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As I stand upong the deck a  flurry of clouds devouring my ship I watch and wait for just the right moment. A tunnel of light begins to form at the end of the the dark cloudscape and I push through only to glide into a white and yellow lit landscape of magnificants . For the few seconds I have hovering over the clouds I take a deep breath and think of the few seconds of freedom I have. Nothing touching me, not even gravity and all emotional and physical ties and bonds are loose at last. I am somewhere else far away with only my imagination. But I knew all to well before I began everything I would feel was just temporary and in a few split seconds in screeching spiral I am hurled back into the gaping thunderous clouds, and my body is thrown to the deck. I hold on for dear life, but the whole time just thinking of the few split seconds where I had that most desired feeling everyone wanted. The feeling that most only dream of, true freedom.
A small story I wrote in the midst of a deep thought.
© 2005 - 2021 Druid1231
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You're reading the Shannara book right now right? Hehe. The airships are so freaking awesome!! You just described exactly the mental picture I get while reading those books. Good job. Awesome details and from the first line I could see it in my mind. :w00t:
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Thanks James. And you know what I am reading ;)