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dADroid: Automate your dA routine

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 6:09 PM
:bulletgreen: dADroid (online - beta)
Developer: DRSDavidSoft

Please note: I would like to know your opinions, ideas, suggestions, feedbacks and comments on this project. - Also if you are a software developer like me, please let me know

3D Render: dADroid Crystals by DRSDavidSoft

:icondadroid-bot: dADroid-botchangelog 

Hi everyone!

For the past year I've been working on a DeviantArt-related project, called the dADroid (dADroid-bot) which is in design, a multi-purpose dA bot. Using dADroid, you can automate what you normally do easier, faster and more exact.

If you are a developer, you can use dADroid APIs to power your own bot, an example is the talkbot.

If you are a point account, you can use dADroid to automatically process activity, calculate points and give them to other users. Like what dAhub does and what dATrade formerly did.

If you are a regular user, then there is tons of features out there for you (and more coming everyday).

dADroid is currently a work in progress and in the beta stage, but feel free to test any of its available functions. Click here to begin:

I also want to collect suggestions, ideas and anything that you might have in mind regarding this project. Do you always wanted something that dA hadn't, like email notifications? Would you like to automate something that really annoys you doing manually everyday? What features that you need dA lack?

If you might have any cautions, critiques or anything in particular against this kind of things, I'd be more than glad to hear them. Any feedback is highly appreciated. :) (Smile)

Also, for the fellow developers out there, my collaboration position is open. If you'd like to integrate any part of dADroid in your own bot, or simply need help writing it, I'm there for you.

If you are interested in this project, be sure to read this:

:bulletblue: Do you miss messages left on your profile, or notes to you?
:bulletblue: Do you wish you could get an e-mail when a specified deviation shows up on your message center?
:bulletblue: Do you give llamas/watches/faves on a regular basis?
:bulletblue: Do you thank whoever gives you a llama randomly by returning another llama, or even leaving a message?
:bulletblue: Do you use points accounts like :icondahub: dAhub?
:bulletblue: Are you tired of checking the "newest" list every often, and giving llamas and/or watching deviants one by one?
:bulletblue: Or are you a points account owner?
:bulletblue: And you are would like to automate the points transfer process, but you don't have time or skill to write a bot yourself?

:bulletgreen: Then dADroid is here for you!
By joining the dADroid grid, you can automate your daily tasks, be relaxed and browse dA arts. dADroid will do the job for you. It will automatically:
- Thank people who have gave you watches/llamas/faves by sending a random comment from a specified list (plz accounts are also supported.)
- Send a welcome message when a deviant joins your group
- Return llamas to whoever have given you one
- Get you points :points: from points accounts, by giving watches/llamas/faves

o If you are a points account owner, dADroid can: o
- Find out if a specified deviant has watched/llama'd/faved a list of other deviants
- Manage how many deviants s/he has given, calculate and process the amount of points s/he earned
- Give the points to them on a regular basis or immediately

dADroid is currently helping in llama-list and Give-LlamaGetA-Llama!
The bot also automatically trades llamas every 5 hours in:

Go watch dailygiveget, it is also powered by dADroid-bot.

:bulletred: How does it work?
After logging-in to dADroid, you'll see the configuration page.
You can set different rules for dADroid. For example, you can set a task for it to check the newest dAhub's watches/llamas/faves list, set a rule to automatically give llamas to users who have gave you watches/llamas/faves or enable the automatic welcome and thanks messages.
Once every couple of minutes, dADroid will go online and read your configurations. It checks what requests needs to be done, gathers the required information from :deviantart: DeviantArt, processes the data, and replies the data, including commands, back to the dA servers.

:bulletred: How to join?
The dADroid bot is at the beta stage at the moment.
Many parts of the source code is being written right now.
Please leave a comment on this journal and watch DRSDavidSoft for future notifications.
You'll be notified when the project is online.

:bulletred: I have an idea! / I have a request.
Please let me know if you have a suggestion or request. I am open to any good and useful idea you might have.
Just ask for something, and I will write the code for it! :D

:bulletred: I want to test the Project now!
:bulletred: I am a Programmer / Software Developer
You can join the dADroid test team by noting DRSDavidSoft.
Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.
If you are a software developer, feel free to join coding the project. It will help debugging and finishing the project way more soon.

Thanks for taking time reading this!
Looking forward for your opinions. :) (Smile)

* dAhub modules would only work for verified accounts.
** Your account would still give watches/llamas/faves, only it would be automated by the bot, and not done manually by you (i.e. pressing the "Give" button).

Thanks for all the great and encouraging comments!
I have decided to finish this project and make it online for everyone.

If you are one of these haters, no hard feelings, alright? Just ignore my project.

Fanfiction Updated:
Alone on the Island, Chapter 6.

If you haven't read this fan fiction, It's a fluffy J/C one. Read it over here.
If you've followed it, you can read the 6th chapter.

Thanks for reading! ^_^
This is my first journal, yay ^_^

I'm now 18 years old!

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now I'm really excited now!

I want to thank my friends on dA, dAhub,
:iconiamthejam: for his comment on my page and :iconcindy-vortex4: for her beautiful (and delicious) birthday cake.

Thanks everyone! :D