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I've taken Its's Good to be the Goddess into the depths of space. These chapters are not reworking of the Earth bound adventures I've shared privately, but all new material.

I'm curious about which of my older works people would want to see continued once this one's done. There are so many ... and I have ideas for all of them.

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(Warning: this story is very brutal. Lots of sex, violence, and bad language.)

I laughed at the stream of ships escaping into depths of the Empire and decided that letting a few of these assholes get off the planet would actually be a good idea. But not too many...I needed enough playthings left behind to keep me entertained. A few getting out to spread word of me, combined with the transmissions going out, would be enough to get these alien pussies worked up and motivated. I went into space and hovered next to the stream of ships headed out, watching for a short time allowing a few more to make the jump into hyperspace before I made my muscles grow harder at a reckless rate, adding thousands of tons a second to my weight. I grinned and allowed the gravitational forces being created by my growing density to start reeling in the fleeing ships. With callous abandon, I opened the floodgates to my infinite wells of power and soon weighed more than a small moon, still getting heavier. I silently observed the effects of my personal gravity field on my intended targets and allowed it range out instead of containing it within myself as I usually did at when I toyed around with this much physical mass. Approaching a weight of a billion tons, intoxicated by the how delightfully light I felt with all that excess strength crammed into me, I could see my gravity begin to warp space and time and knew this whimsical idea was going to work.

The escaping ships still in the area were now trapped inside the gravitational pull of my irrational density, and even as every single one of them turned away from me and hit their thrusters to maximum, they started moving toward me. My increasing weight drew them faster and faster and I opened myself up to the impacts. I was getting seriously turned on, feeling the terror and awe of several hundred thousand aliens as I easily thwarted their hopes. The nearest ship was crushed and stretched as it drew close, and to my immense pleasure I discovered an unexpected bonus to this trick. My immense gravity spaghettified the ships as they got close, and made all the wreckage smash into me even harder than the advanced missiles they'd been firing. It felt absolutely fantastic and I span myself slowly on the spot directing the incoming stream over my sensitive skin. The effects of my gravitational field crushed everything coming at me down to an ever smaller size I continued to increase my mass aiding myself with these smashed particles. With the main convoy destroyed in a spectacular three minute display of my unreasonably extreme power, crushed into shattered molecules and splattered into atoms against my invulnerable super hard muscles, I quickly reduced my mass to a less dangerous level and turned my remarkable eyes back to the doomed planet. So much to play with!

I had just selected my next toys when I got a wonderful surprise. A massive ship, bigger than any of the refugee ships I had obliterated, burst onto the scene from hyperspace. Immediately they began looking for me, but they had no idea I was right there in space with them and were scanning the planet surface. I looked the ship up and down, and admired its dimensions. A devilish idea came to me and I ran with it.

Growing once more to a crazy titanic size, instantly becoming the focus of their attention, I floated closer and let them run their scans and check me out. They could never hope to find a weakness, but they didn't know the reality of the situation yet. Soon they would learn that they were up against an indestructible and omnipotent god with a really bad attitude.

"Good timing, assholes," I told them, my words painfully blaring inside their minds. "I was just thinking about who I should fuck over next. If you weren't such weak mother fuckers, you could stop me."

They opened fire, deploying a barrage of massive energy balls. The energy was some sort of molecular disruption field. Very powerful. I could sense it trying to rip the very bonds of my atoms apart. But my divine mega muscles scoffed at this strange disruptive energy, and absorbed it like any other to add it to my already overflowing energy reserves. Growing myself slowly bigger, feeling their hopes drain away as my flawless overpowered physique became so large their biggest weapons became irrelevant. When the ship was the right size, I stopped growing and put my face in their path. My head was big as a moon and my flawless beautiful face filled their awareness. I gave them a smug smile as some sort of thermonuclear missile they fired exploded on my unblinking and unworried eyeball, then I drifted up slowly to give the a good look at my tits, then my solid cobbled stomach, and finally stopping to let them see my glorious crotch.

With a delighted little giggle I took hold of the huge battleship, and shoved it inside myself. It's shields were an unexpected erotic delight as they protected the integrity of the ship, and I started fucking myself with the advanced alien warship. I moaned and came, sped up and came again, slowed for a third less energetic peak, then rubbed out an orgasm that I rode for ten long glorious minutes of constant erotic ecstasy. Once done, the crew on the ship were drooling husks of things, wiped clean by my unashamed divine sexual power. My resonating sexual energy had fried their minds completely and destroyed their nervous systems, leaving them shell shocked ruins twitching or spasming on the floor.

Without removing the ship, I let go of it with my hand and with a cheeky smile I began to shrink. Making a point of not extending my shrinking power to the ship, it remained the same size as my body rapidly shrank around it. Nobody panicked...because they were brain dead...but they would have been screaming for sure otherwise. I kept shrinking until I was seven feet tall again, by which time I triggered two orgasms while crushing a giant alien warship down to the size of a beercan. Giving it a final deliberately forceful squeeze, I let the molten super condensed alien steel run out of as I returned to the planet surface and kept on playing my game.

Most of the leaders this world still had left were hidden away in bunkers now, directing their forces from safety. Coming out of the sky and landing softly before a dug in army outside an as yet untouched city, I moved toward a pillbox and allowed them to shoot me hundreds of times with a pretty impressive gun. The lumps of metal splattered on my far, far harder muscles and left me unmarked but made my muscles tingle delightfully. Reaching through the slit as I got to the pillbox, I ignored the gun and grabbed the gunner by the shoulder. Scrunching my strong fingers deep into his weak flesh, making him scream in shrill agony, I pulled him through the hole. He was much too big, and my attempt tore him to shreds. My tits led the way as I then bullied my way through the wall and into the room. The men cowered away against the walls firing small arms at my indestructible body. I chuckled and gently flexed up my muscles, created a force that pressed them all hard enough into the walls to crush their bones, then with a sneer I intensified my flex and smeared them out of existence. The pillbox then exploded in a massive ground shaking blast and I strode confidently toward another shaking the ground violently with each step.

They fired a stream of what appeared to be acidic fire at me, some sort of acid they had ignited that tried to cling to my immaculate clean skin. I sucked the firey acid down into my gut. It was a great taste, but it showed them how little I feared their shitty weapon. I gave them a wink then puckered up and blew them a short puff of my divine super breath that smashed the pillbox into dust and scattered it for miles.

Walking right down the middle of the road this small post was guarding, I put myself in the crossfire from all the remaining fortifications. Laughing at them so loud it actually killed one of them and shell shocked the rest into awed silence, I made their ears bleed with far too much volume as I spoke.

"I guess you pussies have never seen anything like me before. If you would be running like little rabbits. These muscles can take all you got, you weak little cunts. Let's see if you weak little cunts can take a little of what they got, yeah? Get some of this shit up you!"

I ruthlessly destroyed them all with a brutally unnecessary flex of my insane mega muscles. They were hit by the aura I created and smashed from the world along with all their well constructed pillboxes.

Leaving the scene behind I flew across the the surface of the world at reckless speed, leaving a trail of destruction and despair as I rocketed low and smashed through high mountains and buildings in my path. Laughing with the thrill of just ploughing my way across the globe I went lower and smashed through the ground floors of buildings, splattering stone and anything else in my path. Not bothering to go over rises in the land I demolished hills and mountains with magnificent ease, smashing into them with my face and carving effortlessly though them whether they were solid rock or soft soil.

Pulling up after doing a few dozen destructive orbits at super high speed, I cast my eager gaze around and found the planets head honcho hidden in a bunker, brainstorming ideas about how to stop me. I dove fearlessly into the planet's surface, arching my agile back and driving my nipples into the cold stone. Forcing my way easily through the hard bedrock and into the churning molten core, my absolute invulnerability making whatever medium I passed through irrelevant, I quickly tore a path through the planet and emerged in an explosion of dirt and boulders on the far side near my target. Landing outside the entrance of the great leaders bunker, I waited a few short moments for them to notice me. With the place on lockdown, the giant bunker door was sealed and there were no guards outside. Everyone was safely tucked away inside, seventy thousand soldiers and the highest ranked member of government...a very nice little orgy for me to indulge in before I finished fucking this world over.

"Little pig...little pig...let me in..."

My words completely confused them. I'd force my language into their heads, but not the literature.

"This is an unprovoked attack...we demand that you cease this reckless activity immediately!"

I shook them violently with a hearty laugh, causing the whole mountain range to tremble and triggering landslides all around me. "You fucking what now? You...demand? Hahahahahahhahahahahahahh. That's some funny fucking shit right there, asshole. You think you can do that? Demand...hahahahahahhahahahaha. Fuck off. You really are a stupid much of pansies, yeah? Did you see what I can do? I know you got all that on film, dick heads."

I made the air glimmer as I gently flexed my awesome muscles erotically for them, making several of them cum in their pants.

"We are...we have...this...this...planet..."

"Oh, for fuck sake! Such feeble little minds! Shut up for a second, you weak little cunt, and listen to the invincible mega muscled super god, yeah? I'm going to give you a three count to open these fucking doors. After that I'm gonna huff, and I'm gonna puff, and I'm gonna blow your little piggy house in, Yeah? And I warn you...that's gonna be a lot worse than you think."

I knew they had no fucking idea what I meant. And I didn't really want them to open the doors...I was still going to try my next trick no matter what. It was just more fun to make my next display of appalling divine power the great leaders responsibility.

"We demand that you leave this world..."

I silenced the voice with the raw power of my own reverberating throughout the whole region.

"Say it again. One more time. Demand. Demand something. I fucking dare you. Please. You obviously require further education before you comply. Allow me to give you feeble assholes the gift of knowledge. You ignorant little worms are clearly in need of it. One. Two. Three."

My inhalation began softly, with a merely a parting of my soft inviting lips as a visible signal of the coming Armageddon. Maintaining a smug smile, I began to ramp up the power and suck in more and more of the air. Clouds shifted, and as I lazily increased the small effort required the whole surface of the world became plagued by never before seen winds that ripped through valleys and tore down trees. The power of these winds. Escalated to nightmarish levels, and soon buildings were being destroyed. I cruelly doubled my effort, and was really turned on by the entertaining way my lungs played havoc with the whole world. Grinning now, I tripled that effort...still not really trying all that hard, and began to denude the world of its atmosphere.

My astounding lungs made my work incredibly effortless, and with appalling abuse of my divine superpowers I lazily doomed all life on this world with less effort than downing a beer. All over the planet people began to clutch at their chests. Only those inside bunkers or within pressurized environments of some kind were spared the deadly result of my callous display of power. Tremendously amused by the abject horror and fear my effortless inhalation was inspiring inside the bunker, I kept sucking in billions of litres of air until my amazing ears could no longer hear any screaming anywhere on the surface of the world. When I stopped, the sky had been cleaned of all its atmosphere and the stars had been revealed. Vegetation was freezing solid on one side of the world, and frying in the naked sunlight on the other. And all the weak cunt aliens exposed to the atmosphere were spasming on their floors, clutching their throats as they fought to draw in air. But I had drawn in all the air already, and it had been turned into energy and stored in my endless reserves before the first of them died.

I chuckled at the leadership hiding behind their big bunker door. I calmly waited until all the puny ants were done wriggling about all over the world, and then I spoke...being the only living thing left on the surface able to do so.

"You weren't expecting me to huff anything like that, were you? How about opening the door now, you weak little cunts? Or would you like to see me puff?"

They still didn't understand what I meant by huff and puff, and I still didn't care. I gave them a few seconds and they wasted them. With a little shrug, I leaned my head forward a little purely for dramatic effect, and with calm and clear ease I blew at the door employing a brutally excessive force. My breath slammed into the cold flat surface, and ripped it apart like wet paper. When I closed my mouth air rushed out of the bunk and several hundred men on the top level died. Walking inside they only had automated defenses to throw at me. I made a show of not noticing the alien bullets splattering apart delightfully on my super hard indestructible muscles, but between you and me: it felt fucking fantastic. My hardening nipples were pretty strong evidence of that.

There was a series of doors separating the different sections. There was no avoiding them with the way the bunker was designed, but Of course I could easily take a direct course through the bedrock if I wanted. Such a move would be no challenge and save a lot of time. There was, however, no fun in that at all. I wanted to go right  through the seventy thousand men waiting for me, all of them armed and ready for my arrival just two floors down. They had been deployed inside a vast defense chamber that had been especially designed as a death trap, barring the way to the V I Peas. It was an insane design, but I guess any opponent who wasn't an invulnerable super strong muscle god would be slaughtered. Even if someone marched in there with half a million men, half a million men would die. But March just one of me in there...and shit is completely different. For me, this little death trap was an absolute fucking funhouse.

They seemed unaware that I knew about their army. As I smashed through the first door, the next was already opening up for me. As I confidently passed that, the next opened and soon enough the one i just passed closed. They were maintaining the air pressure in the lower levels, I realised with smirk. I had turned the world above into an airless wasteland, and they needed to prevent any more of their precious air supply from escaping. They were also herding me directly into a waiting ambush of absurd proportions.

