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October 28, 2009

I decided to scrap the last version of XPBlack2 and this is the replacement. Much more similar to XPBlack 1 only with improvements to the start button, taskbar button, log off/shutdown buttons, arrow in front of all programs and other changes.

Included in the download:

> Preview for VisualStyle

> Wallpaper: 2008 Obsidian SGOne Ford Mustang

> viGlance OneStep v1 by Lee-Soft

> XPBlack2 Visual Style & Shell



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I cant install theme from this site help me
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I don't understand how to install this... I've installed the patch, but then what?
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how do u upload themes here
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See the help section.
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Is that a mustang!? OR aM I just trippin! IF it is I F******* LOVE MUSTANGS :love: :iconglompplz:
Drudger's avatar
Yes its a mustang :D
CherryAlacrity's avatar
oooooo my gah! I love mustangs.. All years! WOW!

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Did you just upload this to under the name of salma3444?
I'm a moderator there and am just trying to check whether it's legit or malware. Could you let me know and if it's not you or you didn't give permission, I will delete it.
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No I did not upload it, I would appreciate deleting it, thank you. :)
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kick ass theme dude!
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Thanks, and for the :+fav:!
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dude, pretty sick
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Thanks! Also for the :+fav: :)
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I am going to download and try this one.
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Well its my favorite, hope you like it. Thanks for the :+fav: on it!
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You are most welcome, my friend. I am looking for a black skin that plays nice with the OS. So far, no go. Elements might get skinned and others might not, and still other elements in the skin mess with apps like LiveMessenger, etc. I will install this skin and see what it does. Then I will give you feedback. I really do want XP to be black, like DOS.
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Well the shell in this VS isn't all black, maybe I should make a "truly" all black theme. :D
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The problem I am having with black skins is that not everything is black and also apps malfunction because of the shell elements in the skin.

This is what I want:

All 3D objects need to be black and shiney but still discernable from other objects when layered one above another.

The tabs in IE8 need to be black.

Toolbars need to be black.

The app window background needs to be either charcoal or black.

Text in 3D objects cannot be black. I prefer 50% gray or grayish cyan.

The skin must adhere to the same stringent quality as the standard Luna and Royale skins.

Everything that is skinned such as title bars, buttons and window borders needs to be shiney like glass.

The text and icons in the start thingy and the task thingy needs to remain as the OS draws them, but with the colours of the new skin in place.

Tall order, I know. So far, I have not found such a skin, but I am looking. When I find that skin or when it is made, it will become my default skin, not only for my local machines, but the ones I build for clients.
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Don't have xp anymore nevertheless this is awesome. Gone through your gallery and I must say, your awesome
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