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Occult Crew

Finally I can show these guys you know how hard it is to keep quiet about all these things.
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I freaking love everyone in the occult club. I really don't think I'll be able to kill Oka.
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I want this faces, pleaseeeeeee!
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Aaand no one seemed to notice that the girl on the far left has Rei Ayanami's hairstyle, and eyepatch.  Yes, I am easily amused.
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Hey! Um... Do you think we could do an at trade?
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The male hair better be available for senpai...
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Oh it's available now! Notice Me Senpai! - Lordminion777/Wade Gif 
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The one on the far right makes my think of the P3 male protagonist
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I think that only the short-hair girl should have the eyepatch, so she would look more original and be the substitute leader for Oka Ruto while she is abscent, or maybe i think that because i don't like the eyepatch on the girl with pigtails, lol. btw, i love all of them, congratulations on such amazing creations
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I guess the theme with the occult club is having their left eye covered, except two of them.
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i think eye patch girl with the short hair will be substituted as leeder
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Do they have names yet?
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They do, the only one that was revealed was Cho to the right of Oka.
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Alright. Will there eyes and hair stay the same colour?
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They'll all have different hair colors but not until after the full game is released.
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I hope you don't mind me asking, but apart from Oka, are any of them going to be the subsitude for when Oka is off for a few weeks? :? (Confused) If you can't reveal that just yet though you don't have to answer. Sweating a little... 
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One of these will be the substitute as for which one I can not say.  
but... the substite its not going to be removed after Oka come back right? he/she will become a normal member of the club right?
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Thanks! :D (Big Grin) Awesome work by the way! Two Thumbs Up (I look forward to seeing them in Yandere Simulator Seth Evil Laugh Emoticon
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I have a question. How much does it cost to have you make a hair style for yandere simulator? I have a few in mind, so please get back to me on this. Thank you very much. :)
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