Entering and walking the short distance to the focal point of the massive kill chamber, I stopped right where I knew they had the most firepower directed and let them unleash their firey rain of death and destruction on me. The puny weak fools tried their very inadequate best, and with predictable disdain my super hard, obscenely strong muscles took their hail of weapons fire without a care in the world. My nipples hardened more and I was soon dripping wet. It just feels so good to get hit by such a determined assault like this. My fingers made far deeper impressions as I ran my hands deliciously over my wonderful hard muscles and let my arousal rise. A thousand men died when I came, their hearts giving out as they themselves exploded with intolerable pleasure. Everybody came harder than ever in their lives, and only the best soldiers managed to maintain the attack on me. Walking forward with seventy thousand men watching me, most of them arranged in emplacements on the roof and ceiling with only twenty five thousand on the ground with me, I enjoyed the afterglow of my orgasm and wondered how much fun I could squeeze out of this ounce little pukes.

I walked into the men on the ground, happily reaching out and plucking the horrified pansies from the ground and just tossing them away with abusive super strength. They became deadly projectiles that destroyed two or three men on the wall.

"I hope you guys know...I fucking love destroying wimpy little soldier boys like you. It's of my most favorite things in the whole universe."

They were wearing some sort of shield generator that protected them from their own weapons, allowing them to keep firing at very close range, and letting the wall and ceiling gunners maintain fire all through the very entertaining slaughter. Such weak little fools. My naked super powerful body was all I needed to defeat these fancy pants alien weapons. The bolts of energy their guns fired fizzled out uselessly on my invulnerable flesh leaving not a trace of harm. They did feel very nice, but I like solid projectiles a lot more. What was a nice treat was crushing the weak squishy warriors into my impregnable torso and feeling their shields make my skin tingle. I suspect the charge was meant to be fatal...but it just feels wonderful if you're a super hard, super strong, omnipotent god of death and destruction.

There was no reason to rush myself. The longer this took, the more mind fucked the leaders would be and the more the rest of the Galaxy would be able to prepare. I crushed a struggling man to my crotch and fucked his face ruthlessly, cumming hard and grabbing another two just to smash them together with brutal overuse of my wonderful superstrength. I grabbed a skull and squeezed, crushing another mans face into my tit and smearing him across myself. As pieces of him slid off my ever immaculate skin, I cupped a chin ripped off a weak cunts jaw then shoved the bone back through the middle of his face destroying his head completely. They didn't like me doing that, and the mob surged angrily for a moment. I only laughed and head butted one of them so hard three others died with him.

"Bring it on you little pansies! I could do this all fucking day! Hahahahahahhahahahaha!"

Clasping a massive dude with hands on either side of his helmet, I crushed his head slowly as I hoisted him in the air and let his puny comrades struggle uselessly to save him. They were getting really noisy now, grunting and yelling and carrying on in a cute but truly vain fight against my super divine mega muscles. I pressed may hands closed and crushed the weak cunts head inside he creaking steel helmet, then I fling him side and playfully finger flicked an angry face into mist and kicked flicked another man with my toes launching him into the ceiling. So much much delicious excessive power. Brushing my fingertips across a weak cunts chest plate, I sent hundreds of shards of his special extra tough armor through his squishy body and shot them into a dozen men behind him.

Someone wielding a big electrified battle axe of some kind brough it down on my head. It's charge tingled my skalp sweetly with unrequired free energy, and the hardened edge blunted and chipped as it was dragged across my hair and bounced down off my muscle capped shoulder. I took hold of the shaft, squishing the metal with my powerful fingers, and placed my open hand on the dumb cunts chest.

"Nice try...but you're far too weak little guy."

I shoved him hard, and my hand pressed deep into the solid breastplate before was driven away from like a cannonball, smashing though lethally through the angry crowd of soldiers until finally splashing messily against a wall.

Throughout the battle they kept firing from either side and above. There was never any let up in the fierce assault in the ground either. I kinda admired the morons for their bravery. But I fucked them over with relentless abusive over use of my extreme strength anyway. It was when I laughed off a coordinated twenty man attack involving some wierd green net that they seemed to loose hope. I don't know what they hoped the energized strands of wire they managed to drape over me was meant to do as it mechanically tightened hard against my muscles, but it was never going to work. You can't beat raw muscle god power with technology of any kind. I chuckled, shaking the twelve men holding onto the net. They couldn't even get it tight enough to pull my arms in against my body, and my power packed limbs continued to sway casually at my sides while I smiled at them with amusement sparkling in my eyes.

I slowly moved my hands to my hips, leaned back, and flexed my muscles explosively free of the puny steel net. The dramatic release of my raw unchecked muscle energy smashed the very bones of all twelve dickheads to dust within their mashed flesh, and the sharp broken pieces of the net killed a hundred more before the rain of death was over. It was the chilling chuckle that somehow reached the ears of every soldier over the din of their desperate weapons fire that sealed the deal for my fragile little playthings. I could feel their hearts break as their hope was finally snuffed completely out. The field officers desperately tried to maintain the assault, but it was a total waste of time as far as those standing on the ground with me were concerned. They were not willing to fight my obscenely over powered muscles one nightmarish moment longer.

"What wrong, little fellas?" I taunted them, grinning at the backs of thousands of fleeing alien men. "Don't you want to play any more? Run away little rabbits! Run home and cry! Poor little cunts. Maybe you wimpy fuckers are smarter than you look, yeah? But I don't fucking care if you don't want to play...I'm the one who has all the super strong muscles. So I'm the one who calls the shots, yeah? We do what my muscles say. And they say the the almighty, unfairly over powered god gets to fuck over all the weak puny little cunts, because weak puny cunts need to get their squishy little faces smashed in. Now, I admit some of that might be getting lost in translation...but you get the drift, little pussies! Now...get the fuck back here so I can destroy you with my big mean all powerful muscles! Now!"

My last syllable was laced with divine sexual power potent enough to make them all cum, and at the same I insidiously invaded their minds making them my slaves. With my will dominating their feeble mortal minds, the men on the ground resumed their assault with even more vigour and determination than before, motivated now entirely by my will and completely aware of my cruel influence. They were my puppets, and I lazily meandered through them ruthlessly demolishing the lucky with one blow whereas those less fortunate had their legs or arms ripped off, or were left lying there on the floor...bleeding out from some over horrific hole I'd casually punched or ripped in someone. They were so classed, just like any other opponent I face. You are all such pathetically weak and puny little wimps compared to my unstoppable omnipotence. Such pale candles beside the blinding brilliance of my glorious infinite strength."

Even with so many left to kill, I never grew tired or got bored of this little game as I carved them up steadily and relentlessly. I smashed them; I crushed them; I obliterated them. I did it all with a smug smile on my face. Demolishing frailty with my superhuman might, feeling weak mortal bodies dissolve against my super hard muscle got me incredibly horny. I was there for over an hour, dancing merily through them while they somehow held their ground throughout the one sided massacre. Crushing my cruel super powerful fingers into a giant oafs rib, I pulled him up to my face and locked eyes with him as I brought my smooth unblemished forehead down on his experienced brow and smashed his head apart so explosively I made a clearing around myself and looked upon the last hundred men. I sneered at the bedraggled and exhausted soldiers, their ammunition as used up as their bodies and minds. With no need at all for a prepatory inhalation, I lazily blasted the surprised warriors and cruelly here'd them up against the closed bulkhead door with my warm sweet scented breath and held them there. Watching them with intent curiosity as I slowly increased the force, I got deeply aroused as I enjoyed dominatimg them so easily with my mere breath. The men were eventually crushed flat, their shields no help against my awesome power, and the door buckled before I relented and turned my attention to the men firing at me from above. I had killed many of them with my playful fighting already, just by flinging men around haphazardly in the melee. But most of them were still firing away apparently convinced that at some point their puny popguns would show some effect on my super hard invincible muscles.

"You weak cunts should have fled from me while you had the chance," I told them, not even trying to disguise my amusement. "Not that you would have escaped me."

Monitoring their puny brains and feeding off their extreme emotional reactions, I swelled myself to an appallingly enormous size...doing so slowly to let them have time to really let the hopelessness of their situation sink in and swell along with my increasing size. Smiling happily, I grew until they the little fuckers were stunned into a profound silence and just gaped in hopeless horror at the nightmarish giant I had just become. I rose until my head was just an inch shy of the cieling, and chilled them with my deeply disturbing chuckle.

"What wrong, retards? I told you...I am a god. And I'm bored with smashing you little pukes apart for now, but don't sweat it. I'm still going to fuck you over pretty hard, little won't be missing out on the fun."

My super powerful voice destroyed the hearing of every single man, and melted the brains of the nearest. I didn't mind...there was plenty of toys whose emotions I could still feed off as I kept on playing. Without fucking about, I just stood there and opened my huge mouth wide, then I began to suck in air with dramatic abusive force and vacuumed all the weak little cunts up, plucking them from their fortified positions and drawing them into my giant sized gob. Some fought hard to hold on to whatever they could grab...but to be honest compared to consuming the whole atmosphere there was little challenge in overpowering their feeble hold on the world. I just ramped up the power ruthlessly with my divine super powerful lungs until their hands slipped or whatever they held was broken. In just under twelve seconds from starting to inhale, I had lazily consumed all the remaining men and had them safely stashed away in my belly. I now stood in an eerily quite chamber with many deep battle scars. There were no moaning survivors, no sobbing witnesses, and no screams of pain and horror. I nodded in approval, tweaked a hard nipple and shrank rapidly back down to seven feet tall. It was time to fuck the great leader and his cronies and finish this planet once and for all. Turning to the door at the end of the room, not far from where I stood, I walked confidently forward without slowing down as my tits bullied their way arrogantly thought the cold surface. I kept right on walking even as the few remaining security forces beyond it tried to stop me. I just crushed skulls in my bare hands, or flicked them into gory messes with fingers or toes as I passes.

Stopped before the final door, having smashed my way easily though seven of them already on my way here, I waited to see if they were bold enough to open the door for me. Surely they were aware at this point how little protection the insignificant door offered against my unreasonable invincible super strong muscles They were too frightened to make a move, too busy quivering in abject hopelessness. So I shrugged my massive magnificently rounded shoulders and took a few  confident strides forward. The steel door groaned and complained noisily as my nipples pressed into the hard surface, but the cold metal gave way intantly all the same when I pressed myself recently into it. The steel really did try to resist, but my all powerful mega muscles didn't care about its desire to stay flat and smooth. It was no contest at all, and I wasn't even slowed down as I strode proudly forward, tearing the inch thick plate from my path like it was a bead curtain and entering the room to give my fresh batch of fucktoys a cheeky wink.

"How the hell are ya, little pussies? Whatcha doing down here hiding like rats? What kind of leadership runs away and hides in a hole when their people are dying?"

The great leader gathered himself and addressed me, sweat beading on his flushed face. I could smell fear and terror thick in the air, and it made my nipples harden. I raised and eyebrow and cocked an ear.

"We are a peaceful people. You had no reason to kill so many. Why have you attacked us?"

I chuckled. "Peaceful, yeah? What a load of shit. Don't feel bad you weak little cunt...because you know what? I think you're right. I had no reason to be such a bad guest. I crushed and smashed your cities, killed all your people, and now I'm going to rape the all the insignificant puny fuckers in this room until you beg me to let you die. And you don't deserve it. It really is extremely unfair. But shit happens, yeah? It not my fault that you wankers don't have super hard, super strong, invulnerable mega muscles like I do. And its not your fault that I am an all powerful divine super god with unending power and a bad fucking attitude. I totally understand that. But what are we gonna do? I'm an omnipotent muscle god, and you're a pack of pansy boy retards. You have some real impressive technology, but its no match for my impressive super muscles. You got over a trillion people, and yet you stand no chance against one unarmed super hard, indestructible muscle god...and I'm all on my own in an alien Galaxy billions of light years from home. You don't hear me complaining about facing off alone against a trillion people, yeah? I'm doing my part, so suck it up, fuck face! Sprinkle some concrete on your Wheat Bix and harden the fuck up. Let me lead by example." I leaned back and smiled happily, visibly hardening my muscles and strengthening my skins radiant healthy glow.

The great leader was flustered, and his confusion grew as my muscles gently swelled and became sexier while I stood there in front of these self important alien assholes sprinkling imaginary concrete on my muscles. "But...I...we..."

I silenced him by teasing my hardened nipple with a finger and sensuously licking my lips. "I didn't come here to negotiate with you insignificant idiots, you puny little worm. I came down here to fuck the brains out of this worlds most powerful creature. Imagine my disappointment when I saw your ugly old ass. What do you think of me, you weak cunt? Do you like these tits? Of course you do. Every curve on this body is infused with my divine sexual power, yeah? I'm literally too sexy for this party. And check this shit out. It gets so much worse for you little fucktoys."

