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Monsieur Charlatan Pages 25-26

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Ah! Took something like forever to finish but I finally made it.

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

PS: Slight problem with the resolution here on DA. New Year's resolution then: never a two-page spread again:P I made the text huge compared to what I wanted it to look like so you people can actually read!
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Wow you did a great job!
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Happy new year! Best wishes with the comic this year! =D
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Happy new year to you too! Thank you!
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οκ.Μπορω να πω οτι αξιζε η αναμονη...αλλα μην το παιρνεις κ πανω σου κ μας κανεις να ξαναπεριμενουμε τοσο...χαχα!
Φοβερη δουλεια οπως παντα,ισως η καλυτερη σελιδα σου! Με το μελομακαρονο στο χερι ΚΑΛΗ ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΙΚΗ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ! :)
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Hahahahaha Σε ευχαριστώ!!!ασε και γω τα έχω ταράξει!!! Καλή χρονιά!
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At last! A 2paged panel. I was wondering when we would see a panel like that. The background is amazing and the perspective is the proper one. AS always the coloring is excellent. Well done! :D
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Yeah I know! It took a lot of time,it could take more but naaah... Thank you very much! And a happy new year!ho-ho-ho
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Yes, new page. Great background. Nice, that Isidore is happy.
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Thank you! Yes it happens:)
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Great work.
Steve G
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The art is brilliant once again.

The text is distracting, once again. Aside from the typos that others pointed out, you also seem to be missing some punctuation in the first dialogue bubble ("Well done, Magda!") and the fourth ("Mayor, once again . . . I'd like to thank . . . "). Idiomatically in English, the police inspector in the last panel while talking about a guy walking by would say "that loser," not "this loser." Sorry if those seem like annoyingly small points, but the point of copy-editing is that small errors are cumulative, and can add up to a big difference. There also seem to be some overall problems with spacing and readability of the text.

I hope you do decide to put some time into making your text worthy of your fantastic artwork. If you close that gap, this would become the kind of comic I would buy without hesitation.
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Thank you for the comment.My friend who fixes the script (for free) is getting married and I'd hate to annoy him while he gets prepared for the big event :) But you are right I have pointed out myself before,that my text is sh*t.If it ever got published I guess they would correct it without even asking me:P
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Awesome! No wonder this took long, but it's well worth the wait! Those details and colours are fantastic. I'm a little envious =P Good job.
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Thank you!Oh please don't be I love your style!
Πάρα πολύ ωραία αυτή η σελίδα. έχει τόση λεπτομέρεια που πιστεύω ότι σου πήρε πολλές ώρες πάνω από τον Υπολογιστή για να την τελειώσεις...Αναρωτιέμαι τόσο για το ποια είναι η πλοκή γιατί το τέλος το φαντάζομαι από μια εικόνα που έχω δει...
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Ευχαριστώ! Έχω την εντύπωση ότι θα εκπλαγείς!;)
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It looks wonderful and I like how you let the story unfold. I also enjoy the stance of the characters: Charlatan standing straight, with a smirk of a smile on his face, and the Mayor, with overgrown belly, jelling. It helps understand the personality of your characters ...

I look forward to your next deviations :D
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