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Yandere Simulator: Dead hands

I just say that the hands are in game I'm not going to waste this golden opportunity to show off my hard work ^^


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It's cool that they made a Zelda reference with these.
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Omg I love it *-* Well done friend :3
Oh wow. I remember these! I decapitated everyone in the school with these! 
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is anyone else reminded of Reborn Laura from The Evil Within
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That looks so scary, that it's amazing! O-O
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does this remind any body else of ocarina of time?
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awesome im not the only one XD!
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with that hands all the traumas of the Ocarina of Time returned to me X'33
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Jeah :o they look really a LOT like the Hands of the Monster underneath Kakariko Village :o
CJtheEAofMAS's avatar
yeah, even the "horror monster" in that weird dimension looks so similar to the Monster of the Well OwO
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"Maybe" this Monster WAS totally inspired by the just mentioned Monster of Ocarina of Time ;)
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yeah, I really liked that references ^^

talking about that monster I'm very intrigue buy it now OwO , I mean for the things he said, like was innocent, but was punished in a brutal way and now wants revenges OwO
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My favourite nightmares :)
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yay, despite it terrifies me, I like very much the Kakariko Village :)
How long did it take you to model it?

What programs do you use?

How long did it take you to become so experienced? =o
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1 day to sculpt, retopo and texture.

1 day to set up a control rig.
What programs do you use though and how long did it make you get use to it?
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For this project I used Zbrush, maya, Photoshop, and Xnormal. It took a couple months to get comfortable and a year to be able to push out anything good.
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and devpai said it was normal
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what are you talking about? these are very normal hand nothing weird about them their just really normal....really dead.. hands....normal
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