I brutally ramped up my sex appeal, sharpening the edge of my already weapons grade sexuality and slicing though their rational thoughts. Primal lust swamped them, and I moved further into the room while my toys leapt tables and fell over themselves in a mad race to reach my magnetic flesh. I chuckled, and allowed them their futile fun. The great leader himself was enhanced first. I cupped the back if his head and forced his mouth to my nipple, only breaking one tooth, and forcefully squirted a good four litres of milk down his gut in a choking gush. His insides ruptured and collapsed while I sprayed the rest of them generously with ambrosia that soaked into their bodies, but he was quickly healed and then wickedly improved by my insidious milk. Every one of them had soon sprouted beautiful steel hard muscles, huge and powerful enough to be of some use to a very horny omnipotent muscle god like me, and every one of the feeble minded super enhanced aliens became my mindless sex slaves the minute their attention was drawn to my unforgiving erotic perfection. The great leader, having injested more than the rest, was the biggest and hardest, and he was the one Most eager for a root. I ignored his attempts to get me down and pushed him down to the floor instead. The rest pawed at me if they could get a hand to my flesh, my beauty and pheromones crushing their will to resist, while I gracefully mounted the great leader and selfishly rode him hard until I tortured them mercilessly with my first orgasm. My sexual energy racked their helpless bodies with punishing levels of pleasure, and the mild peak I slowed for and savoured drew anguished screams from them that made me cum a little longer and harder.

"You have no idea how much this turns me on," I told them. "You assholes were so powerful before I showed up. Running a whole to destroy the lives of anyone who displeased you and never face the consequences. Now look at're just little sex toys for my personal amusement. I fucking love being a goddess, yeah? I can do shit like this anytime I fucking like. The whole universe is my playground, and all you weak squishy mortals are my toys."

With selfish force I pressed the slaves at my breasts hard against me, smashing their noses against my hard unyielding flesh and forcing my nipples into their mouths. I sprayed milk into them that made them stronger, moving myself up and down on the great leader and allowing the mass of enhanced alien men to massage my bewitching body. I orgasmed again, and my all toys groaned incoherently. This time their minds were wiped clean by the brutality of my reckless release, and I couldn't help but giggle as I cruelly picked up the pace a bit and pulled one of my extra strong slaves from my chest to dominate his mouth with my tongue.

On thousands of worlds throughout this doomed galaxy the leaders of this great and ancient empire were issuing commands in preparation for my meat move. The imperial armada was deployed, and billions of imperial troops were sent out from their bases throughout the galaxy. I got even hornier thinking about how many billions of men were mobilizing. All for me. And all on my own, one on multitude, I was going to crush them all. And it turned me on no end to know how easily I was going to fuck them all over with the obscene unending power at my disposal.

The men around me squealed as I came hard. With a cruel smile I ran my fingers into my hair and massaged my skalp while I ramped up my energetic assault on the great leader. I allowed him some more of my power, just enough to keep him alive while I let myself fill with more of my wonderfully infinite omnipotence. When my next orgasm hit I allowed my aura to encompass the entire world, and I generously blessed all the survivors hidden in pressurized bunkers all over the planet with soul searing sexual ecstasy.

"Want to know my plan for this shithole planet of yours, my weak little fucktoy?" I asked, locking eyes with the contorted sextoy beneath me. "I've never destroyed a world before, and I'm curious." I let out deep moan that vibrated their very molecules, riding out my best orgasm so far on this world and watching it melt the less enhanced minds around me, leaving only three of them to comprehend my words. "Now there are lots of ways I could destroy this place, but I want to make sure I really enjoy my first Armageddon, yeah? So I...ooh...that feels so nice baby. So I'm gonna make myself so stupidly strong that when I cum I crack the world. Of course...I have no idea how much more powerful I need to be to do that. But I do know two things. First of all, I know I fair dinkum have the kind of power needed to indulge my little fantasy; and secondly...I know its gonna be really fucking easy. Are you guys ready? Let's find out if I'm right."

All three extra enhanced men vehemently protested against my declared intentions, but as they were unable to formulate words and only barely understood what I'd said anyway, they managed only wild gestures and vain struggles to preserve their lives. And even that activity ceased as reality itself shifted around me and I became more and more inconceivably beautiful, and their survival became unimportant next to the sheer radiance of my raw eroticism. The rest of my mindless sex slaves never even acknowledged my words, and never stopped their vigorous worship of my ever sexier, increasingly strong, super hard muscles.

I came again, and this time some of my toys died. None of them would survive much more of me, and there was so much more welling up within my intensifying body. Their uncaring friends pulled the used fucktoys aside and greedily took advantage of the extra access. The great leader was drooling now, his ejaculation now a long ending fire in his loins that left his hyper enhanced brain scrambled. His head lolled about while I continued to selfishly grind out my shameless pleasures from him. The only other two men aware of what was happening were too busy using their extra strength to massage my tits to bother with escaping. And I kept fucking happily away.

Three men convulsed on the floor when next I came. The rest were close to joining them and I knew they would not survive my next peak. I cruelly accelerated my power increase, and the two men at my chest pulled back in awe as it became clear to them that I was growing more irrationally beautiful. My skin was getting a healthier sheen, my eyes were becoming deeper hypnotic pools, my nipples were somehow more enthralling, my lips were more inviting...every about my became more intensely fascinating. I felt their touches more and more clearly, my own personal enjoyment increasing in relation to the dominating superhuman sexual power that swelled within me, and I began fucking my toy even harder.

I came so wonderfully hard that the extra enhanced men were knocked out. The rest were thrust physically away from me to spasm on the floor before their super strong hearts failed and their powerfully fortified nervous systems shorted out. All over the planet my sexual release radiated out in waves of divine energy that erased from this world of all its remaining alien colonists. In the very short time I had been on this world I had wiped it clean of these puny weak cunts. All it took was a very small amount of my divine mega muscle god power...and I was already looking forward to my next fight. In less than an hour I had brought an end to this highly advanced time I would not be nearly so easy on my playthings.

The men began to scream again as I made my muscles harden, strengthening myself for nothing more the sweet hedonistic pleasure of becoming more powerful. My slaves labored harder, exhausting themselves with now futile efforts, their super strong bodies now made obsolete by my dangerously swelling power level. I drove them harder with a tripling of the power flowing into fuel my increasing sexual influence. I soon had to harden my toys, but I didn't get too generous. I merely kept them alive, and didn't make them nearly powerful enough to really keep up with me. I came and their eyes grew wild. A blast of my sexual aura cracked the walls. I greedily worked up a second peak off the back of that one, and displayed my glorious biceps as I fucked happily away. One hard flex at this dangerously high level of power was all that I needed to blast the bunker and the mountain above easily apart, and watching my excess strength take a steaming shit on the world around me enhanced my orgasm immensely.

Out in the open, I grasped my toys gently with my mind and floated up into the sky holding them in position to keep on worshipping my irrationally sexy body. The world apround us, devoid now of an atmosphere and stripped of all life, seemed to recoil from divine super strong muscles as I kept fucking my toys above the barren wasteland. They had no problem surviving in the vacuum, it was surviving in my embrace that they were rightly worried about. Quickly making sure the rest of the Empire was watching me, I started to work on one last orgasm.

My muscles swelled gently, and hardened at an exponential rate. The hands I was holding my breast worshippers heads with became so much stronger so quickly that I crushed the backs of their extremely enhanced skulls and caved in their faces with my softest flesh. Thrilling to the sensation of so easily crushing their greatly strengthened bodies against my super hard invincible mega muscles, I kept the great leader ejaculating inside me as I cruelly held him still in the air and moved my powerful untiring hips expertly to selfishly grind as much pleasure from him as I could. He was howling in agony and ecstasy now, his mind a ragged jumbled mess and his perfect super powerful body quickly turned into a broken battered sack of rags as I got serious about maxing this ride out.

I felt it approach, and with a dancers grace I slowed to grind it out perfectly while I discarded the two broken fucktoys and looked what remained of the great leader in the eye.

"Hold on baby...this is the big one."

I came hard and let loose a delighted cry of triumph that the great leader did not hear the end of. It felt every bit as wonderful as I had imagined, and my orgasm intensified as I watched my sexual energy smash into the planet surface and pulverize the crust. I powered up even faster and came again...and the entire planet wobbled, its three moons bursting into dust and rocks. The third time I came, I released an appalling wave of violent destructive force so powerful that the whole world was smashed into billions of pieces. Watching my reckless over powered orgasm destroying a whole planet made me cum even harder, and the debris was smashed down into smaller particles.

I kept going, but the great leader didn't survive my seventh orgasm. The remains of the planet were reduced to grains of sand, and my final fucktoy was ripped brutally apart. Let me tell you, defeating a world full highly advanced aliens is an awesome powertrip. Its fun, yeah? Destroying a whole planet with the power of your orgasm is on a whole new level. I watched the scattered cloud chaotically dancing in the void with pieces of the three destroyed moons mixed inane admired what I had so easily and enjoyably done. There wasn't a chunk bigger than a tennis ball, and those were really rare. I smiled, and admired my magnicent bicep a moment, running a hand over its smooth surface. Even to my super strong fingers it felt hard as marble. I was already thinking about all the other ways I could use my powers to destroy planets, and chuckled at how many I was able to come up with.
Intergalactic Goddess 2
It's Good to be the Goddess
The Goddess tells us how she destroyed a planet for the first time.

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It's Good to be the Goddess Series II
(Warning: This story is very brutal. Lots of violence and bad language)

Leaving the Earth and venturing out into space I finally felt free to see just how much power I could flex up into my divine superhard physique. Pumping up a shitstorm of muscle as I left the atmosphere and flew up and away from Earth, thrilling new strength poured into me from nothingness, and I felt its limitless infinity and knew my power was indeed unending.

Laughing in the void, I sped up and accelerated. Punching my fists forward and accelerating rapidly I continued to greedily fill my body with more and more power and discovered for the first time what happens when you break the universal constant. A wonderful light show erupted around me as the very fabric of reality was torn by my impossible velocity. I blasted from the Milky Way still accelerating, and turned my head to drink in the universe all around me as I entered intergalactic space at many times the speed of light. Making my eyes and ears more powerful, I found myself able to see to the very limits of the known universe. As moved further and further from the Milky Way, I was mapping areas of the universe no other Earthling would ever see. Getting up more speed, laughing at the ease with which I was tearing through reality, I began to turn and started doing ever larger laps around the outer edge of the Known Universe, increasing my personal knowledge of the universe more each time. I didn't stop accelerating, until I had grown the known universe ten times over and I came across something that brought me to a dead stop.

I couldn't believe my divine eyes...they looked like us. Exactly like us. A vast alien empire...with thousands of densely colonized worlds, almost entirely filling the Galaxy they were trapped in. What a great find...Earth was boring now that I had smashed the fuck out of the place. But these guys had no idea about me. I grinned, and entered the biggest arm of the galaxy.

Slowing down in a star system that looked like a backwater, I made myself shrink to six feet and reduced my muscles to look almost normal, and flew toward the only planet with they colonized here, happy to see a strong military presence. There was some sort of shield around the highly developed high tech world, but my muscles only tingled pleasantly as I smashed through it unharmed. The really good thing about their security screen was that they somehow knew exactly where to find me now, and I could see three powerful looking weapons platforms coming at me. I headed toward them, and stood in the air eyeing them off as they drank in my awesome superhuman physique.

They blabbed some silly string of sounds at me, clearly trying to tell me something. Cocking my head to the left I at my whim the whole planet was talking in English. Since I could not be bothered to learn their language, I bent reality and forced my own language upon them. It's really easy for a super powered muscle God of unending divine power to do shit like that.

"This planet is a secure area. Only citizens and authorized guests may touch the surface here," they were saying.

"Really?" I mocked them with a snort. "You think this world is secure? You're so fucking wrong. I'm here to fuck you all over, with my super hard, super strong, divine mega muscles. And you cunts are gonna get bent over and you're gonna take it like the squishy little pansy boys you are."

"You got ten seconds to turn around and leave before we..."

"What? Huh? What are you going to do, cunt face? Shoot me with your little piss ant nerf guns? Hahahahahahahahaha! Go the fuck ahead and try, asshole. You're so fucked and you don't even know it! You're gonna need more than those fancy assed flying machines to stop me." I put my hands on my hips. "You see these muscles? See this fuck you in your face body? It's all I need to bend over and fuck up you're entire galatic empire. That's what I'm gonna the way. I'm gonna crush, and smash, and fuck over every single man and woman on this shithole planet. I'm gonna make some of you into useful sex toys, and then if you're lucky I'll leave a few behind to be your gods when I fuck off to do it all again somewhere else."

"Are you crazy? Leave now...whoever or whatever you are...and don't return!"

Bored with them, I snorted derisively and chuckled. "Fuck you! Shoot your guns already!"

They still stared. But I wanted to play. So I over-dramatized the hocking up of a loogie and spat it at the flying shit tin hovering to the left. The alien armor stood no chance against the sheer power and density of my spitball, and was destroyed instantly in a big firey explosion. Finally, they opened fire on me.

