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Hello and welcome my friends to my page today I'll be telling you how I got my peg leg or how I lost my leg. It was sixty five million years ago I was aboard Sledge's (my brother in-law) ship we were chasing what you humans call an "alien" name Keeper he had one of the universes most powerful sources of power called Energems when we shot him down and he crashed on your planet Earth after Fury brought the pod they were in and Sledge opened it and we soon discovered it was a bomb when it blow it shook up the ship so much that Fury and myself lost our balance and we both fell in to escape pods and were shot down to Earth and the ship was not only shot far across the Galaxy but the Sledge's Asteroids fell down to Earth and one of his Asteroids crushed my left leg so I cut it off or risk having my body crushed by another Asteroid which was falling fast after the deed was done it took me a few days to fine a replacement for my missing limb to which I had no luck until I found a fallen oak

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