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Windows 7 Nanami theme

Now you can all enjoy the cute little Japanese Windows 7-tan or as she is now called , Nanami-tan. ^w^

This is the theme that only Japanese users originally had, and I have found a file edited by a certain someone named Gradius.

I forgot , just in case people dont knowz. x3

download here, [link] to get the theme, It ONLY works on Windows 7 , unless your good at messing with stuff , and you need Winrar to extract it. Enjoy. ^-^
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link doesn't work -_-
computerx2000's avatar
link doesn't work :[
girlybarimbao's avatar
hi, can i get this theme, i've been trying desperately to get some anime cute themes.
here's my email
Yunbloom's avatar
Ah-- Can you please re-upload? The link isn't working. She looks so cute omg. I need this QnQ
Thank you >w<
Drudicta's avatar
Sorry, I've been away for a long, LONG time. If you want, you can Email me, but otherwise this probably won't get re-uploaded until I find a reliable site that isn't constantly taking things down, making them hard to access, or making it hard for me to change my options.
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Sure, I don't mind sending you an email or whatnot DX I just need this. This is so cute ;a;
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Mind to upload it again?
Since, you know, MU has been down from a while.
Btw... this looks awesome, i love how Nanami-tan looks.
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Thanks for letting me know, I changed the place it's uploaded to.

animeluver1155's avatar
1. Is this theme in Japanese? Because I don't know any Japanese XD
2. Is there a way to get this to work with Vista? I noticed in the comments others have gotten this to work with XP.

Thanks ^_^
Drudicta's avatar
No it's not in Japanese. =) It can be though.

And yes, you can get it to work with Vista the same way you do with 7.

Just follow the directions in the rar file.
animeluver1155's avatar
Ah, thank you SO much! I got it to work~ :)
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That is really awesome! Thanks for sharing it ^^
Drudicta's avatar
Thanks for faving it.:3
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Love it thanks :D Though now im at stuck between a hard spot :P... to use nanami-tan's voice... or the K-on members voice :P... choices choices... life is filled with choices...
Drudicta's avatar
Well, I'd say base it on how the rest of your icons and such look. ;3
MinamiDesu's avatar
The thing is my icons are kind of split into two rows from two shows, shugo chara and MGL Nanoha. :D... While my wall paper changes from haruhi, k-on, oreimo, and fate/stay... Don't have enough icons from a single show(like nice looking icons) to stick with a theme.
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Theeeen.... go crazy. xD Nanami is just the Japanese Windows 7 any way.
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Glad you like it. Thanks for the fav. :3
yea big happy
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Hee, glad you like it.
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@those guys with sound issues/only be able to add the wallpapers:

You have to patch 3 of your systemfiles first to enable 3rd party themes. I remember some small program Universal Theme Patcher managed it for me. (Though be careful to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. If you don't, you won't be able to boot. If you've made the mistake by accident remember:

At boot, press F8 for advanced boot options
Boot in safe mode
Restore your files back)

Then you're good to go.
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