Their weapons did have a little extra kick, but they were essentially the same as earth guns and missiles. Which meant, of course, having them unload on my naked unprotected flesh like that felt intensely erotic. My nipples hardened and I smiled as their useless attacks deliciously pleasured my invulnerable, super powerful flesh. I watched their faces through the solid armour of their flying tanks as it dawned them I was not being harmed. Bigger missiles came. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. They kept firing at me until they had run dry, and I just hovered there unmoved with my hands on my hips and my most arrogant smile on my face.

"Ha! Is that ALL you can bring, bitches? That's not very impressive at all! Check out how my super hard, super strong, invincible muscles shit all over your weak cunt weapons. I was hoping for something a little more...well...powerful. I'm going to fuck this puny empire over pretty hard if this is all you got."

I focused on the flying shit tin to my right and sucked it toward me with a sharp focused inhalation. With deliberately excessive force I drew them at me so hard and fast that the alien armour was devastated on my all powerful super strong body. It was certainly tougher than Earth armour, but still not nearly tough enough to survive an impact that hard against my invulnerable muscles. Pieces of the broken tank fell to the planet below trailing smoke and the last one left turned and flew away from me. I listened to the fools report back and explain to their asshole bosses that I was one seriously powerful and incredibly dangerous threat. I let them get it all out, waiting patiently until they had signed off. Then I flew after them.

Despite their several minutes of maximum speed descent away from my scary super muscles, I caught them almost instantly and matched speeds as I got close enough to grab hold of them. Reaching out my left hand I gripped the alien steel and scrunched up a decent handle. The metal was extremely strong, and the fact that I was able to stop so quickly with engines still at full thrust proved it. My custom handle held as the whole tank was nearly shaken apart by the engines trying vainly to fight me.

Genuinely curious, I began to use both hands to pull the tank in on itself. The area inside shrank dramatically as my muscles made effortless work of scrunching the tank, and the weak cunts inside screamed like little girls. I chuckled, and compressed the tank more around my helpless captives. The screams gurgles out as I finished them off, but killing them wasn't my goal. Then the engines exploded when I pulled them into the mess, but the chunks of torn metal bounced harmlessly from my ultra powerful muscles as the small fireball teased my face and tits end enough of the wreck remained to serve its purpose.

In seconds I had reduced the whole tank to the perfect sized piece of super condensed alien alloy, which I crafted into an ambitiously glorious steel cock. Slipping it inside myself, letting out a cloud tearing gasp, I moved the dildo inside myself. If felt fantastic, and I came after three strokes, stroked twice more, came, and then had glorious mind bending orgasms with each up and down movement. This stuff worked fine if I was careful, but when I clenched hard onto it, it could not hold up to my dominant super strength at all. My super powerful pussy squeezed the dildo out of me in a squirt of molten metal.

Looking around for a place to start playing with more toys, I found their police and military mobilizing. I had them motivated, now it was time to crush them. Being a super strong invincible god of unlimited power is pretty fucking awesome, and I was in the mood to smash the absolute fucking shit out of these weak and puny minded creatures.

Landing in the middle of a city crowded with people, I stood shamelessly naked on the street and let them check my awesome body before I moved forward with sneer and picked up a gaping man. Holding him by his arms I stretched him out and held him up in front of me, watching as I began to carefully apply an increasing outward force on his limbs. He began to scream as tested the physical strength of these creatures. His tendons held a bit longer than an Earthlings, but I knew I could rip him apart with no difficulty whatsoever. So I did.

People screamed and ran. I fucking love it when you weak little fuckers run. I blurred by a group and stopped right in their path. They were all still looking over their shoulders where I had been as they collided with me. Twelve people smashed against my hard unmoving muscles and were fucked over pretty hard by my super dense physique. To them it was like running into the front of a truck, and I heard lots snaps and crunches as they met my steely flesh. Walking right over them, callously crushing them an inch into the concrete, I looked down the road to the next intersection and beckoned the buildings that stood on the corners. Under my influence both sturdy buildings crumbled and toppled in a chaotic storm of destruction and trapped several hundred of these alien pussies between me and a wall of rubble. I punished their planet with city shaking footsteps as I closed in on them and swelled my muscles bigger, growing taller right in front them just fast enough to make it noticeable. I gave the little pukes a smug grin and pressed a hand into my tit while it got a hundred times more sensitive and my fingers a hundred times stronger. They cowered away from my swelling super powerful muscles in abject horror and confusion, whimpering as my height leveled out at ten feet and I grabbed two men with my hands ruthlessly crushing into their chests. I tossed them away casually, and they splattered hard against the buildings. I snapped a finger into a breastbone, backhanded a man to pieces through his impressive but utterly wasted counterstrike and head butted a guy whose head exploded spectacularly.

A woman I hoisted with one hand by the shoulder looked into my eyes bewildered. "Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm the all powerful muscle god that's going to destroy this world. And nothing can save you from me." I sneered. And proudly showed her my intensely erotic bicep.


I laughed.

"Because you're here."

I crushed my grip into her shoulder and slammed her cruelly into the ground.

"She might be big!" Somebody declared, bravely rallying everyone to rush me together. "There's still only one of them! Everyone!! LETS TAKE THIS BITCH DOWN!"

Of course...he was playing right into my hands. When you're a weak bunch of pussy boy retards up against the unstoppable almighty strength and resilience of a god...numbers mean nothing. The entirety of the trapped mob let out a battle cry, and arming themselves if they could they came at me with fierce determination. Their ignorance of my mega muscle God power made them very brave.

With a sneer I allowed the first of them to break themselves against me with admirable impacts, my sculpted diamond curves offering no give or even any acknowledgement of their effort. Improvised bludgeons rained on me, feeling like pool noodles as they bounced right off me. For my insignificantly weak opponents it must have felt pretty jarring. I heard the snaps and pops as quite a  few arms and wrists were broken by the entire force of the impact being sent through the weapons to the hands holding them.

"So weak," I observed, my voice supernaturally loud. I clamped a hand over the crown of a head and squeezed just hard enough to send a spiderweb of cracks through his fragile skull. He let out a shrill scream, his legs flailing about wildly bouncing off my uncaring super muscles, as I lifted him with one hand while the other was free to rest arrogantly on my hip. "So squishy." I exploded his head with a brutal squeeze of my fingers and turned to smile at a man dramatically stabbing me with a pointy bit of broken steel he'd found. The point was blunted in my invulnerable skin with even dimpling the flesh no matter how hard he tried. I reached out and cruelly crushed his hand into his weapon, merging both into a gory mess, then I stabbed myself in the tit so hard I ripped his arm out of its socket and shattered the steel into several pieces. "So pathetic."

A man cleverly smashed my knee with an impressive cry and a ferocious swing of a heavy metal bar, throwing his whole might into the blow. My leg did not budge even a micrometre as the bar clanged off my kneecap, and he dropped it to nurse a broken thumb and howl in pain. I picked him up by the shoulder and hip, and pressed him over my head with wonderful muscular ease and smashed his body into mist on my raised knee.

"Together!" The bold self appointed leader of the doomed commanded, and as one the whole crowd surged angrily into me. I chuckled over their war cry, looking down on the seething mass with a smug smile. With ease I stepped forward and forced them back. My second step drew screams from them as people were pressed into muscles and their bones broke upon my super hard flesh. Those in the front line tried to pull back but the rest pushed them forward. I spread my arms wide and marched the whole screaming panicked mob back into the rubble. I felt them crushed against me harder and harder but it didn't slow me down.

As I condensed a whole mob, their feeble strength adding up to do fuck all against my powerful unstoppable muscles, some sort of rocket smashed into me from behind. It felt fucking fantastic to me, massaging my back pleasantly, but it killed dozens of my puny toys. Turning to see a whole shitload of tanks and soldiers headed my way, I grinned. It took them long enough.

Turning back to the crushed and broken mob of ruined people, I hooked up a double bicep pose and slowly flexed my muscles to produce a field of muscle God power that pressed them ever harder into the rubble.

"Feel that? That's my divine muscle power shitting all over you puny weak cunts.. You probably think this is all a bit unfair, yeah? I many of you, and just one of me. And like, what's it all about? Why is there a super strong invincible mega muscle God fucking you all over right now? Fuck yeah. That shit ain't fair."

They were mostly silent now save for grunts and crunching bones, unable to breath under the immense pressure I was putting them under with my super powerful muscle aura.

"But don't feel bad. I want you to know I'm gonna fuck over everyone else on this shithole planet just as hard. I've never destroyed a planet before. I think it's gonna be real fucking easy for these super hard, super strong muscles. But I won't know until I give it a try. One things for sure: it sure sucks to be you cunts."

I flexed up a sudden shitstorm and totally destroyed them all with reckless overuse of my divine power. The road itself was ripped up three feet deep, and the rubble was smashed into particles just like the weak assholes I'd been pressing into it just moments ago. Buildings all around me were blown down in heaps of smoking ruin, smashed down to the foundations by my excessive power flex.

Turning to face an oncoming hail of energy blasts, solid projectiles, and explosive missiles, I happily stood my ground and opened myself up to their assault. I presented my relaxed and unprotected body to them in all its perfect divine hyper sexual glory, and let the wonderfully harmless attentions of this worlds military delight and tease my magnicent super hard physique. Fuck yeah. They were angry with me, the losers, and they wanted to make me pay. But of course they couldn't. All they could do was what every other weak as fuck piss ant military machine could do to me. Sweet. Fuck. All.

Boom. Boom. Baboom. Boom. Ratatatathatahatatatatatatahathathat. Kaboom.

I pressed one hand into my tit and grabbed my pussy greedily with the other, letting my arousal play all over my face. I allowed their attentions to continue, and indulged myself in an orgasm that whomped through my outclassed enemy making them cum even as they pressed the assault.

The tanks didn't stop blasting as the soldiers spread out and fired their variety of weapons. The energy blasts were a novelty, but the projectiles felt better. All the ground around me was chewed up by the destructive attack, but I remained as pristine and immaculate as ever. These alien weapons couldn't harm me at all, and once I was sure every single man had realised the reality of this, I rolled a spitball and launched it at the center of their line. KAFUCKINGBOOM. A ten meter wide hole was ripped up as the tank that took the hit was pulverized, and the ones either side were blown apart by its thousands of pieces.

Laughing, I held my arms wide and drew a tank into my embrace. Hugging the steely armour until it scrunched inward, I crushed it effortless with ruthless over abundant strength and tossed its ruins into a group of soldiers.

"Are you all they could send? Where are the real warriors of your weak cunt race? The only thing you cunts are good for is a quick root."

A projectile splattered on my open eyes as I walked toward a mob of desperately firing fools taking cover behind rubble. I walked right through the rubble with their weapons fire fizzling and bouncing off my delighted muscles. My legs easily shunted aside the debris, and I was able grab a man by the head and pull his face to my tit. Pressing my nipple into his teeth, breaking them badly, I squirted body altering milk into his throat and he became hard enough to be of some use.

Lifting him up I kissed him roughly, breaking his jaw accident with my tongue before I lowered his back to my tits and crushed his face into my cleavage. My other hand was on his ass, forcing his cock into me and then moving him about. I can't tell you how fucking fantastic it feels to use a man like this in front of all his friends while they actively tried to kill me. The tanks had stopped firing, and a big group rushed in to save their friend. As they drew near I saw their faces drop as they realised just how big and wide I had made myself. I could smell fear wash over them, and it made me even more horny. I started fucking the toy I held in my hands, and he screamed as he began falling apart. I selfishly ripped an orgasm out of him as he became more and more damaged against my impossible ultra hard muscles. I came, so he came...and all my attackers did too. I grinned, and greedily got back into it.

The second time I came, I brought forth a gushing explosion of weaponized cum that obliterated half of my remaining opponents and made the others spasm with convulsive orgasms of their own so violent and powerful that they would spend the rest of their lives constantly yearning for me to do it again. Luckily for them, that would not be very long at all.

Spreading my arms wide, I dragged a tank hard into my steel crushing embrace. At this size I could get my arms across the front and hold the edges. With a smug smile I sank my superstrong grip cruelly into the squealing metal and brought my hands in with brutal force. The men inside were crushed as the tank shrank around them, squished out of existence by my super powerful muscles. Lifting the wreck with one hand, punching a nipple with the other, I lightly tossed the ruined tank with a flick of my wrist and it sailed through the air in a high arc to come crashing down several blocks away.

They were already evacuating the city, and millions of people were on the move. It was quite amusing. Where the fuck did they think they could go to escape me? Right now all the civilians were running directly away from me out of this doomed place, because they thought I would remain pinned down. But such a small force was never going to keep me entertained for long.

