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(MMD) Markiplier EX by DrStinger (MMD) Markiplier EX by DrStinger
I always wanted turn Markiplier into an EX robot!!:D This took me 4 days to finish this model. Well not 4 days straight. What I mean is that I was busy from that week.

I'm telling you guys right now. I did not edit Lumialle's Napstablook EX model. I'm telling the truth! I was able to find all the pieces that I needed

I got the chest piece from the here:…

I got the shoulder pads from here:…

I got the shoes from here:…

I got the belt from here:…

I got the spas from here:…  , here:…
and here:…

I forgot where i got the heart, sorry:(

The speaker, button, Textures(Except for the eye texture which is made by utauruecross), and Markiplier's Logo are made by me

I don't want you guys to get the wrong idea ok?  

pose: Angela-16

Original Markiplier model: Chikunyako…

wrist bands:…

Pervy Pinkiplier Markiplier Animatronic - Five Nights at Candys GIF Markiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 Markiplier Dancing Scopophobia Mmm~ Microphone -Markiplier Free2use Ahhhhhhh! - Markiplier Markiplier's Face Icon Markiplier Creepy Smile (F2U) okay... - Markiplier F2U Icon - Markiplier and Chica Markiplier Red Dancing Mark - Markiplier Markiplier UHHHHH (F2U) Markiplier Weird Eye Thing okay... - Markiplier Mettaton EX Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Mettaton Being Beautiful Mettaton duo Icon (Napstablook) 
[MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair [MMD emoticon] Miku can see you [MMD emoticon] Miku's face 
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TwilightMistressAsh Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
this is the greatest thing ive ever seen XD
DrStinger Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist… he's up for dl. If you want him
TwilightMistressAsh Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
ooohh, sweet! thanks for the link :D
DrStinger Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Oh yeah by the way. If your going to use them on YouTube. Pleeese tell everyone that I did not edit Lumialle's Mettaton model. I've been making videos of them for the last couple days and some people think that I edited her model. Just tell the viewers that i was able to find the parts and I didn't edit. Or else they will criticize me to death. I just looked at Lumialle's Mettaton model page and so far, There is 1 out of 3 strikes. She keeps count of the strikes. Once it hits 3 strikes, the Mettaton dl will be down and I don't think I am able to forgive myself. So just tell them that I didn't edit Lumialle's Mettaton or Napstablook. Literally, I didn't. And I don't people to think that I did.
TwilightMistressAsh Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, kk :3 yeah, i know the feeling :/ i'll be sure to let them know :3
DrStinger Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Ha thanks! XD
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June 30, 2016
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