiqqy is dead, but somehow lives on in her own alternate world, accessable through a tree, blah blah, kidnaps Tenchi... fun stuff.
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You don't like belly buttons? Huh. If I may ask, why?

I wuv dark choco too! *dark choco fans unite!*
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*is confused* How can someone not like air conditioners? Ok...I could see it if you were living in the Arctic...but...whoa...:S
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bacatloverHobbyist Writer
oh very very pretty...i like the way the hair and skirt pool below her on the ground, and the eyes are so nicely done...very good work *adds to favourites*
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cool, you like celtic stuff too, eh?
i just bought a book on celtic myth and magic, it has spells in it =0_0=
have you read 'Mists of Avalon'?
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*sobs* Aww man, I wish I could draw feet like that...I guess you wouldn't like me then? I'm quite the apathetic one sometimes...

Anyway, keep your drawings coming!
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