Drawing in a long deep breath I created a disturbance in the sky that moved the clouds toward me, then I kissed the air and blew a warm supersonic wall of death at the pathetic alien warriors. My mere breath ripped them all to pieces, and even smashed the tanks so hard they were instantly bent and broken. I watched the tumbling debris as I pushed it through the city with my unreasonably powerful windstorm, bulldozing a long corridor before relenting and happy to observe this world getting fucked over so easily by my divine power. Turning my head slowly from side to side I casually destroyed their proud buildings with no more effort than blowing out a candle. Swept away by my lazily produced hurricane of death, millions of tons of debris spread out in an arc before me. I could feel the horror of all witnesses as I abused their shithole city with callous destructive force. I kept going until I had wiped out a third of the city.

"How did you like that shit? Pretty fucking awesome, yeah?" I asked, turning to face the rest of the city and deafening the weak cunts with the booming voice of a god. "I hope you enjoyed it, you puny little cunts...because I'm only getting started. If you want me to stop, all you have to do is make me. A billion of you on this shithole, and only one of me. Come on you fucking pussies! Surely you can save yourselves from one unarmed earthling...yeah? What kind of weak ass people are you? Come on, you cunts! Bring it, you little pansies! If you can kill me...then maybe I won't kill all of you. Run if you like...but you can't escape a god! Especially a bad ass all powerful mega mighty omnipotent muscle god like me. It really fucking sucks to be you. Because all I have to do is flex these super hard, super strong, mega mighty indestructible muscles right here and it's game over for you puny little insects. Check this out."

I happily leaned back in a magnicent double bicep pose and swelled my impressive perfect muscles bigger and harder. I sensed awe as I became several thousand tons heavier with wonderfully invigorating superstrength. And then I flexed up my mighty muscles to produce an unapologetic shitstorm of raging destruction. The world smashing wall of annihilation ranged out from me, even pressing the ground explosively downward under my feet. With a laugh, thoroughly enjoying the chilled souls of the alien commanders I could feel watching me from the distance, I drank in the beautiful way my power smashed the fuck out of this advanced city. I gleefully pumped my arms and with a "Fuck yeah," I flexed my unstopple mega muscles even harder, sending out a second more powerful wave of destruction that atomized everything nearby. This second shockwave raced out and overtook the first, and with even more devestating force smashed its way right past the edge of the city to demolish several million acres of vegetation.

Admiring the crater for a moment, with debris still high in the air in a vast cloud all around me and raining all over the region, I was soon deciding where to play next. I could feel my toys panicking, and it thrilled me to think that all on my own I was going to need to bring these proud highly advanced aliens to their knees. And it was all so easy it was almost embarrassing. Missiles fired from the distance came streaming at me, and I made sure they all hit even while I was reading minds in command centres across the breadth of the Galaxy. They were so sure they could stop...they just needed to get their REAL armies involved. I deliberately avoided learning too much about the weapons from them...I wanted my muscles to get as much entertainment as they could out of these assholes and surprise was going to be part of the fun.

It's not arrogance when I tell you weak pansies that it doesn't matter what you bring to a fight. You can't beat me. You can't hurt me. You can kill me. I am so far out of your league thanks to my super powerful muscles and divine omnipotence that there's nothing in the multiverse that can defeat me. I checked. All you can do is entertain me. And all these weak as piss aliens could do was get fucked over for my selfish amusement, no matter what fancy pants inventions they had up their asses.

Floating up higher, I looked around and saw many flying machines headed east toward the nearest spaceport. Impulsively deciding that these refugees were not going to escape me, I flashed through the sky and appeared in their path far enough ahead that they didn't see me. But their weak mortal eyes were soon able to spot my gigantic growing physique as I swelled myself into a giant. Several thousand feet tall, I loomed like the God was above the puny insects. The mass of escaping aliens broke up when they saw me in their path, and the little fliers streamed off in every direction that wasn't toward me. I laughed, hurting their ears and knocking them about in the air with my booming voice. I let them fly away for a few moments, then made a mockery of their escape plan by drawing in millions of litres of air and forcing them all back toward me with the tremendous power of my giant lungs. Towering above them, I sucked the various flying machines into my gaping mouth and into my gut. Their machines lacked the power to fight the forces I so effortlessly produced, and in just a few seconds I had cleaned the sky of everything including birds and clouds all the way to the horizon. I was proud to noticed the entire atmosphere of the planet had shrunk a measureable amount, and made a note of that for future fun.

With one entire city destroyed, and me standing ten thousand feet tall, they again complied with my plan to rile them up. This time they began to finally attack me with serious firepower. Huge warheads rained on my uncaring super muscles from many angles, deployed from bases all over the world. The explosions were a bit special...extra hot and pretty bloody big for non nuclear weapons. I am sure normal targets are often vaporized by these things. But not super hard, super strong, invincible muscle gods. For my invincible mega muscles, their fancy high tech warheads were just a pleasant little massage. I moaned and let them strike, my body tingling with delightful arousal.

As I approach and stood over the next city the warheads stopped and thousands of various attack craft flew up from the cityscape before me. I chuckled as they tickled me with puny popguns and energy blasts. Brave little fuckers. I rubbed closed my eyes and swayed into the city rubbing myself and squeezing a nipple. With the eyes of a million bewildered citizens looking up at my massive imposing physique towering into the heavens above them, I shamelessly got myself worked up and came all over them. Deliberately deploying my weaponized discharge I let my excessive release swamp the city. I kept myself cumming until I looked down and saw nothing but a steaming red hot mass where the city had been. Walking on through the molten remains, my feet unconcerned by the hot all consuming mess I had made, I became the target of a wonderfully pleasant rain of advanced warheads again.

Shrinking down to seven feet tall, I flew down to one of the launch sites and smashed through the thick armored ceiling splattering several soldiers in the room I blasted into. Bullying my way through a wall I entered the base command center and dumped my supercharged pheromones like a nuke into the air, and drove them all literally insane with lust. Grabbing a head, I pulled a man down to crotch and fucked his face selfishly while my magic juices enhanced him for me. I sprayed the rest of them with a high pressure blast of ambrosia from my nipples that knocked the officers from their feet and seeped into their flesh, seeking their skin through their weird looking uniforms.

They became supermen, and I lifted the fucktoys in my arms and pushed him into me while the horny fools pleasured me with all their improved strength and stamina. I pushed the man in and out of me twice, then came. The room erupted with cries of anguished, unwanted erotic pleasure. These alien men, mere puppets to my divine sexual power, were completely under my spell, and even as I fucked the man I held harder and began to crush his delightfully squishy body into my hard impregnable fortress of a torso they eagerly pressed on with their own sexual assault. I came again, harder, and my toys shuddered with uncontrollable spasms. Watching them carefully I came again harder still. Two men died and I shook my head in disgust. So weak. So fucking fragile. I pressed my toy into my tits and thrust him in and out hard enough to produce cracks and pops from within his battered body. Letting my orgasm destroy them, having determined their physical limits with my experiment, I obliterated the whole base with a fantastic unrestrained orgasm and shook the shattered debris with my booming laughter.

Leaving the crater behind I flew around to the far side of the planet and landed before a mob of angry people watching my exploits in a big screen in a market place of some kind. There were thousands of them. And they were all chanting insults at my image on the screen. I crashed to the ground under the giant screen that was showing footage of me, destroying the screen and killing a dozen of the pathetic fuckwits with the brutal force of my seven thousand ton hyper strong physique hitting the ground. Three thousand people in the huge crowd were knocked down hard, and couldn't stand until I had finished walking to a spot uncomfortably close to the front line of puny aliens.

"What's that you cunts were saying? Kill the bitch? Make her pay? Burn the alien cunt? You people sound pretty tough and scary, yeah? What a bunch of big mouthed pansy assed fuckwits. You don't have any idea how fucking weak you squishy. Sometimes I remember what it's like to get hurt and be a loser. How do you fuckers do it?"

They cringed away from the awesome power of my voice, making me laugh inside as I sneered at the puny weak cunts. They whined noisily and told me to go away and stop being so mean, and they called me names. I laughed at them openly, so hard a hundred people were thrown thrown through the air. I held up a hand a man was drawn into my waiting grip. I held him up by the neck as he kicked me and scratched uselessly at my invulnerable flesh and presented him to the crowd. Then I showed them a single finger and let them wonder what I was doing for a moment. Slowly and over-dramatically, I cocked that single finger on my thumb and held it near the struggling man's chest. As he screamed and tried to swat my arm away, his puny strength no match for my overpowered muscle, I flicked him hard and gave the wide eyed crowd a smug grin as the weak cunt exploded from the power of my single finger.

I cruelly reinforced their courage with my divine influence, and without another word I waded forward into the fervent crowd of angry playthings. The first backward swing of my arm sent three of them flying backward, pieces of them killing six more. Someone with a pistol shot me, the solid projectile smashing apart on my eye.

"Good shot," I told him, before reaching out with both hands and crushing his shoulders with brutal superstrong fingers. Squeezing my hands together easily compressing his chest, I reduced his width to half an inch and smeared his shoulder blades together before I dropped him. Desperate people were hitting me all over my super hard body, doing great hard to any landed a blow. It's unwise to strike an immovable and invulnerable super powered muscle God if you're a weak as shit pussy alien pussy boy.

A playful slap smashed through two men, reducing them to gore, and a lazy swing of my foot sent a woman flying into the sky for miles. I grabbed one by the chest, pulled them close and distorted their skull with a short but sharp head butt. A fool pushed forward through the frenzied mob and assumed some sort martial arts stance. He proceeded to show me a series of really impressive moves I'd not seen back on Earth. He was probably expecting me to fall broken to the floor, but his skills were no match at all for my brute strength and absolute invulnerability. All I had to do to defeat this weak cunt was stand there with my hands on my hips. He broke a fist first, then a foot, and then he dropped screaming in pain to the ground. I chuckled, and walked forward over him crushing him into the ground with my merely my weight.

They started to realise their hopeless situation and the mob began to disperse. I was having fun, however, and forced them to stop running with a whimsical flexing of divine will that stopped them instantly in their tracks. At my command the entire mob were suddenly attacking me with full commitment to the fight, filled with an insane desire to break themselves upon my invincible mega muscles. I enjoyed their confusion and horror just as much as I enjoyed smashing the absolute shit out of them with my absurd superstrength.

They pushed into my immovable body and I lazily destroyed them without mercy or effort. I was having a fucking great time. So many of them, and they were helpless even having me so greatly outnumbered. Glancing blows of my fingers destroyed them, slaps obliterated them. Now and then a solid punch would explode one of the pathetic worms like a bomb and kill a dozen or more.

"That's it, you weak fuckers. Break yourselves upon my super hard, divine mega muscles!"

I sprayed my magic breast milk over a man and two women, then pushed the man down even as he became super strong and forced the two women to my breasts. While the rest of the mob undid themselves on my steely invulnerable body, I rose and fell with delighted coos and ahs on my fucktoy while I force fed the two women vast quantities of my ambrosia. Instead of just swelling at the belly, the two women were growing harder and stronger with gently swelling muscle all over their bodies. They became eager slaves to my breast I was free to press my super string hands to my own aroused flesh. I came and killed a hundred people with a walloping of sexual energy so intense it was instantly fatal to anyone in already poor health.

The whole mob was rolling on the ground coming now, reaching for each other if they could not paw the air in my direction. I smiled and nodded knowingly as my tit slaves continued to drink and grow, and I came again. Getting carried away, I broke the man beneath me and ruthlessly tore a final explosion orgasm from him that destroyed him utterly and cleared half the mob away. The supergirls at my breasts survived, and I pushed one of their faces to my crotch where she started using her super powerful tongue to bring me another crowd pleasing peak. The two girls worshipped my divine body and I came harder, and before long I had destroyed another whole city. Still hungry for more, I greedily ignored the safety of my enhanced toys and fucked them apart to please my endless desires. I callously swelled myself with power, and indulged in my infinite potential. The girls became afraid, but increasing erotic power made their fear irrelevant. Even as they were ruined brutally and I moaned with deep sexual pleasure they were helplessly ensnared  by utterly dominating presence. I finally came so hard that my badly damaged toys were destroyed completely, and I floated up gracefully from the ruins of another city to see a world being abandoned.
Intergalactic Goddess 1
Its Good to be the Goddess
The Goddess shares with us the tale of her first trip through the cosmos.

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(With big thanks to OmniScribbler)

The seventh Planet of the Psyklos-2756 system teemed with activity 179 hours a day, 22489 days a year. The vast ugly globe, forged in an inner orbit close to its star, had been flung to its present location billions of years ago. Ever since, it's massive gravity had eaten up precious minerals from the systems icy outer reaches. The comets were much rarer now, which was a good thing for the industrious race of humanoid aliens who had discovered and named this star system just four decades ago. Already they had stripped thirty percent of the surface with their huge mining equipment and swarming numbers.

It wasnt that the Psyklosi had no imagination when it came to names. But when your civilization reaches a certain technological level, you suddenly find yourself colonizing star systems at a hectic pace. One day someone might find the time to give Psyklos2756 a proper name. But it was unlikely. The miners didn't care much for the planet they were ravaging, and they were the only ones there. Across the globe men worked their stations, operated their machinery, and dreamed of getting off this rock.

