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Yandere Commission : Rokuro Masuta

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Male commission senpai is just going to get cuter

Not Budo's canon brother


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JustHaito's avatar
I thought this was Budo's father from 980's mode
KexiDiD's avatar
Or brother.
Or Budo's concept
Cr33p3rK1ng79's avatar
or budos dildo
mg440's avatar
mg440Hobbyist Digital Artist
Isn't that Budo's brother or something? His last name is Masuta!
JustBrowsingOverHere's avatar
If you would read the description.....
mg440's avatar
mg440Hobbyist Digital Artist
I already did...
JustBrowsingOverHere's avatar
This is a Fan Character. It's not cannon.
KikoZe-Cookie's avatar
KikoZe-CookieStudent Artist
Keiitan's avatar
Keiitan Digital Artist
I wonder if this is gonna be Kokona'sother crush...?
I guess we'll see~!
LiamSchaub1's avatar
Close but not quite!
Keiitan's avatar
Keiitan Digital Artist
Well, we now he looks, and can look!
Frziteya's avatar
FrziteyaHobbyist Filmographer
Brother Budo?
NekoGamer11's avatar
NekoGamer11Student Artist
No, Just an OC.
desqiy's avatar
wow, i like the idea of budo having a brother
but people also mentioned they didnt want this to be budo's new hair and i know it wont, i HOPE it wont
i'd honestly be happy if haruto's hairstyle was changed instead
LionDaRulez's avatar
LionDaRulezHobbyist Traditional Artist
Rokuro=IHaveNoEyeDeer (idea)...
LiamSchaub1's avatar
Roluro= 6th son
BaselessConclusion's avatar
Wow, Yanderedev just unloaded some big news! Can't wait to see what new clothes you end up making!
LiamSchaub1's avatar
I wounder if druelbozo will talk about it in his live stream?
Crappedman's avatar
CrappedmanProfessional Artist
So this is the martial arts fuckboy in the fighting game of the Gaming Club?
PixelSheikah's avatar
Nope if this is just an OC it wouldn't be in-game. It's just Budo on the computer screen
LiamSchaub1's avatar
I didn't even notice.
ShiraBella's avatar
ShiraBellaStudent Digital Artist
I hope it's just not Budo's new hairstyle because I like it how it is right now.
Druelbozo's avatar
DruelbozoProfessional Digital Artist
No it's not budo's it's just someone's fan made OC
IcWolfX3's avatar
Are these characters acctually going to be in the game?
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