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Yandere Simulator: Rainbow six

I really should be posting all my work for yandere sim more often I just dont get the chance to make them look pretty like this.

I'll try to post more stuff like this soon.


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Is there a dl for these models?

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Yui getting' that BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The reason Saki, Riku, and Kokona stayed was because they have voice lines and scripted events in the game.
They were the lucky ones, and they may not even stay once they get replacements.

RIP Rainbow Twelve.
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I miss them, especially Yui.
CrystalDarkPinkie's avatar
I miss them because they are might be examples for weapons and others
KawaiiSugarRose's avatar
my babies, they will be missed....
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R.I.P Everyone except Saki, Kokona and Riku.
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can i use the galko chan hair for a mod plz
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Haha their hair makes a rainbow.
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Ooooo Yui u a naughty gurl!
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Who remembers when only these 6 students were in the game
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Yo Are you working with yandere dev i wonder if in final game those hidden hair would be remove in final game? and those character you made will be there? cause i wanted to see them plus i can copy AKIRA SHE'S SOOOO CUTE
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Yui Rio: Mmmm.... DAT ASS~~~ Lenny face extreme ultimate 

Yuna Hina:  Stop Plz It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) 
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That was rude and I hope your account gets deacativated.
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That's a shame I'm sorry to hear that :(
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Don't listing him that person was being mean.
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