It hadn't been her first stop. She'd come out of her wormhole in a quiet uninhabited part of the galaxy. However, when Vicki explored the Psyklosi empire with her mind she had found something that made this particular mining world the most interesting place in the whole galaxy. She had chosen this particular galaxy as her next conquest for a reason, and the highest concentration of that reason was to be found on Psyklos2756-7.

This was not her first trip into the realms beyond her home world's known universe, so she was not at all surprised to see that the Psyklosi were humans. She didn't know why, but every single alien empire she had conquered so far had been races of humans with only minor if any visible physical differences to ordinary citizens of Earth. Her presence went undetected while she floated in space working out how to get what she wanted out of this giant mine scarred planet.

The minds of these alien people were easy to read, and after a cursory two second scan Vicki knew each and every individual on the planet better than they knew themselves. They were for the most part a bunch of ecotostical macho assholes. There were very few women, in the kitchen and the laundry, mostly in the brothel. It was clear this culture kept their women as second class citizens, something Vicki quickly confirmed as she did a data dump of the empire's strangely inefficient computer systems. She now knew their history, their culture, their laws, and even the individual credit levels of every citizen empire wide.

She could have taken what she wanted from this world quite quickly and easily, but not without killing all the aliens working labouriously on its surface. Vicki was prepared to do just that if necessary, but she would begin this war as she did all the others: by giving them fair warning. If she didn't give this race of brutal aliens fair warning, they wouldn't be able to dig in and strengthen their defenses. If they didn't get fully riled up they wouldn't provide her with enough entertainment. Like every other race of humanoid aliens Vicki had visited thus far in her grand tour of the cosmos, these people were every bit as warlike as the ones on Vicki was confident they would provide a lot of entertainment.

However, showing off her obscenely powerful abilities on the battlefield was to be her second priority. Instead of going straight to the most powerful leader and goading them into war, Vicki's first conversation in this galaxy was with Governor Shaquibbler Tyllius. The old but fearsome Psyklosi man was on duty in the command center, busily discussing who was responsible for a bottleneck at one of his diamond mines. Eventually they would get around to actually fixing the problem, but that didn't seem to be their first priority.

The command center was set up in the Psyklosi equivalent of a demountable construction site office. It was in fact just a huge spacecraft that would often remain in orbit during mining operations. But this world was unusually rich, and if a job was going to require years rather months it was more efficient to run everything from the surface. At least, it was now that they had mastered gravity neutralizing field generators. Worlds like this massive planet had immense gravity, and to work on the surface as they did would crush them flat without them.

Smiling, Vicki fixed her small, painfully sexy, dress up with some regal flourishes and adjusted her fishnets a little to suit her more upper class look. Then she flew down toward Governor Tyllius to introduce herself, coming to hover in front the long tall window of the command centres main control room. She waited for all eyes to turn her way, then tested their reactions to her appearance by shifting her hands to her hips and subtly pushing out her magnificent breasts. Even though her true was disguised behind a more mortal visage, Vicki's vanity never allowed her to completely normalize her godlike sex appeal. She didn't need to read their minds or use her remarkable piercing eyes to know they were all rock hard for her. She floated there, giving them a knowing confident smile while they drank in her shamelessly displayed physical perfection.

His stern words trailed off as Tyllius looked up and his consciousness became slowly yet utterly and completely enthralled with of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen floating 800 metres in the air, her puzzling presence inexplicable to all witnesses. Everything about her being there was impossible.  She levitated outside in the freezing toxic atmosphere, fully exposed to the immense gravity without any visible support, and almost entirely naked. The improbability of her presence was lost to him, and to all others whose eyes focused for too long on her befuddling beauty. He was instantly harder than he'd been in his whole life, and he began to tremble with rapidly increasing lust. The more his eyes explored her, the more he found that pleased them.

Vicki laughed a little, and their heads turned in unison to watch her stretch luxuriously in the air and slowly roll as she drifted to the far right of the long window. She disappeared from their line of sight, but they all remained silent until the silence was ripped apart by the squealing of abused metal. Vicki pushed her hard nipples into the alien steel and the extra strong hull instantly caved in. Slowly and deliberately, Vicki stood on thin air with her hands on her hips and pushed herself into the room. The hull didn't stand a chance against her super powerful body, and was rent asunder like wet cardboard by her superhard, superstrong flesh.

Once inside, Vicki touched her naked feet to the cold floor one by one and stared them down while they struggled against equalizing air pressure. To prevent their otherwise inevitable deaths, Vicki repaired the wall  without even bothering to check her work. She simply reached out with her thoughts and all the bent steel straightened, the tears stitched back together at a molecular level and healed seamlessly. Only one or two of the twenty men in the room noticed it happen, because the rest were hypnotized by her entrancing and scandalously dressed body, utterly seduced by her extreme aura of sex and power. Vicki let the silence drag on for a moment until it became clear that even the governor was lost for words.

"I am Vicki. Now that I'm here, Governor Tyllius, this world belongs to me. I am declaring myself Queen of the Universe, and Psyklos is part of my empire. Kneel before me now and I will be merciful. Defy me, and face the unrestrained power of a god. Choose."

Her cold confident tone got him angry enough to shake off the fog of his arousal. How dare she, a bloody woman, stand before him and speak in such terms? How could a woman have the nerve to use a superior tone of voice with the Governor? How could a woman look that beautiful? Is it really possible for breasts to make your cock snap to attention like that? He shook of his derailed train of thought and answered her with all the authority and dignity he could muster.

"This is...this declared...this...this planet is claimed by the Psyklosi Empire. I will...not! I will not kneel! No! I...uh...the... We. We do...we uh, have rules...we have laws...there are no women permitted to...permitted to enter functional areas of the mining operation. are......are you? What? How?"

Vicki bit her lip and giggled at the confused man. She was actually going very easy on them considering how quickly she could seduce them if she wanted to. Half the men in the room lacked the physical fitness required to survive even the smallest slip of her true form.

"It's okay, Shaquibbler. Get a hold of yourself. You're going to be home soon, baby. When you get there, I want you to tell them all about me. Tell them what you see me do today. Tell them all about how I made you feel, Okay? And tell them that I'm coming to claim what is mine. Tell them I a, going to take everything, and that I don't think they can stop me. Tell them that...well...I'm gonna show you some stuff so you can fill them in. Before I do...tell me something Governor you like my tits? I dunno...these seem okay, yeah? But sometimes I can't decide if they're too big, or too small...but I always think they could be better." She smiled and slyly swelled her breasts larger as her words drew all eyes to them, and made them radiate with a little more of her superhuman eroticism.

Tyllius was so determined to hold onto his composure that it near broke his mind. He could see her breasts gently fill out, something about them shifting...or was reality itself shifting around them...made them steadily more beautiful in various subtle ways that he could not describe. He could see her nipples tenting her thin tight dress, the sweeping cuts of which revealed to him a lot more gloriously erotic flesh than it hid, and he became an animal. A horny, ravenous, and cornered beast.

Vicki was actually a little surprised when the sixty year old man lunged forward aggressively and grabbed her naked shoulders, pulling his face into her cleavage and taking a deep breath. Either she had underestimated herself, or these creatures had very little self control. She tilted her head as he and three other high ranking well educated Psyklosi men gorged on her irrationally sexy flesh with hungry lapping tongues and eager probing fingers. They lacked the strength to get under her strapless dress, but it was scandalously short and most of her midriff and all of her back was exposed for them. Vicki bit her lip and closed her eyes, her fingers sliding into her hair and massaging her scalp. They were completely enslaved by her already and she hadn't even applied any real heat. Her hard invulnerable body was enticing and alluring, and soft to the touch...but in short order they were becoming frustrated with their efforts to get her down. Her stance appeared loose and relaxed, but they could not influence the movement of her limbs in any way. She swayed sweetly to the rhythm of her own contented desires as if they weren't there.

Tyllius was annoyed to discover the deep cut of her dress which exposed almost all of her cleavage did not open any wider when he tried to lick her breasts. The warm flesh felt soft and delectable and painfully erotic but he could not push his way deep enough to touch his tongue to her skin becuase there was so little give to her flesh. She was a warm statue of stone, despite her silky inviting texture. He had to taste her, and so he retreated and turned his head. He sniffed greedily at her scent and lapped at her, all the while still trying the push her down even though she completely ignored his ineffective effort and seemed lost within herself, teasing her hair and smiling with those plump seductive lips. It would have angered him if he was conscious enough to think about the power she had over him...and he would never normally share a woman. But he wasn't thinking about how demeaning it was to worship her perfect tits, or about how his underlings were out of order getting in on HIS action. All he could think about was fucking the brains out of this stunning woman.

Two more set of hands joined in the exploration of her insanely hot body, and Vicki let herself savor their energized attentions for moment. "Oh yes, fellas. That's it. I like that...mmmmm. Harder...can't you do better than that."

But of course they couldn't do better, because they were already so fully committed. She suspected by their grunts and their heavy breathing, and when she opened her eyes and looked down at her devoted Psyklosi sex toys their red faces confirmed her fears. They were already using every ounce of strength, employing their full efforts, and yet their touches were light and feathery to her. She needed more from them than they could ever hope to offer. You only get out what you put in, she reminded herself.

Watching him closely as gnawed at her breast, Vicki smiled wickedly and raised a finger to the corner of her mouth as she always had when she was planning something naughty, and gently caressed Governor Tyllius's face with her free hand. Her touch was unnecessary but aided her focus, and by the time she was reaching both hands to gesture grandly at the rest of the room like she was casting out gold coins, Tyllius was a brand new man...super strong with stamina and resilience to match.

The moment Tyllius felt her gentle touch Vicki's supercharged healing powers rushed into his old frame, bringing him youth, health, and vitality then enhancing him to superhuman levels. As she ran her hand down the contours of his wrinkled face a tsunami of energy swamped his body, and magnificent new muscles quickly filled out his straightening frame ripping through his expensive clothes and tearing them to shreds. All around him the control room became filled with growing men, idealized and remade to suit their new Queen's needs.

"Feels good, doesn't it, baby? When I make your muscles grow all super strong like that?"

All naked now, ready for her to harvest, Tyllius and his management team did not question their new physical power. They could only think of fucking her, and Vicki could only think how much more enjoyable it would be if they were better endowed. And so over the next three seconds every one of her rock hard sex toys grew to more appropriate dimension. Feeling more powerful than one of their mammoth mining machines, Tyllius cried out with unbridled lust and dove in hard to try again to press his face into her cleavage.

She'd done this particular trick so many times now she could do a whole room at once. There was a time she had to make finer physical changes like this to them one at a time. She was getting better at using her powers. A lot better. As usual, the astounding physical improvements went straight to the heads of her toys. But even though she was now much smaller than her massively muscled, super tough, Psyklosi toys...and even though they had been granted the raw strength of a thousand men each...there was no real change to the balance of power. They were able to make deeper impressions in her flesh, but not so much deeper that made much difference. At least...the situation seemed the same to them. For Vicki, it was very much improved. Now she could feel their touches much better, and now they were doing a lot more to actually please her.

Pulling at her dress, Tyllius was unable to get a good grip because the fabric wouldn't bunch in his hands. And he couldn't get his fingers between the garment and her skin at any edge that was against her skin. It was as though the fabric were cut from some alien armour plate. Being unable to remove her dress was frustrating, but the pain he felt trying to squeeze through her tits and lick her breastbone was just as bad as before. There was definitely more give, but not enough.

"You don't think I made you all so big and strong so you could rape me, do you? But I sure am glad you're in the mood, guys! Because I am too. Just a quickie mind you...I need to get some work done today."

Vicki stretched and arched her back, deliberately knocking Tyllius back on his ass with her unopposable breasts as she willed her dress to dissipate. Then Vicki knocked everybody off their feet with a pulse of potent energy that revealed a little more of her true form. Anything not securely bolted to the floor was shunted away from her, including the men still kneeling around fawning at her, as the air in the room shimmered and Vicki gently grew an inch taller rapidly becoming ten times sexier right in front of their eyes. The increased raw sexual attraction of her suddenly naked superhuman physique hit them like a physical blow, and left them opened mouthed and wide eyed at her feet.

She moved forward and stood astride her splayed toy, biting her lip and admiring the magnificent hunk of man she had made of the old Psyklosi administrator. Until she showed up he had been the most powerful man on the planet. Now he was the most powerful man in the galaxy, but at the same time he was just another sex toy for Vicki's amusement...and Vicki was keen to see how well this enhanced alien man performed. Squatting down, somehow making the undignified move graceful and elegant, she expertly hit her target and Tyllius cried out involuntarily with the insane pleasure he felt as he became one with her. He convulsed and came instantly inside her, then came again as she rose up and down smoothly, her amazing dexterity coming into play as she moved herself over him seeking maximum satisfaction. Even though he had ejaculated twice, both times with full ecstatic force, he remained rock hard for her.

