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Dont eat the mushrooms

By druihd
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This is something I started a while ago, I just now got around to throwing together a background for it. Yes, I know the background is full of photoshop 7 shortcuts, but I just wanted to put something up.

Every series should have a mushroom episode!

Bonus points to who recognizes the Takahashi storyline that I took this from.

Art © Druihd
Characters © Rumiko Takahashi
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so cute
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I love the fact that Kirara is just staring at them like , "WTF did you just do to yourselves???" Note to Sango: Mushroom are better in a Peanut butter sandwich. O.o
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OH come on NOBODY commented on this!!!
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Ai-PaiHobbyist General Artist
Mushrooms! 8D
It's from Ranma, right? From the chapter where Ranma and Ryouga turned into kiddoes after eating the mushrooms? 8D *is such a silly fangirl*
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SangoMirokuShipperHobbyist Writer
Ya! at least thays what I thought.
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Hanyou-from-hellHobbyist General Artist
Alice in Wonderland! :D Sept she only shrank... not turned into a kid lol
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Dawwww!! 8D *huggles ickle Miroku* SO KEWT! ^.^
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You took it from Ranma 1/2. Where Ryoga and Ranma turn into adorable young lads after eating some magic mushroom.
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Jacob88Hobbyist Photographer
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I wonder if that's how some of their kids will look..
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lol i'm guessing the storyline is the one from Ranma 1/2 where they eat the "Mushrooms of Love" i think in the anime the ep was called "Let's go to the Mushroom Temple!" or something
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RaeKitsuneHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. Nice reference to the aging mushrooms from Ranma 1/2 it sure was cute to see Ryoga and Ranma as kids.

I have loved this art since I was in elementary school! I am now in highschool soon to graduate, and wow I am still amazed that your style still blows me away.

Rae Lee
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Half-Demon-CaliStudent Digital Artist
RANMAAAAA =DD I remember that episode! And YEEEEES, every series should have a mushroom episode!!!
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So cute! ^-^

I remember mushrooms in Ranma 1/2 that made Ranma and Akane fall in love but Miroku and Sango look like their clothes are too big in this picture and I don't remember that from the Ranma episode, but maybe that wasn't intended ^_^
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agreed, every series should have a mushroom episode.
so cute ^___^
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you never reply to anything how come PLEASE reply so i know that you actually are on deviantart at least a little
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hmmm...lemme guess...the Ranma1/2 chapter in the manga! they look adorable! i never knew Miroku could look so small and innocent!
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Bliood-KiraHobbyist General Artist
KAWAIII! they are so cute! :>
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Nice work.
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Ranma! I LOVE that chapter! Great idea to put Sango and Miroku in the same situation. You are a stunning artist as well.
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omg they look like kids! lol sooo cute!

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