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Harriet Willowick

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Check out my badass mail courier lady, Harriet! I'll be playing her in our new tabletop campaign, which we will be livestreaming :D
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TheEpicGinger11Hobbyist General Artist

I am in love with a chicken...omg I am actually simping for a chicken right now

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Out of curiosity, does 5e have official variant Aarakocra for different types of bird (birds of prey, chickens/ducks and other more domesticated fowl, songbirds, crows, etc.) or did you just pick whatever racial trait package matched what you had in mind and disregarded the description?

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CrazedCatLady77Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I love her! I get the impression she calls people dear a lot, and is willing to beat sense into those who act a fool

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CyanymphHobbyist General Artist

Fantastic art! I love the pose and the style!

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tfZanbenProfessional Digital Artist

This is super nice, great work!

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This is definitely one of the better anthropomorphic chickens I've seen. She doesn't have any of my major pet peeves when it comes to these kind of characters, and her feathers have just the right amount of floof. Also...automail. Talon.

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Harriet has such a cool design!

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