"Why are you boys way over there?" Vicki asked her audience, and as she opened her arms two of them found themselves ensnared in the steely tendrils of her thoughts and together they floated to be positioned kneeling either side of her. She took them in her hands pulled them close, rubbing their supercharged bodies up and down her breasts and making them both spill their seed all over the floor. It felt fantastic to feel their flesh, hardened and strengthened by several orders of magnitude, succumb so readily and easily to her soft silky breasts. They flailed about, vainly trying to keep as much of themselves in contact with her erotic warm skin as possible, and Vicki ramped up the pace. Clamping down harder she let out a coo of sweet delight that Tyllius responded to with an ear splittling cry of confused rage, frustration, and pure, out of control, animal lust. Her peak almost upon her, Vicki closed her eyes and vigorously rode out her first orgasm. As it hit she slowed, moaned with unashamed raw pleasure, then sped right back up again with even more force and energy. The men in her arms were breaking upon her silky steel flesh as she became more engrossed in her own pleasures, and Tyllius's eyes rolled in their sockets. His mind was mush now, his body a puppet to her greedy desires, and Vicki was just getting started. She came again, thrusting callously down to break her  superhuman toy's hips and crushing the men in her hands cruelly into her invulnerable breasts as she indulged herself completely with their bodies. Flinging the used puppets from her hands, their improved physiques leaving the walls they hit badly damaged and saving them from death, Vicki looked down and smiled sweetly at the ruined Governor. She slyly restored him to his senses, making sure he was completely able to comprehend what she was doing to him.

"Thank you, baby. That was a nice little warm up. But you've gone and made a mess in me. It's only fair that you clean me up for the next guy, yeah? Don't take all day now, baby."

Vicki floated up off of him, releasing Tyllius to keep ejaculating onto himself. Slipped forward through the air she lowered her crotch onto his face while her super strong fingers teased her nipples. She wriggled a little as his tongue entered her and greedily lashed about cleaning her up as efficiently as it could. The taste of her insanely pleasing nectar dramatically masked the presence of his own discharge, and he became yet another soul forever addicted to the enslaving flavours of Vicki's impossible body.

Tweaking her nipples extra hard, Vicki came all over Tyllius's face and pulled away from him to look around and chose her next plaything. One sultry inviting look into the eyes of her choice and he was moving fast to try and get her down beneath him. He failed miserably in getting her to move in the smallest discernible way, but Vicki had no trouble pushing him against a wall with one hand on his chest, despite his much larger frame and bulky muscles. She leaned in and kissed him, dominating his tongue easily with her own and sensuously exploring his mouth at will. He came hard, but remained hard as stone. She pulled out of the kiss with her eyes looking into his, then floated up and planted herself on him, her knees pressing into the steel wall. Defying gravity she kept him pinned to the wall and moved herself in ways that made his eyes roll back and his jaw slacken.

Looking over her shoulder at Tyllius, Vicki smiled wickedly at the jealous heat in his eyes. She could see in his mind a raging desire to make her his, and his alone. He wanted to have Vicki all to himself. But Vicki had different plans for the Governor, and she didn't want to send him on his mission telling everybody how great and wonderful fucking her was. She locked eyes with him and came, letting her orgasm wash over her whole body and not even trying to hide the look from her face, and watched the display make the enraptured Tyllius and all his cronies cum too.

"Ready for the real show, Shaquibbler?" She asked, the effect of the super sexy insidious tones laced in her voice was like an excessively good cocaine for the ears.

She wanted Tyllius alive. The rest of these Psyklosi were, to put it bluntly, expendable. And Vicki had indulged herself to the point where she needed more. The prospect of what had brought her to this world in the first place, and the expert job she had done enhancing these alien men, had made her horny as hell. It wasn't that she lacked self control, it was just that she had decided long ago that her pleasure took priority over anything else. So these days if she got an itch, Vicki took the time to scratch it whenever and wherever that happened to be.

She never stopped moving her endlessly energized body over her pinned toy, and she didn't break eye contact with Tyllius. Watching his reaction, Vicki allowed her body to reveal to them some more of her true form. Her muscles inflated subtly and she grew taller, her breasts filling out and blossoming into gain even more hypnotically blinding beauty. She looked more powerful, and her already cruel over the top sexuality took on a more terrifying edge. She radiated sex and power, her aura of utter supremacy crushing their battered souls and giving all their hope no quarter. Her eyes now glowed softly with pink light, and looking into them was like entering a black hole for Tyllius. There was no escape now, for his soul had crossed an event horizon and would belong to Vicki for eternity.

"That's right, asshole," Vicki sneered at the mindless fuck toy she had made of Tyllius. "You just sit there and watch, okay? Pay very close attention."  

Certain the Governor could not possibly do anything but obey, Vicki turned her attention back to her current toy while the rest of them stared at her, twitching and convulsing in rapture. Her toy was sweating profusely and a look of worry was mixed in with the lust and hunger in his eyes. For where the touch of her flesh had been wonderfully supercharged with erotic delight, it was now over charged to a very dangerous, almost obscene level. Now the touch of her flesh seemed to burn deeply through to his bones with agonizing, mind bending, erotic pleasure. Despite the alarms  bells ringing in his head he could not resist her in any way...she had been impossible to resist before and now she was so much more. Had he not been enhanced, he would have suffered a cardiac arrest and died on the spot. Unfortunately for him, his superpowered heart kept pumping and his mind remained intact enough for him to see and feel everything he was being subjected to.

Vicki leaned in and kissed him, dominating his tongue with her own, making him twitch and convulse in violent seizures. She moved harder and faster, pounding into him now with less and less care for his safety. His body was driven deeper into the wall, and strong as she had made him he began to break. She pulled his face down to her breasts, painful bending and breaking him as she kept fucking him hard into the wall. She cried out, greedily indulging herself without worrying about anything other than getting herself off. The display drew others closer, and they awkwardly tried to crawl and stumble nearer to the impossibly alluring Vicki. Her lustful moans and coos shook the whole structure. She came with a short, almost surprised, gasp, then tore into another one with more vigour.

Her toy screamed. Not with lust or pleasure. But with pain, suffering, and most of all...with fear. He could feel himself falling apart on a cellular level under this blissful unopposeable assault, and knew his doom approached. His bones were broken all over the place, even more so with each selfish grind of her impossible superpowered body. He had cum too hard for too long....even for his specifically enhanced over productive testicles to keep up with. And yet...he continued to spasm with an unending, extremely painful, dry and unwanted ejaculations. His struggles to get away only damaged his superhuman body more, and made her laugh with playful delight. His cheekbones and eye sockets were broken, and he could feel her arms biting into him like a steel trap, hugging him ever harder, holding him ever closer to her still perfectly round, proudly pert breasts. She shut her eyes and let herself cum with unrestrained gusto, hugging him to herself with callous overuse of her incalculable physical strength. Warmth spread through her as she absent mindedly drifted forward through the wall, obliterating her toy and destroying the wall in the process, only concerned with pressing her hands deeply into her super fit, sensuously muscled, divinely erotic flesh.

Still thoroughly turned on, and far from satisfied, Vicki floated back into the room and looked around for another toy. They were scared now, now fully aware of the danger she posed to their lives. They had seen her kill one of their number, with such careless ease that was clear to even them she was the most dangerous thing they had ever shared a room with. But in no way could the doomed men resist her devastating charms, especially after she tilted her head with a naughty smile and grew to nine feet tall. Her muscles swelled enough for them to notice, and anyone who had managed to stand was driven back hard to their knees her qramped up beauty. She was still holding back the vastness of her true power, but to bring even a little bit more of herself forth at this point would make these men useless to her unless she made them more robust. Vicki contented herself with being two feet taller and several thousand tons heavier than her enhanced toys, and moved to take hold of a stunned toy. She did make sure to improve them in one way, however...she selfishly made their most useful part harder and considerably bigger.

Dropping one of them to the ground she knelt astride him and starting kissing the other man while she athletically rode her customized sex toy through orgasm after glorious nipple tingling orgasm. The soft glow in her eyes began to sparkle as Vicki gave in more and more to the euphoria.

Tyllius had healed completely from the wounds Vicki had given him, and was standing with his back against the wall unable to take his eyes from her. Her breasts got a lot of his attention, even though he was only able to see a little side boob. Her deeply embedded spine moved snakelike at her core, the symphony of her back muscles draped in golden hair making him subconsciously reach out. He needed to run but all he could do was stand there and watch in horror as she ruthlessly destroyed the screaming, flailing man beneath her oversized and sleekly muscled body. Feyra's unwilling lover began to scream and strike at her, and Tyllius shamelessly grabbed his own rock hard erection with both hands.

Boom. Boom. Boom. The whole room shook as she slammed down three times and made everyone cum again with the long shameless moan of total erotic bliss her orgasm brought her. Her broken toy screamed again, smashed deep into the floor and fatally crushed by her uncaring immensity. She pulled away from her kiss and smiled wickedly at him through her obviously burning arousal. Watching his face as she destroyed him with one last brutal clench deep inside herself, she rose clean off the floor and went back to kissing her remaining toy while she simultaneously maneuvered him into herself. She had to break off the kiss or risk tearing him apart, pressing his face instead into her cleavage and holding him there to let his breath tease her skin. Eagerly humping away in midair, using her imagination to keep him in the air with her and using her hand on his ass to ram him in and out of her pussy, she thought about how great sex still felt after all this time. She would never get bored of this.

The most distant man from her, the man who felt safest of all, suddenly found himself floating through the air into her hand and pulled to her plump soft low. He struggled in primal fear, and bit down on her tongue as it invaded his mouth. This monstrously sexy woman was about to kill him and he could sense it coming. But he only broke his teeth, and prompted her to chuckle and whip her tongue about destroying the rest of them. Ending the kiss she floated across the room and landed on the floor. Her now freed hand rose into the air and another man was drawn from the distance to her waiting grip. Without even looking at him she put her hand over the back of his head and forced her nipple into his mouth. Holding both men as they bit down hard on her erect diamond hard nipples, she ruthlessly fucked the life from the man on the ground.

"All of you...pleasure your Queen," Vicki commanded, her sultry voice firm and undeniable, her commanding words laced with suggestion. As one, all the remaining Pyklosi moved to worship their Queen like she a goddess, with genuine soul deep devotion and every ounce of their enhanced strength. They wanted this. They NEEDED this.

"Not you, asshole," Vicki said with a sneer, stopping Tyllius dead in his tracks with a glance. A chill ran down his spine and his lower lip trembled. "You get back over there and watch. You get to witness this...but you had your go, and to be honest you were pretty shit. One of the worst fucks I've ever had. Now pay attention. Don't let your friends die in vain today, okay?"

Vicki returned her eyes to the men crowding around her, and smiled at them seductively. They had gathered around her on the floor and reaching out their hands in adoration to caress, massage, and pleasure her flesh. Very gently, Vicki began to escalate the intensity of her love making. She moaned and lifted the man from her left breast to kiss him deeply and passionately, making him cum before returning him to her nipple and doing the same to the other man at her chest. Letting go of their heads now that they were so fully committed to biting and teasing her nipples, Vicki touched a finger to the corner of her mouth teased her hair as an orgasm washed over her. She shamelessly vocalised her pleasure and her long slightly too loud moan vibrated every cell of her toys with extreme delight. Their hands felt wonderful on her sensitive soft skin, and she soon orgasmed again. Replacing the worn out broken teeth at her nipples with fresh and equally eager faces, Vicki let go and indulged her sexual arousal completely.

A pulse of energy shot throughout her body and knocked everybody in their asses. Her own far more capable hands pressed into her tits and she enhanced the toy under her just enough to keep him useful as she ruthlessly unleashed the full wicked force of her supernatural beauty upon her hapless Psyklosi sex toys. The man still touching her screamed like he was burning alive, and the rest babbled incoherently in the wake of her unveiling. As she rode her toy her new body moved with such supernatural grace, radiating an aura of power and sex more blinding than the glare of a star and infinitely more dangerous to look directly into, Vicki felt wonderful. She had to enhance Tyllius considerable to keep him alive and sane, but it worth it to let her hair down and enjoy a few really good, unrestrained orgasms.

There was no way to protect Tyllius completely from her first real release of sexual energy, but once she healed his mind he would still remember. Screams of horror and agony ripped through the room as they sensed her peak approaching, watching her rise and drop with athletic grace and agility in her writhing plaything, and then she silenced them forever. They had been tortured with orgasmic pleasure for a long time, and with orgasmic pleasure they were finally snuffed out. Even enhanced as they were their minds and bodies could not cope with the brutal unapologetic tsunami Vicki unleashed.  Only Tyllius and the man she was still fucking were alive after she had leaned back and released that fatal blast of bright pink energy. Then she rose and fell and came again more forcefully. The bodies and work stations in the roomwere smashed and the the walls were all shunted out, Tyllius himself was embedded into the wall. He remained trapped there for over an hour while Vicki kept right on grinding away with no sign of flagging. She let Tyllius watch as she rode out an endless series of gloriously wonderful orgasms.

