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Yandere Simulator: Occult book

woh something I made for yandere simulator that isn't a hairstyle? Blasphemy!

I made this on Christmas back at home because I couldn't get to my work station.

the images were taken from the Necronomicon but I specifically chose these pages for reasons ooooohohoho

The images are from,  :iconevilself:

Images in the book are temporary while we till we get unique art for the book
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You could at least quote the artist :iconevilself: and the deviations you used and from him >:(
Anyway, good to see you model anything else than haircuts :)
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Maybe in the future that's how we summon a demon. We arrange the body parts in the shape of a pentagram when we dismember someone, and then something might happen, maybe an easter egg mode that will actually appear in the final game, or maybe a demon will appear that will give some sort of buff. An interesting idea would be if we summoned a demon with a sacrifice, he/she will offer you the chance to completely erase one student in the school with no blood and effort and with no school atmosphere change. It may seem pointless, but it could be used as a fail safe for a particularly difficult rival, like someone who hangs around Senpai a lot so it's difficult to kill her (Senpai's sister ;) or someone who might be aggressive or dangerous towards you if you attempt to kill them (Possibly a martial artist or a rebellious kid)
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oooohoho you have no idea :3
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Will Yandere-chan be able to become a demonic love goddess? Am I getting closer?! I NEED TO KNOW!
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So if we dismember an NPC and arrange their body parts correctly, we can summon a demon or a buff of some sort! Either way looks really cool!
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FOR REASONS?! :o So this must be a clue to how to summon up a demon in the Occult Club... I'm guessing maybe that the chainsaw weapon in the tool shed when fully functional will be the key. Yandere has to cut off the leg or parts to summon up the demon in the Occult Club? Ahhhhh so many questions ; - ;
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If we don't get to sacrifice our current rival, I will be disappointed.
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I was actually looking at the books the occult people were reading and I noticed the dismembered look and I was wondering if we have to sacrifice and cut someone up to summon the demon they want.
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Wow, Druel! I did find that neat in the game but had no idea it was your work. Good job, man =)

How did you insert the images? Did you have to re-draw them all by yourself or had them in digital format?
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I was lazy and only did color correcting on the images mainly because the pages will eventually be replaced in the future. 
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But you said that you had chosen those pages for reasons.
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I did pick very specific pages from the necronomicon but besides color correcting them I didn't edit them
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OMG! SO THAT'S THE BOOK XD The first page look scary QAQ It is like quarter in the old build in yandere simulator?
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It looks awesome. Will there be anymore pages?
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Yes when the occult club gets more features.
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