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By Druelbozo
My first commission sheet wasn't really clear on what I was offering so I made a new sheet.  

Commission Sheet 2.0 by Druelbozo
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What font did you use in the picture?
Can you make the little black dress in www.polyvore.com/solid_black_n…? Yandere can wear it whenever she wants. How much will that cost? And how do you volunteer at Yandere Dev? I wanna volunteer too.

He doesn't volunteer. He gets paid

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Heres the website if you still want to volunteer: yanderesimulator.com/volunteer…
Braids would be nice. I also think that it would be great if there was a red outfit with black accents. The colors really complement eachother
It would be cool to have some sort of red and black uniform. I think the colors complement each other.
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The girl on top of the word "Outfits", is she the girl from vampire reign? 
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I'm thinking about commissioning sometime, but I'm curious about a couple things before I decide what to commission

How much would it cost do Kairi's hairstyle and dress from KH2?  Or instead of her dress, her uniform?


What would the price be for her KH1 hairstyle?

I would also like to see Len Kagamine's hairstyle for male characters, so I also would like know how much the price for creating that would be
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I think that they should add freckles or birth marks, that would be cool.
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God damn.
I know this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but this...this is fantastic. Bruh, I can't work with this kind of thing worth shit. This is amazing!
If you need a character idea, I can help you out there. I love making characters. Tell me what you need!
Love your work. You're the best. YandereDev is lucky to have you.
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It would be interesting ti have the braided hairstyle people in the manga unuverse use to mark characters for death -coughcough- a rival -coughcough-

It looks like a braid that is thrown over the right shoulder
Hey there. Maybe something like a kinky hair style. I guess curly hair would be VERY hard to create. But just a small suggestion


something like that
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Well... since dollar is -reallyreallyreally- expensive in our country, we can't do anything.

Sad but true...
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Hello! For an accessory, how much would this mask design cost? 

Xsdcw by Lavender-Exile

I am highly considering commissioning! I felt that due to how simplistic it may appear, it would only cost 10 dollars since accessories are listed to be so minimum? I'd love to be able to wear Kedamono's neutral mask ingame! If it truly is 10 dollars, I was thinking of commissioning another for a more 'yandere mode' mask alongside a 'daily life neutral' mask. I tried to get his mask in a good day lighting-- a slightly tan mask with a protruding human-like nose. 
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I can absolutely do the mask for 10$ if you wanna discuss it further note me  
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You wouldn't mind modeling small knick-knacks for Unity, would you? I'm a beginner in Unity, and I currently have no experience with modeling and mesh code.
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Assuming its paid work I can do it.
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If i have wear mash and i need make it in the game can you did it?
or you make only you comission wears in the game?
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Hi ! I'm french,my english is... low. ^^' ( I use Google translate, huh...)

How much is it for these hairstyles ( separately ) ? :
- Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi
- Marika Tachibana from Nisekoi
- Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi
- Holo from Spice and wolf
- Ia from Vocaloid
- and Azami Kozakura from Mekaku City Actors

Thaaaaank you :3
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How much would it be to have this outfit put into the game? orig11.deviantart.net/bd88/f/2… :heart:
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I'd say 150$ for the dress and boots, with the hat it'd be 200$ 
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How much for a complete new model? Like the face and hair and such? :)
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Between 500-700$ The new body would be the most expensive bit. if you're interested in that send me a note and we can talk about it.
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can points be included or no?
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