Eventually, her toy expired. The things she made him feel with her overcharged sexual energy were far beyond his super enhanced body and mind's ability to cope. His heart gave out and he went limp. Vicki sighed in contentment and floated up to her feet. Turning, she leveled the full punishing impact of her shamelessly naked body at Tyllius and watched him squirm in his wall cavity with wild eyes darting all over her flawlessly powerful curves.

"Did you enjoy the show, Shaquibbler?" Vicki asked, making a new dress that worked well with her fishnets. It was a little less classy and a lot less fabric, but much sexier. "I know I did. I could even go for some more of that. I said before...I do have some shit to take care of. Like, you know, taking over your entire intergalactic civilization. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, we can discuss business."

The ruined room was suddenly filled with activity as the smashed furniture scattered away like dust and dissipated into thin air. Vicki stood in the empty room and turned to look out the window as she infused her mind into the structure around her and lifted it into the air. She closed her eyes, and Tyllius watched as the landscape fell away. The internal gravity field of his ship cancelled out the motion, which would have otherwise crushed him into the floor. He watched in awe the window revealed the true extent of what Vicki was up to. She wasn't just launching his command center into space...she was launching everything. Even the smallest bit of mining equipment.

It was no major challenge for Vicki to locate and evict all the Psyklosi that toiled away on this alien world. She could sense them and their machines, and much to the surprise of everyone involved she soon had them all in orbit. Making sure most of her captives were in a position to watch the show, and with the rugged surface of Psyklos2756-7 rolling by in front of Tyllius's wide window, Vicki opened her eyes and smiled. She kept her eyes on the world below and spoke to her trembling toy.

"I could kill all of you right now," she observed, as if realizing this simple truth for the first time. "The life of all your people is in my hands. To make certain you understand the power of your new Queen...I'm going to give you a little magic show."

Vicki held her arms out wide like a magnicent goddess and started to orchestrate the destruction of a planet. She began by mining for the thing that brought her in the first place. From out of the surface massive veins and random chunks of the most precious mineral in Vicki's universe lifted and tore themselves free. No matter how deeply embedded, the rare substance was greedily claimed by Vicki's probing mind. Massive regions of the planet's surface were rent asunder. Vicki displaced billions of tons to get at all 1.2 million tons of her true goal.

"How are is this possible!?" Tyllius was deeply troubled by her method of mineral extraction.

"It's actually really really easy," Vicki told him dismissively. And it was, for her. When you had her godlike level of power at your disposal just about everything was easy. Under her careful guidance, her precious booty flowed into a streams all across the surface of the world to then leave the atmosphere in a churning vortex that soared up past the Psyklosi Miners Feyra had stranded in orbit and convalescing into a small moon a safe distance away. She didn't want them to see what she had in mind for that stuff...that could wait a little longer though it was difficult to avoid temptation.

"Are you still watching? You don't want to miss any of this."

Tyllius couldn't see what she was doing right away. For a few moments Vicki's next trick remained a mystery to him. But she could see everything unfold in fine detail. Taking mastery over the forces working within the planet, and feeding energy to the molten core in order to give her audience a spectacular show. The molten rock within the planet span faster and faster, accelerating as Vicki recklessly abused her enormous reserves of raw power. The molten core swelled as more and more of the deepest solid materials became caught in the growing storm. It was working just as Vicki planned, and she waited patiently for the molten core to consume the whole world from the inside out. The first signs at the surface began to appear, as existing volcanoes everywhere erupted explosively to spew lava and clouds of ash. Next giant fissures began to open up, the tectonic plates tore apart at the seams, then the plates themselves then the entire surface broke apart and all the pieces were very soon floating on a churning a ball of molten lava glowing brightly spinning at a nauseating rate, before they too were melted into the mix.

"That isn't...that can't be done. This is trick!"

Vicki laughed at him, and turned and mocked his disbelief with the raising of one impossibly sexy and erotic eyebrow. "If you think I faked that...there's no possible way you're going to believe what comes next. I'm gonna have to duck outside for this trick, baby. You stay in here and keep watching."

Suddenly Vicki vanished from the room, to reappear the same instant on the other side of the window, hovering there with her hands on her hips watching him. With unearthly grace, she turned and drifted closer to the churning ball she made of the massive planet. Terrific forces tore across the world, the speed at which it span threatened to defeat even the massive gravity field on the giant planet but Vicki held out a hand and began to slow the spinning ball of molten rock down. Rather than expending more energy fighting the immense momentum she had encouraged, Vicki reclaimed the energy she had imparted, making a small profit as she sapped the speed of her massive plaything until it had stopped dead.

With a cheeky smile and millions of eyes looking on, Vicki went close enough to the hot molten rock to melt the ship Tyllius watched her from. She entered the atmosphere but didn't go deep to make her audience lose sight of her. Vicki leaned slowly forward and drank in the poisonous atmosphere through the upturned corner of her cheeky smile. Unlike her last trick, this time Tyllius could see the effects of her power immediately. He watched as her inhalation created a churning vortex...a vortex that steadily and rapidly increased in size and intensity, achieving nightmarish proportions. The steaming hot lava world she had created stirred as her vortex struck its surface, and instantly the dense molten rock was caught.

What he was seeing made Tyllius whimper. "No. That's not possible. She can't be..."

The vortex she kept effortlessly intensifying was soon a huge spinning funnel of glowing lava. Many miles wide at its base, the funnel was a fine point as it sped ever faster through her lips. She didn't need to eat anymore, not in order to survive. But a meal of this scale did provide a small energy boost similar to the lines of speed she'd done in the past. The instant the lava entered her gut, her body turned its mass and heat into raw energy. She greedily drank it all down, and allowed the energy rush to make her grow, not nearly in true proportion to the mass she consumed, but enough to put on a good show for her captive audience.

The glowing planet shrank fast and faster, and Vicki grew taller and taller. With her true appearance shamelessly flaunted in her tiny dress, she could sense the weaker Psyklosi men losing consciousness that few would recover. Without enhancement they stood little chance of surviving this show without being profoundly changed. It was a little cruel, unleashing her true beauty like this on such feeble creatures...and it proved fatal to more than a few witnesses. The process took several long minutes, and as she grew to massive size she deliberately made her magnificent  physique a little more frightening. Her curves screamed with immortal health and vitality. She looked stronger as the giant planet grew ever small and weaker. And then it was gone...and Vicki hovered before her floating field of prisoners, terrifying them with an insanely sexy thousand foot tall Amazonian body.

Tyllius absolutely hated muscle on women. It was against nature...and the laws of the empire agreed with him. But as he stared at this goddess and drank in the undeniable glory of her magnificently powerful body, awed by its imposing aura of punishingly intense strength and power, his instant throbbing erection betrayed his beliefs. Such beauty...such power...he yearned for her so deeply a tear rolled down his cheek, at the same time he so became a quivering messes he felt the fear of such terrible power consume him.

Vicki floated slowly through the now dark void and approached the long window until her perfect deceptively youthful face filled Tyllius's whole awareness. Even at such a massive size her skin offered up no flaw or imperfections to his eyes, only revealing a perfectly alluring and deeply unnerving healthy sheen.

"You get it now, don't you, Tyllius? Your queen is a god...and you will inform that silly little Emperor Fyasdorff of this. I want you ready...I want everything you've got...and you will bring it to me."

Tyllius didn't question how he heard her voice. But he did have some questions...

" can my words possibly convince Emperor Fyasdorff..."

Vicki's frighteningly naughty smile made him take a step back.

"I'll be sending an escort with you. You tell him what I did to you and your mining operation here, and she'll be enough to convince everyone that I'm real. Trust me. When they see this bitch they won't be able to doubt you."

Tyllius gulped, almost too afraid to ask his next question of the giant beautiful face in front of him.

"Who is this bi...who is she?"

Vicki closed her huge eyes and when she ones them she was grinning.

"Why...she's standing right behind you."

The Psyklosi whore Vicki had select was not actually the most beautiful, nor the healthiest, or even the smartest. She was the meanest, most aggressive and least liked. And that made her perfect for Vicki's needs.

"Governor Shaquibbler Tyllius I give you Feyrabella Squollretna. She'll be my emissary, and your escort, to the Emperor. And you have something that I think she needs more than you do now. You didn't think I was going to let you keep all that power I loaned you, did you? Maybe if you chose to kneel...maybe if you'd been smart enough to swear yourself to me. Too late now, Shaqy baby."

Feyra backed away from him, so much smaller than his looming enhanced form that she didn't even spot Vicki, whose voice she could not hear at all. She struggled to understand this scene she had been teleported into, this naked superman...the empty room...the odd presence pushing at mind. Her thoughts were interrupted by a rush of energy, a surge like adrenaline pulsed through her system and she stood straighter. The pulse faded, but then surged anew with an almost painful insistence.

Tyllius cried out in horror as his own massive muscles dwindled in time with Feyra's growth and he watched in utter dismay as this dark haired whore before him rose to tower like a god. Tyllius swooned with lust...and the process seemed to accelerate. He retained the youth Vicki had given him, but all the extra health and vitality flowed out of his body and he could do nothing to prevent it.

Turning around, his still highly enhance mind was reinforced enough look into Vicki's eyes without his mind being totally destroyed, he was driven to his knees by he increasing weakness and begged silently for his muscles back. Vicki just smirked at him with mischief sparkling in her eyes, and her giant finger pressed to the corner of her mouth.

"She says you can't have them," Feyra informed him, her voice deeply powerful and unnaturally arousing. "She says it's my power now...and that I need it to make sure you're safe to tell them about her."

Tyllius turned to gape at the stark naked goddess standing in the room with him and got to his feet. He mumbled incoherent nonsense about the finite limits of reality and the laws of men, and backed away shivering.

"She says I'm her royal fuck-you-over machine. And when she's done playing...the others and I are going to rule over this empire for thousands of years!"

He gulped, and tried to speak. He managed only a single word. "Others..." She was seven and a half feet of imposing physical might, packed with gratuitous muscular power and steaming with vitality. That power has been had been his...he knew how good it felt, and how good she must feel. He whimpered, and weakly tried to look away. He could not, however, gaze at anything other than her hypnotic body. She wasn't nearly so soul snatching as Vicki, but Feyra's sexuality was certainly a potent weapon.

"Oh...she says you look too you need to be old again."

Before he could object, Vicki restored him completely to his former age and appearance, complete with his gaudy outfit. All his old aches and pains returned to him, and he collapsed and passed out. Vicki grinned at him and reverted his mind enhancements...he would be on his knees in front of the Emperor before he woke and he no longer needed the extra processing power.

Her massive eyes moved to Feyra, who was pressing her hands into her naked body with shameless enjoyment of her new superpowered physique. Cocking her head, Vicki gave the matter some thought and decided to make Feyra just a little bit more powerful. The Psyklosi goddess moaned and grew to an even eight feet tall, her muscles not only swelling and hardening with immense strength and endless stamina, but they also seemed to flow more sensuously and suddenly oozed with sexual energy. Vicki licked her lips, getting a little carried away as she focused on making herself a capable warrior. Looking deeper into her first Psyklosi warrior, Vicki bestowed a couple of optional extras to her soldiers arsenal. Telekinesis would allow Feyrabella to more easily protect Tyllius when the up fun started, and flight would enable her to cover more ground. But Vicki saw no need to add any other abilities, seeing that Feyra's physical strength alone ensured an easy victory is anyone gave the tall intimidating powerhouse any trouble.

"You are ready now," Vicki informed her new sales rep. "When you get there I want him to do the talking. Make sure he is allowed to speak directly with the emperor, okay? And make sure he is protected from harm. You are not to kill the Emperor. You will not like what happens if you fuck that shit up. Do not interfere with him or any of his generals. The main thing I need from this meeting is the Emperor's full commitment to total war against me. You may kill anyone who gets in your way, and I encourage you to do so with extreme prejudice. Show them how powerful I have made you. Let them see your power, and take your time. Enjoy yourself. Once you've convinced the fools to prepare their armies, I will have other fun things for you to do."

Feyra was ready. She felt like she had been training her whole life for this mission, and the power she now had was going to not only make it easy. Unleashing her unimaginable strength was going to be a blast. She watched her Queen look away to the empty air beside her, and a portal whirled into life spectacularly just three feet from her. Through the opening, Feyra could see the excessively large and ornate Imperial thrown room and the Emporer himself seated upon his huge gold chair.

As Feyra stepped through, Vicki lifted the forgotten Tyllius with gentle tendrils of her imagination manifested around him. She tossed him through the portal, and sealed it shut behind them.
The Psyklosi Conquest - Part I
The Pinnacle Effect part 2
I am not at this stage intending to publicly publish any more of the new story. But I do have a LOT more. If you enjoyed the start and want to read the rest drop me a note and I will hook you up. :thumbsup:



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